"Couldn't you keep it casual like the rest of us? I have three girlfriends right now and everyone's perfectly happy and not serious. And safe."
—Scald to Smolder in Deserter.

Prince Scald is a male SandWing and one of the three sons of Queen Oasis. His name was revealed in Deserter.



Scald was shown to be ineffectively comforting Smolder after the disappearance of Palm. He was later killed by one of his sisters, likely Burn. He was shown to have three girlfriends, hinting at questionable morals.

The Brightest NightEdit

Scald is mentioned indirectly in The Brightest Night, when Smolder told Sunny that his brothers were killed because they "made the wrong dragons mad," this included Scald, though he was not named.

Family Tree Edit

King Char
Queen Oasis
Two Unnamed Sisters†
Prince Scald
Prince Singe
Princess Burn
Princess Blister
Princess Blaze
Prince Smolder

Quotes Edit

"You know how she feels about us getting married, [...] You've always known it." - To Smolder when Palm goes missing.

"Couldn't you keep it casual like the rest of us? [...] I have three girlfriends right now and everyone's perfectly happy and not serious. And safe." - To Smolder.

"Of course she would, [...] Do you really not remember our aunts? And how they vanished in this exact same way?" -To Smolder.

"It sounded like Mother, [...] But I thought she was asleep." - When Queen Oasis is murdered.

"Maybe you two should fight right now, [...] Whoever wins gets to be queen. That seems fair, right?" -To Burn and Blister.

Trivia Edit

  • A scald is a burn caused by hot liquid or steam.
  • It is likely he was killed by Burn partway through the war, like his brother, Singe.
  • He and his two brothers, Smolder and Singe, all have names beginning with an "S".



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Historical: Queen Scorpion



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