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"Not being annoying. Being sensible."
— Pokeweed about the attack on Bloodworm Hive, The Poison Jungle

Pokeweed is a male LeafWing who was introduced in The Poison Jungle. Along with Hemlock, Grayling, and Bryony, he helped orchestrate the Burning of Bloodworm Hive.


Sundew describes Pokeweed as a big dragon.[1]


Pokeweed is a PoisonWing described as stoic and boring by Bryony, and annoying by Hemlock. He is noted to have a deep and slow voice and speaks lugubriously. He also tends to repeat his sentences but in a different format each time.[2] He also lives to destroy the HiveWings, not caring much for his physical comfort.[3]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

Pokeweed appeared reviewing the plan for the attack on Bloodworm Hive, staring grimly off into space. He complained about Sundew not arriving to help and stated that maybe they should wait for her arrival. He seemed to be very smug about showing Grayling what plants to use for the burning before Bryony volunteered to show him instead.

The Dangerous Gift

Pokeweed was mentioned in one of Snowfall's visions by Hemlock, noticing about how SilkWings and LeafWings are being controlled. He also looked for scavengers deeper in the caves.



The two are somewhat competitive with each other, even in stealth operations. Pokeweed's opinion of Bryony is not known, but he attempts not to notice her, shown when both Hemlock and Pokeweed ignored her about the greenhouses.


Pokeweed seemed eager to show off the plants for burning to the SilkWing.


Pokeweed doubted Hemlock's plan, and expressed that he would rather wait to get extra help from Sundew. He mentions she would be able to grow the flaming vines much faster.


Pokeweed thinks highly of Sundew, stating multiple times that they should wait for her before implementing the plan.


"This would be easier if Sundew was with us. I don't understand why she isn't here."
― discussing the plan to burn down Bloodworm Hive with Hemlock and Bryony (The Poison Jungle, prologue)

"Maybe we should wait for her. Maybe she'll come soon."
― to Bryony and Hemlock, suggesting waiting for Sundew to come (The Poison Jungle, prologue)

"Not being annoying. Being sensible."
― to Hemlock (The Poison Jungle, prologue)




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