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"Please don't make me … Mother, it's awful."
— Preyhunter in his sleep, The Brightest Night

Preyhunter was an adult male NightWing who was introduced in The Brightest Night. Alongside Fierceteeth and Strongwings, he kidnapped Sunny shortly after the NightWing Exodus. He was killed by Thorn after he lashed out at her.


Preyhunter had dull gray scales[1] and a few missing teeth. His tail was bent at the end as if it had once been broken and then fixed incorrectly. He was much less brawny than Strongwings,[2] thin, and ill-looking.[1]


Preyhunter appeared to have been trustworthy, as he kept guard of the Obsidian Mirror to keep it safe and had guarded the rainforest tunnel. Despite this, he readily believed Secretkeeper's excuse for going through the tunnel, showing that he was naïve. While showing a sly and cunning personality multiple times throughout The Brightest Night, Preyhunter also showed a weaker, more insecure side of himself. He displayed this side when he shivered and whimpered in his sleep. In The Brightest Night, Preyhunter was shown to believe that NightWings were superior, saying, "You can't kill us! We're NightWings!" to Thorn. He was also shown nervous about the volcano erupting by constantly shifting his claws during guard duty.[3]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Brightest Night
Preyhunter, Fierceteeth, and Strongwings kidnapped Sunny and attempted to use her as a ransom to take control of the rainforest. Before the volcano destroyed the Night Kingdom, Preyhunter was able to salvage the Obsidian Mirror from the treasury, and the three NightWings use it to spy on the other dragonets. He was the one who held onto it and slept with it to keep it safe.

When Sunny tried to steal the Obsidian Mirror from him, she noticed he was shivering and whimpering in his sleep, locked in a nightmare of his childhood. He seemed to be dreaming of his mother trying to make him eat prey after it had been infected by NightWing bacteria, something having to do with the plan to take over the Rainforest Kingdom, or the something about the volcano that they lived on. When she tried comforting him by moving her warm wings over his scales, his shivering stopped, and he seemed to relax. Though Sunny felt sympathy for Preyhunter, she still stole the Obsidian Mirror from him.

Preyhunter, Fierceteeth, and Strongwings continued their journey and ended up in the Scorpion Den to send a message to Burn. Upon meeting Thorn, the leader of the Outclaws, they were asked about Morrowseer's location. Preyhunter revealed that he was dead, and Thorn pinned him to the ground and told him to tell her the truth, thinking that he was lying. The NightWing sliced Thorn's underbelly after she frightened him, causing Thorn to stab Preyhunter through the heart with her tail, killing him.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
In the prologue, Preyhunter is seen guarding the rainforest tunnel. Secretkeeper tells him she is going hunting for Battlewinner, and he approves of her plan. Shortly after Moonwatcher hatches, he calls Secretkeeper back to the NightWing island, making a ridiculous amount of noise along the way. Secretkeeper lets herself cry — she feels terrible about leaving her daughter — in order to prevent him from asking questions she couldn't answer.


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"Don't worry, we'll kill her before she can tell anyone anything important."
― about Sunny and the Obsidian Mirror (The Brightest Night, page 14)

"Please don't make me … Mother, It's awful."
― softly, in his sleep (The Brightest Night, page 32)

"Where are you going at this hour? […] Shouldn't you have backup for night hunting?"
― to Secretkeeper (Moon Rising, prologue)

"Ah. […] Keeping the queen happy. Always a good idea. Right, see you soon, then."
― to Secretkeeper (Moon Rising, prologue)



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