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Possibility is a large town on the Great Five-Tail River. It originally consisted of a SandWing settlement on the west side and a SkyWing village on the east, but the two sides slowly merged together over the War of SandWing Succession to form Possibility.[1]

Hundreds of dragons from all seven tribes occupy the town, and many of Queen Ruby's soldiers patrol the streets.[2]


Possibility consists of a wild flat[3] and sandy landscape dotted with palm trees to the south, muddier banks farther north, and thicker greenery near the town and the delta.[2] Canyons, hills, and mountains surround the town.[4] Early in the morning, merchants can be seen unrolling carpets or setting out steaming trays of food on the wide white stone bridge that crosses over the Great-Five-Tail River.[5] The smell of baking bread and cooking meat may waft through the streets,[6] and the sounds of hammers, the clattering of mugs, and voices calling out to one another can be heard.[7] Dragons of Possibility are often active, even when the sun is barely up.[8]

Possibility's structures are spread in a haphazard, lazy way, some with gardens planted around them, some pressed up against a crowded row of other buildings.[7] There are lots of buildings, more than one market square, bridges over the river, dragons washing things in the water, and fruit trees in pots in the courtyards.[8] One large building has pictures of tumbling, acrobatic dragons painted on one side.[9] Some are magnificent towers, but others are barely more than mud huts. The town has walls painted with scale patterns,[8] cascading fountains, and several bejeweled statues of stone dragons, but there was also a bloated crocodile carcass and a blackish red puddle that resembled blood in the streets at one point.[7] In one alley, someone had also scrawled 'desert-munchers go home!', and a MudWing sat on a corner with one leg wrapped in bandages and his wings drooping. A hollow coconut half shell sat next to him, into which someone had dropped a couple of pitiful fried grasshoppers.[9]

There is another part of Possibility that had older, bigger, and sturdier buildings set around open cobblestoned plazas. The palm trees are more deliberately-placed, casting strategic patches of shade. Bright yellow trumpet-flowers swarmed along dark green vines that seemed to be tangled everywhere.[10] A big sandstone arch towered in the west, set high enough so that one can almost see the whole Kingdom of Sand.[11] There is a small oasis on the western side of the river, where buildings began to shift into farmland.[12] An alley opens a path out of the city, though it was full of abandoned houses with black-and-yellow flags fluttering out in the front.[13]

Near Mayfly's house, there are fig trees that give way to a street at the far end of Mayfly's garden that is crowded with dragons and rolling carts.[14]

Possibility has a clinic, where Kinkajou was transferred after being examined by Mayfly.[15]

It is also occupied by at least one member of the Enclave, an organization that seems to have a fair amount of authority within the town.[16]

Notable Features


Possibility includes at least one library. It contains scrolls from all the tribes, including an ancient RainWing scroll. It is managed by a stern SkyWing librarian with a pinched voice.[17]

Mayfly's house

Mayfly's house is a compact structure with walls of whitewashed bricks and a roof of dried reeds. A small green flag hangs on the wall next to the door, with the word 'doctor' printed neatly on it.[18] There are bright yellow flowers around the base of the house, and a window in at least one wall that is big enough to fit two dragonets' heads inside. The interior consists of at least one round, sunlit room, clean and uncluttered. There is no furniture except for a large white table in the center and a few shelves on one wall with neatly labeled bottles and jars.[19] Mayfly also owns small scrolls and inkpots[20] containing black ink.[15]

At the back of the house, there is a riot of greenery that seems to be trying to vault over the roof. Seven trees ring Mayfly's backyard, each of them filled with various fruits and flowers. Vines scale the back wall of the house, covered in blue and gold flowers,[21] and several bushes cover almost all of the ground space. In the center of the backyard, there is a glass tower filled with overflowing flowerpots and seed trays on each level, piled up as high as the treetops. It contains a plant that looks like purple dragon tongues.[22]





The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Winter Turning

Winter, Qibli, Moonwatcher, and Hailstorm used the town to get medical help for Kinkajou, as Meerkat stated that there was a known doctor there described to be the best in the town.

Escaping Peril

Peril commented that she thought that they should rename the place 'Unnecessary Violent Overreaction,' due to the way the dragons of Possibility yelled at her and eventually drove her out due to her firescales when she was looking for Scarlet. Peril also set off a dragonflame cactus, though unintentionally, in Possibility. She and Turtle met the other dragonets of the Jade Winglet there. Peril also encountered Winter at the arch as he was returning from the Ice Kingdom with Foeslayer.



Wren came through this town when searching for Sky. She later found him in a SandWing camp near the city, which was composed of Burn's soldiers intended on fighting IceWings before returning to the SandWing palace.


  • Original name options for Possibility included Hope, Peace, and Union.[2]
  • According to Qibli, it is one of the best places to hide in Pyrrhia.[2]


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