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The PoisonWing village was the home of the PoisonWing faction of the LeafWing tribe.


The PoisonWing Village appeared as a huge, living emerald-and-chocolate-colored dome made of interlocking vines and shrubs that "soared up and between the trees," which was constructed via leafspeak.[1] Past the main gate, it had a detoxification chamber where water was dumped on entering dragons to wash away any seeds to stop the plants from invading the village.[2] Inside the dome, the light was murky green,[3] and had open air up to the roof of the dome. The dome itself was high enough for dragons to fly, and for dragonets to learn how to fly without the dangers of the Poison Jungle.[4] The dome contained woven nests where the dragons slept,[5] a weapons storehouse,[6] and food nets.[7]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

The barrier around the PoisonWing village was started by Sundew's grandmother, Belladonna, and Hemlock, but Sundew had finished it with her more powerful leafspeak.

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