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This is a list of all known plants of Pantala and Pyrrhia seen in the Wings of Fire series.

Medicinal plants

  • Smokeberries are a type of berry found in the Rainforest Kingdom. They are used by RainWing medics and cause hallucinations.[1]
  • Swordleaf root is a root that helps with headaches, used by SandWings.[2]
  • Brightsting cactus is a cactus whose juice can cure SandWing venom, found all over the Kingdom of Sand.[3] It is often sold by merchants in Possibility.[4]
  • Corpse flowers are a type of plant that can be crushed to emit a horrible smell, used to wake deeply sleeping dragons. They are described as "shiny red, mottled with yellow streaks and curved in around itself so there was a hollow in the middle and a point at one end."
  • Several dark green leaves are chewed up and spit onto the Librarian's bullet ant wound to relieve the stinging.[5]

Poisonous plants

  • A flower "the size of a stingray and the color of moonlight," capable of knocking a dragon out with deadly fumes when crushed.[6]
  • A branch with waxy red leaves that emits a suffocating, paralyzing, reddish smoke when burnt.
  • Manchineels are poisonous trees. If one stands under the tree when it is raining, poison will drip down, causing skin to blister and, according to Sundew, one would most likely die from it. The fruit is also poisonous.

Carnivorous plants

  • Sundews are large plants with long, tentacle-like leaves covered in red bristles. At the end of each bristle is a sticky bead. The prey of a sundew gets stuck to the sticky beads and is slowly pulled in by the plant to be devoured. They are noted not to be offensive predators, but to be quite sinister when spoken to via leafspeak.
  • The Venus dragon-trap is a plant that grows in the Poison Jungle, resembling the real-life Venus flytrap. It attracts and consumes dragons using an alluring smell. It looks like an enormous pink open book[7] and has a dark green body with a dark blue interior.
  • Pitcher plants are like large bowls with acid and sharp hairs. They are seen when Nettle falls into one but is later cut out by Willow and Sundew. Pitcher plants are described to have a smug personality when contacted by leafspeak.[8]
  • Bladderworts are aquatic plants with hollow sacks beneath their roots. These sacks may be triggered to open by prey. Once opened, low pressure in the sac sucks the prey in to be digested.
  • Roridula have a thin brown stem supporting numerous green needle-like leaves pointing in all directions from the top of the stem. They have bristles on each leaf that capture prey landing on them.
  • Waterwheels are underwater vines with sets of seven stems set along the vine that are equally spaced. At the end of each stem, there is a jaw similar to the Venus dragon-trap (or Venus flytrap, in real life), which operates similarly, trapping prey that disturbs bristles on the inside.

Other plants

  • The breath of evil is a sentient plant that can exert its control over any dragon who has consumed it. (This includes ingesting it, being injected with it, and inhaling the smoke when it is burnt.)
  • Sundew has a type of moss that can "soak up an entire pond," meaning it can hold a significant amount of water.[9]

Dragonflame cactus

Dragonflame cacti are cacti that can explode when they come in contact with fire. They grow only in high altitudes.[10] When ignited, the cactus explodes and shoots spiny seed pods everywhere. In a climate surrounded by fire-breathing SkyWings, this was a good adaption as SkyWings tend to release fire quite often. They were used by the SkyWings in the bombing of the Summer Palace in The Lost Heir, used by Sora in an attempt to kill Icicle in Moon Rising, and was accidentally ignited by Peril's scales in Escaping Peril. Dragonflame cacti are sold in Possibility and were used by the Talons of Power to bomb various places in the Kingdom of Sand. The cactus itself is described as an odd-looking pink sphere with shades of brown and green. It is covered in spikes with roots visible on the bottom. Dragonflame cactus seed pods appear as deformed spheres about the size of a rainforest frog. They are covered with sharp, prickly thorns that cling to whatever they come in contact with when exploding the thorns in multiple directions, digging in like teeth. They are blackish-brown, with a bright green interior.[10] The cacti are described to be extremely hard to harvest.[11]



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