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The PoisonWings are a coalition of extremely militaristic LeafWings founded by Belladonna's mother, who wanted revenge on the HiveWings and SilkWings after what happened in the Tree Wars.

The PoisonWings are settling in Pyrrhia with the SapWings after they fled Pantala, but some didn't make it and are under control of the othermind.


All PoisonWings are biologically LeafWings. PoisonWings also do not have traditional LeafWing names. Rather, they are named after carnivorous and poisonous plants that are in the Poison Jungle.[1] They used to be named after different kinds of trees, but only the SapWings stuck to that tradition after the Tree Wars. The last LeafWing queen, Sequoia, had ordered Belladonna's mother, an important general, to abandon the battle and go into hiding to wait until Queen Wasp died, but she refused.[2] They wanted revenge on the HiveWings for destroying all the trees on Pantala.

PoisonWings also have arranged marriages, usually with two dragonets with the strongest leafspeak.[3] These marriages are based on the two partners' ability to leafspeak, somewhat in a fashion similar to selective breeding. The status of a PoisonWing may also be based on their ability to leafspeak.



The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

The PoisonWings were formally named in the book. Sundew introduced her friends to others in her faction as they sought refugee from the Hives. At the end of the book, the PoisonWings fled Pantala.


  • The SapWings know about the PoisonWings and learned about them in school, but the PoisonWing dragonets do not learn about the SapWings.[1]


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