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The Poison Jungle, also known as Never-home by some LeafWings, is a jungle located at the northeastern corner of Pantala. It forms Pantala's "head," similar to how the Ice Kingdom forms Pyrrhia's.[1]

It is the only forest located on the continent after to the Tree Wars, the legendary Pantalan War that wiped out most of the LeafWings. This is due to the fact that when Queen Wasp wiped out all other trees on the continent, the Poison Jungle was unable to be removed as the plants there were too dangerous and thick for any HiveWings to penetrate.

It is described to have a variety of deadly and poisonous plants, such as those that would eat you or immobilize you, hence it being called the Poison Jungle. Examples of these plants include sundews, venus dragon-traps, cobra lilies, waterwheels, and the quarantined the othermind. The stories surrounding it make it similar to the rumors about the Rainforest Kingdom on Pyrrhia. In the epilogue of The Hive Queen, the banks are described to be lined by "thick, oozing mud" which were infested with snakes.[2] The river that marks the jungle's boundary is called the Snarling River. Further inside of the Poison Jungle is the PoisonWing and SapWing Villages, the homes of the PoisonWing faction of the LeafWing tribe, and the SapWing faction of the LeafWing tribe.

The Poison Jungle also has dangerous wildlife, as evidenced by the insects and myriapods that Sundew carries with her (as well as larger creatures). Sundew also points out how only the strongest can survive, and that is why animals like panthers are huge and big enough to scare away even dragons, like Mandrake when he was trying to catch one. Even creatures that are usually small are much larger in the Poison Jungle, such as tsetse flies, as one was described to be three times bigger than Bumblebee.

The SapWing Village

The SapWing Village was the home of the SapWing dragons. Its outer perimeter is marked by an absence of carnivorous and poisonous plants, and within the village, treehouses are scattered high in trees. At the center is a palace carved from an enormous baobab, wound with vines and with balconies lit by lanterns.

Former Residents

The PoisonWing Village

The PoisonWing Village was the home of the PoisonWing dragons. It appears as a huge, living emerald-and-chocolate-colored dome constructed via Leafspeak. It has a detoxification chamber where water is dumped on entering dragons to wash away any seeds to stop the plants from invading the village. Inside the dome, the light is murky green, and the dome itself is high enough to fly under (for little dragonets to fly without the threat of getting eaten). The dome contains woven nests where dragons sleep, a Weapons Storehouse, and food stores.

Former Residents

Flora & Fauna


  • Belladonnas
  • Bladderworts
  • Breath of evil
  • Bromeliads
  • Bryonies
  • Cobra lilies
  • Dragon-eating plants
  • Greenbrier vine
  • Hemlocks
  • Kudzu vine 
  • Hibiscuses
  • Makahiyas (touch-me-nots)
  • Mandrakes
  • Mangoes
  • Nettles 
  • Pitcher plants
  • Pokeweeds
  • Roridulas
  • Sleep lilies
  • Smoke leaves
  • Sundews
  • Strangler vines
  • Trumpet flowers
  • Venus dragon-traps
  • Venus Flytraps
  • Violets
  • Water lilies
  • Waterwheels 
  • Wolfsbanes


  • Chokecherries
  • Hawthorns 
  • Hazels
  • Manchineel
  • Maples
  • Sandbox trees 
  • Sequoias
  • Willows


  • Bullet Ants
  • Red centipedes 
  • Snails
  • Tree slugs
  • Tsetse Flies
  • Vampire Ants
  • Wasps

Reptiles & Amphibians

  • Anacondas
  • Dragonbite vipers
  • Gila monsters 
  • Monitor lizards 
  • Lizards 
  • Rainforest pythons
  • Tree frogs 
  • Toads

Mammals & Birds

  • Capybaras
  • Jaguars
  • Panthers
  • Tamarin monkeys
  • Cockatoos

Other Locations in the Poison Jungle

  • The Snarling River marks the border of the jungle and is on the "neck" of Pantala. It is described as dark and swift-flowing,[3] with pitcher plants, vines, and cobra lilies stretching over on both sides, and there is allegedly a hemlock grove on its shores.
  • The Gullet River is where the throat would be if Pantala was a dragon. Swimming in it is described as feeling like swimming into a very large, shark-like mouth. The water has a foggy green haze, the bottom is made of silt and oozing mud, and it is lined with tangled trees and sharp, jutting rocks.[4]
  • Somewhere between the SapWing and PoisonWing villages is a pond where Sundew and Willow met in secret for four years.
  • The Eye of the Jungle is the "eye" of Pantala. The den of vipers, an area home to the most dragonbite vipers on Pantala, surrounds it. It contains many dangerous plants, including Hogweeds and Kudzu vines, but is known for containing the breath of evil. Between the den of vipers and the SapWing Village is a lake with numerous bladderworts and sundews, as well as a manchineel grove. It is incredibly hard to reach, and only accessible through a map drawn by Queen Sequoia.
    • Hawthorn's Home is a house in the Eye of the Jungle belonging to Hawthorn. It is shaped like a cell in a hive and is made of wood, with flax curtains, high ceilings, and a covered porch. One end is a woodworking studio. Inside is breezy, warm, and full of rose-colored light from the sun through the curtains. Shelves are gathered on every wall, and perched atop are some of Hawthorn's carvings; wooded dragons, snakes, trees, and orangutans.[5]


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