"Maybe losing your soul isn't the right way to describe it. Maybe it's more like... the more you use your power for bad things, the more you feel like you're entitled to use your power for anything. It makes it harder to go back — only forward to more bad things."
—Turtle to Anemone, Talons of Power

Prince Turtle is a young male SeaWing and the main protagonist of Talons of Power. Although Turtle is an animus dragon, he was careful to keep his powers a secret until Escaping Peril, in which he used his magic to save Winter's life.

He is a member of the Jade Winglet and has a crush on Kinkajou. As of the end of The Poison Jungle he is flying across the sea towards Pyrrhia with Bumblebee, Cricket, Sundew, Tsunami, and several other LeafWing and SilkWing refugees.

Appearance Edit

Turtle has rich dark green scales[2], described as appearing "like an emerald hidden in a cave", with flashes of brighter green underscales[2] and slight hints of gold[2] in his dark green eyes[3]. He also has the royal markings on both of his wings. On both the covers of Talons of Power and Moon Rising, he seems to have a bluish tinge to his green scales. When Moonwatcher first saw Turtle, she thought that he had a sweet curve to his snout and upper arms and that he was a little plump. He also looks a lot like Fathom, since Darkstalker thought he was Fathom when he emerged from the Mountain in Talons of Power (Book)

His only accessory is a gold armband, located on his upper right forearm, that is studded with three glittering black pieces of Skyfire, originally containing six before he gave a few of them to his friends in order to block out Moon's mind-reading ability. In Escaping Peril, he wears a small waterproof pouch around his neck, which he uses to contain his enchanted river rock and some other things he enchanted, but it is unknown if he still wears it.

His bioluminescent scales emit a pale greenish light, and luminescent spirals and shapes like webbed talon prints light up all along his pale green[4] wings. When he is in sunlight, his scales look more like emeralds than ever, according to Peril. He is noted by Moonwatcher to have big talons that are splayed out "like he was worried the wind would shove him", and a low, rumbly voice. According to Darkstalker, Turtle seems to look a lot like Fathom.

His underbelly is a pale aquamarine and he is studded with seafoam green Aquatic markings flooding across his body like most SeaWings.[citation needed]

Personality Edit

Turtle seems to be more quiet, laid-back, shy, and complacent at first, happy to go along with what others want without much opinion. He will go along with others’ ideas without saying any opinion of any sort. He refers to himself as “boring” and "forgettable", and many others agree. Qibli described him as "used to being invisible" and "easygoing". Many dragons who know him would agree with this statement. He acts like this to blend in and hide his animus powers after he lost his younger sisters' lives due to his confusion; the event left him doubting himself and not wanting to be anyone. Turtle describes himself as "not interesting", but Moon believes that he is more than he seems. He is also undisturbed by violence, casually talking about how his mother tortured a captive SkyWing and treating the dragonflame cactus with curiosity and interest despite the horrible things it was used for. Turtle also seems to have low self-esteem issues. He is usually very calm, and like Anemone, he can be insecure and emotional, although he doesn't show it as much.

He is very cautious, shown by his reluctance to fly through a thunderstorm. He is also kind and caring, helping Moon even after she was revealed to be a mind-reader, perhaps sympathetic towards others with feared abilities like Peril. Some dragons, like Prince Winter and Princess Anemone, think Turtle is boring, and "barely acts like a prince." He tells Peril that just because he doesn't like exercise doesn't mean he wouldn't be useful in a fight.

Winter claimed that if Turtle were an IceWing, he'd be put in the Seventh Circle and be stuck there forever. This is due to the fact that he thought he caused the death of his unhatched sisters, although in actuality it was not his fault due to Snapper not being where she should’ve come the time of the accident, and a bad decision on his father, King Gill’s part.

During Moon Rising, just after the Jade Winglet finds out about Moon's precognition and telepathic powers, the Jade Winglet deserts her, whilst Turtle stays back to comfort her and get her wound washed. This may be because Turtle had a secret about him being an animus, so he understands when dragons are afraid of someone because of their powers. He later shows limited fear of Peril, offering to be her friend (though indirectly) and showing his loyalty by coming to the Sky Kingdom despite the potential danger. He admitted that he understood the SkyWing and continued to be supportive. 

Turtle has a desperate want for love or acknowledgment from his mother, likely born from his constant neglection. Because Queen Coral had 32 sons but only 3 daughters, she gave more affection to her daughters.

Sometimes while thinking about using his animus power to hurt other dragons, he looks down and sees his talons covered with blood, and he quickly shakes his talons to get the vision away. This seems to show that Turtle is very insecure about his power and worries about hurting and killing other dragons.

In Escaping Peril it was shown that he made a habit of eavesdropping.

Turtle cares greatly about his friends, as shown in Escaping Peril when he said that he was worried about them.

Biography Edit

Moon Rising Edit

When Moon first sees Turtle, she's confused because she can’t read his mind. The only reception she receives from his brain is described as a quiet hum. When Turtle smiles at her outside of Jade Mountain Academy, she sees a vision of a sunny beach, with him pinning Anemone down as she writhes in pain. This makes her believe that Turtle is evil in some way. When the vision ends, Anemone, Turtle, Queen Coral, and Tsunami have all disappeared into Jade Mountain Academy. Moon takes this vision as a sinister attempt to murder Anemone that will happen sometime in the future and keeps a wary eye on Turtle afterward. After the tumult of an explosion in Jade Mountain Academy that leads to Moon revealing that she is a mind-reader and prophet, Turtle is the only one who keeps his secretary his head, taking Moon to an underground lake in the caverns of Jade Mountain and helping her wash off her seed pod wound on her shoulder in the explosion of the dragonflame cactus. Moon tells Turtle that she can't hear his thoughts, to which Turtle laughs and Moon pleadingly asks Turtle to lead her to her clawmate's room. On their way, they pass the history cave and hear voices that they realize belong to Princess Tsunami and Princess Sunny. After listening to half of Tsunami and Sunny's argument, Turtle decides to reveal himself and tells Tsunami and Sunny about the dragonflame cactus. He notes that this particular cactus was used in the Summer Palace when it was attacked by Princess Burn's forces and informs them that his mother, Queen Coral, tortured a SkyWing prisoner until she found out what they were. He was surprisingly casual about this subject.

When Moon meets him, she notices that she can't read his mind, due to the fact that he has an armband with skyfire stones. At the end of Moon Rising, he gives one stone to each member of the Jade Winglet.

Winter TurningEdit

Turtle and his winglet arrived in the forest to find Winter, who was about to release his scavenger pet. When Moon announced that they will help Winter on his quest, Turtle was startled but did not add more. He was then requested by Moon to hand over a skyfire stone to Winter.

When pondered whether to help Winter, Turtle was shown to be worried about how the prophecy affects the students in the school and his promise to keep his sister Anemone safe. Winter seized the opportunity to convince Turtle into going back to the Jade Mountain Academy to tell Sunny, Tsunami, and the other Dragonets of Destiny to not worry about the rest of Jade Winglet in their quest to search for Winter's brother. Later, according to Queen Glory, that made them even more worried when they received Turtle's report.

Turtle is also shown in the epilogue of Winter Turning with Anemone, Pike, and Barracuda in the underground lake. He felt terrible for leaving his winglet, but Anemone tried to reassure him that he still had her and the other SeaWings.

Escaping Peril Edit

Turtle appears very early on in the book, surprising Peril with how little caution he has around her. He encourages her to spy with him on the conversation between a couple of the Dragonets of Destiny, Queen Ruby, and her accompanying dragons, admitting that he did it often as an unnoticeable, unmemorable dragon. Peril quickly begins seeing him as a potential friend. 

Later, he insists on traveling with Peril on a hunt to bring down Ex-Queen Scarlet, saying he could be useful (he was referring to his animus magic), and the two's friendship develops even more. Turtle convinces Peril to travel with him to meet up with the Jade Winglet in the town of Possibility to further investigate Scarlet's location despite her initial protests. After meeting a few Talons of Peace members, a dragonflame cactus is kicked by a SandWing wanting to buy them, most likely Sirocco or Rattlesnake, Qibli's older siblings. Peril accidentally sets off the cactus and causes an explosion. It knocks Peril temporarily unconscious, and at least three other dragons were burned. Turtle also had thorns in his scales, but Peril burns them off. The explosion attracts the conscious remnant of the Jade Winglet, Moon and Qibli. Around this time, Turtle has aching wings from flying to Possibility, so he enchants a rock to heal outer wounds. Peril is shocked at how fast he could 'heal in the water' until when Winter is burned by Peril and Turtle uses the rock to heal Winter. That's when he exposes his animus magic for the first time in his life.

After Peril leaves in a fit, Turtle, sad because his new friend is angry, heads to the Sky Kingdom to try to release her from Chameleon's spell, and he reappears after Scarlet is killed. He says he has come to save Peril, but that she seems to have already done that by herself, showing Peril that he really cared about her. Turtle is also present when Chameleon writes the enchantment for Tourmaline to become Queen Ruby again, checking over his writing before handing it to the queen. When Chameleon tries to escape with Darkstalker's Talisman, Turtle temporarily enchants the case to bash Chameleon on the head with it and go to Turtle. He leaves with the rest of the winglet to find Moon before she releases Darkstalker.

One notable fact is that he appeared very distraught about Kinkajou's state, and seemed to want to see her very badly. This is because he has a crush on Kinkajou; Peril even noticed it herself, thinking, "He likes Moon and Qibli, but he's really here for Kinkajou."

Talons of Power Edit

He first appears in a prologue set around three years before the events of the rest of the book. He volunteers to find Snapper, when King Gill asks him and his brothers who are one of the hatchery guards along with Abalone, under the stress of his father. Gill asks Turtle to find Snapper but he fails, the eggs are destroyed, Abalone dies, and Snapper is executed.

Part one picks up right after Escaping Peril ends when Darkstalker emerges from the mountain. Turtle notices that Darkstalker seems to hate him and quickly enchants a stick to hide him, and later, completely from Darkstalker, making him non-existent to Darkstalker. Darkstalker reveals that when Peril burned his talisman, his magic returned to him. Winter argues with him, but Darkstalker 'wins' him over, which is later revealed to be from a spell cast by Darkstalker. Despite Moon and Qibli's concerns, both dragons deny Darkstalker using magic. Eventually, Darkstalker goes hunting with the rest of the Jade Winglet, Turtle goes to warn Jade Mountain Academy on a suggestion of his clawmates.

He splashes into the underground pool and is immediately found by his sister, Anemone. He tries to talk to her alone but she waves him off. He tells her about Darkstalker's awakening in public, but Anemone grows excited at the prospect of meeting another animus besides Stonemover. Turtle accidentally reveals to Tamarin that Anemone is an animus, leading to a brief discussion about the pros and cons of animus magic.

The three part ways and Turtle goes to warn the Dragonets of Destiny. Before he does, he hears Sunny and Tsunami discussing the escape of Fierceteeth and Strongwings and whether Queen Thorn should replace the guards with Outclaws or not. They end the discussion and then discover Turtle. Sunny then questions Turtle about the whereabouts of the rest of the Jade Winglet. Turtle warns her about Darkstalker's awakening then. Mightyclaws overhears them and bolts to warn the other NightWings. Turtle fills Tsunami in about everything including Moon's powers, except his own powers.

After this, they go to the library and ask Starflight about Darkstalker. Starflight tells them that Darkstalker was a very powerful NightWing animus who disappeared over 2,000 years ago after being betrayed by Prince Fathom and Clearsight and that nobody knows what happened to him. A trio of IceWings provides them some IceWing superstitions about Darkstalker, which are that he spent years in the shadows killing IceWings and that he killed his father, Prince Arctic. Darkstalker then tells them that the legends had been simplified. One of the IceWings fails to kill Darkstalker(due to his immortality and his impenetrable scales that he cast on himself when he was younger as shown in Darkstalker, Wings of Fire legends), and then all three bolt. He asks Starflight for scrolls on Fathom and Clearsight, and when he leaves he is immediately dive-bombed by NightWings. By then most of the school had gathered. Darkstalker reassures Clay and Sunny by saying he is Sunny's distant ancestor. A storm then gathers, and Anemone descends. Darkstalker announces that he was looking for her and that he was impressed by the storm her enchanted copper armbands caused.

Turtle apologizes to his friends that he couldn't stop Darkstalker, but they don't mind. Qibli tells him to keep an eye on Darkstalker. Turtle watches as Darkstalker enchants Anemone's soul to be safe. He also notices Darkstalker has an earring and wonders if it is animus-touched. He watches as Darkstalker heals Flame's face and gives Mindreader, Mightyclaws, and Fearless powers. He then sees Darkstalker save Stonemover and declares Flame as the darkness of dragons and the stalker of dreams and looking into Flames pouch finding his library card and the third dreamvisiter before trapping Flame in the academy.

Turtle then goes to the cave shared by Qibli and Winter and asks if he can stay there. Qibli agrees, and Turtle tells them about Darkstalker's activities. Qibli is slightly suspicious, but Winter is irritated by this and leaves the cave. Then Qibli asks Turtle to cast a spell on him to make him immune to Darkstalker's spell. After Turtle rejects the idea to cast a spell to make Qibli an animus Turtle agrees and casts the spell, However, Darkstalker senses the spell being cast and visits the cave. Qibli convinces him that it was probably Anemone, but Darkstalker is still suspicious. Turtle realizes that Darkstalker can tell when another animus casts a spell and decides to set out to the rainforest to watch Darkstalker.

Turtle, Anemone, Moonwatcher, and the other NightWing students at Jade Mountain follow Darkstalker to the RainWing kingdom, where Darkstalker wants to challenge Queen Glory for the NightWing throne. They eventually decide that NightWings can go with Darkstalker if they wanted to. To ensure that most of the NightWings follow him, he grants more dragons powers before he and most of the NightWings set off for The Lost City of Night.

While in the Night Kingdom, Anemone uses her magic against Moon hurtfully and is banished by Darkstalker. Turtle follows her to the ruins of the Summer Palace, where they have an animus fight. Darkstalker then summons all of the animus dragons in Pyrrhia using a spell. Turtle is then revealed to Darkstalker and fights Darkstalker while Anemone escapes. Darkstalker puts Turtle in the dungeon, as Moon had forbidden him from hurting her friends, but he takes away Turtle's powers with a spell.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Turtle is shown after he is released from the NightWing dungeon that Darkstalker put him in, Anemone and Kinkajou leading him out. As Qibli begins to describe what they'd been doing, he is shocked when Qibli says that it was him that saved everyone from Darkstalker. Qibli gives him one of the earrings to reverse the spell Darkstalker put on him to take his animus powers away. Turtle says he doesn't deserve magic, but when he realizes that he's the hero he always wanted to be, he puts on the earring and looks up at Qibli with cloudy eyes, almost crying. He leaves with the other dragonets towards Jade Mountain with his powers back, determined to warn the IceWings before the NightWings could attack.

Later, he tries to help end the battle with the NightWings and the IceWings, but Darkstalker hurls a boulder at him and an invisible Anemone. He survives due to his enchanting his scales to be invulnerable in Talons of Power, although something did still hurt, it might have been because they were talking about the animus fight he had with Anemone. When Qibli comes up with the mind-connecting spell, he offers to enchant it, but Anemone insists upon her doing it and refuses to allow her brother to lose some of his soul. He is horrified when Qibli is taken by Darkstalker.

He is shown with his part of the epilogue, joyfully reading a letter from Queen Coral, and then Kinkajou shows up, talking about the love spell, and Anemone's crush on Tamarin.

The Hive Queen Edit

Turtle appears in the prologue and epilogue of The Hive Queen. In the prologue, he appears with Tsunami while Moon and Qibli are talking. He claims that Qibli "broke animus magic" with his soul spells, which the SandWing denies. After some debate, Tsunami suggests that she and Turtle swim to Pantala, which he agrees to.

He appears once again at the epilogue of this book. He and Tsunami have managed to swim to Pantala, and are in the Poison Jungle. They meet Willow, who rescues them from a snake, and she after asking where they're from, she tells them to return to Pyrrhia if they want to live, implying that the dangers of Pantala are not something the Pyrrhians should want to encounter.

The Poison Jungle Edit

Turtle and Tsunami are first seen when Sundew is invited to see Queen Sequoia by Willow. He is curled up sleeping near his sister and is apparently ill from drinking too much river water. He is seen again at the end of the book, and because he feels better, he volunteers to draw a copy of Clearsight's map to Pyrrhia for Io however, he may have been planning to duplicate it with his enchanted bowl. He then leaves for Pyrrhia with the LeafWing and SilkWing refugees, planning to get back-up from Pyrrhia and defeat the Othermind.

Relationships Edit

Princess Anemone Edit

Before the Talons of Power ceremony, he had only ever seen her from a distance. During the ceremony, he turned her into an animus to draw attention away from his own animus abilities so he could keep his secret hidden and to fulfill the biggest hopes of his mother. (He regretted this afterward.) Upon going to the Academy, they did begin to spend more time together, but she still treated him like another subject to order around. She finally started paying attention to him when he started following her and Darkstalker around, but the attention was not positive. After their duel on the beach and Turtle hiding her from Darkstalker, he seems to regard her more as his younger sister who he should protect and she seems to respect him as an older brother. 

Kinkajou Edit

She one of his best friends and a love interest. They meet in Moon Rising, although little interaction was shown between them. During Escaping Peril, Peril notices that he is happy to see Moon and Qibli but he was really in Possibility for Kinkajou, indicating that he has a crush on her. In Talons of Power, Turtle asks Anemone to use her animus powers on Kinkajou to wake her up from her coma. Anemone agrees and notices that Turtle holds romantic feelings for Kinkajou. When Anemone casts the spell to wake her up, Turtle also secretly casts a spell to hide Kinkajou from Darkstalker. Anemone, however, casts an additional spell to "make Kinkajou love Turtle as much as he loves her" much to Turtle's dismay. When Kinkajou wakes up, she acts no different to Turtle then before Anemone cast the love spell, with Turtle hoping the love spell didn't work. Kinkajou offers to come to the Lost City of Night to spy on Darkstalker with Turtle. When Turtle wakes Kinkajou up on their first morning, when she was half asleep she muttered "Turtle" dreamily while her scales turned pink, showing that the love spell was working. At the end of Talons of Power, Kinkajou says that she loves Turtle, unknown that she was under a spell. Turtle then sadly replies that it was only a spell and she didn't really love him. At the end of Darkness of Dragons, the love spell is removed. Kinkajou most likely developed her own romantic feelings for Turtle as shown in the epilogue of Darkness of Dragons. It is unknown if she and Turtle will ever get together.

Peril Edit

Turtle first interacts with Peril in Escaping Peril when he stumbles across her in his sleeping cave. At first, Peril is angry with him, but as time goes on he seems to warm up to her. This is shown when he follows Peril to the Sky Kingdom to help defeat Scarlet. After Peril succeeds in turning Ruby into Tourmaline so she could kill Scarlet, Turtle appears and claims that he was "coming to rescue her." In Talons of Power, Turtle describes Peril's company as "unpredictable and hilarious." He sees himself as a friend and sidekick to Peril, as well as a sort of brother to her.

Queen Coral and King Gill Edit

Turtle tries to stand out from his brothers. He tries to become an author, like his mother. However, on one fateful day, Turtle had a very important duty. King Gill, Turtle's father, was visiting the Royal SeaWing Hatchery. When he arrived, he was horrified to find one of his top generals and friend fatally sick in the Hatchery. Due to rumors of an assassin killing any SeaWing princess heirs, Gill was worried about leaving the eggs alone while he took his general to the healers. Panicked, Gill rushed out of the Hatchery and called to the first dragons he saw, which happened to be Turtle and two of his brothers. He told Turtle to find Snapper, his co-general and returned to the Hatchery to watch over his sick friend. However, Turtle could not find Snapper that day, and Gill gave up waiting, knowing that if he waited any longer his general would surely die. He sprinted to the Healers, and however fast he may have swum, when the Healers and the king returned to the Hatchery, the two princesses were in fact dead. Gill, furious, tracked his son down and blamed him for the deaths of the unborn princesses, telling a distraught Turtle that he was very disappointed in him. Gill seemed to regret his harshness with his young son afterward and since he learned that Snapper was in the Summer Palace and therefore impossible to find or track down, he realized that Turtle was not at all to blame for the deaths of the princesses. However, Gill was captured by the Skywings before he could ever tell Turtle any of this, leading Turtle to believe that his sisters' deaths were his fault and that his father died hating him. When Coral reveals the truth to Turtle, she expresses pity and sympathy toward her son, even wrapping one of her wings around him to bring him in close. Though she forgets his name immediately afterward, she promises to remember it going forward and she and Turtle share a tender moment together. Afterward, Coral writes regular letters to her son while he is away at Jade Mountain Acadamy, sending Turtle her newest stories and thanking him for his help dispelling the Albatross Spectre cast by Darkstalker. It would appear that following Talons of Power (Book) Coral cares for Turtle as much as she cares for her daughters.


Turtle and Umber used to share a sleeping cave with each other in Jade Mountain Academy before Umber left with Sora. They used to pull their reed mats close to each other and sleep with their backs together. Turtle said this was because they both felt a need to have siblings close to them, as Umber was used to being with his MudWing sibs and Turtle usually slept with all his brothers. Turtle viewed Umber as a brother. It can be assumed that Umber felt similarly.

Family Tree Edit

Commander Shark
Queen Coral
King Gill
Princess Moray
Prince Fin
Prince Cerulean
Prince Turtle
Prince Octopus
28 Unnamed Sons
Princess Orca
Princess Tsunami
Princess Anemone
Princess Auklet
11 deceased daughters

Quotes Edit

"Kind of a cool evolutionary adaptation if you're a plant trying to survive on a mountain with fire-breathing dragons, right? [...] But, uh, horrible, obviously." - Turtle to Moon in Moon Rising.

"It's different. Swimming is not the same as trying to fly while getting blown about and whacked with little balls of water and also the lightning - have we talked about the lightning?" - To the Jade Winglet about finding Winter.

"You're a MIND READER. All you have to do is walk around until you hear someone's brain going: well done me. Tiptop explosion I caused today! Aren't I a clever arsonist." - Turtle to Moonwatcher Moon Rising, [citation needed]

"You are...but that's because of me, I'm so sorry Anemone. I'm the one that made you an animus. Right here, the day of the Talons of Power ceremony. I didn't want anyone to find out about me, so... I distracted them with you. And everything that's happened to you since then is all my fault." - [citation needed]

"Maybe losing your soul isn't the right way to describe it. Maybe it's more like ... the more you use your power for bad things, the more you feel like you're entitled to use your power for anything. It makes it harder to go back - only forward into more bad things. But ... I think you can go back. I think anyone can choose to do good, or be good, no matter what happened before. I think you just have to try really hard. And that means stopping yourself before you do even worse things." - Turtle to Anemone Moon Rising, [citation needed]

Trivia Edit

  • Turtles are diapasons of the order Testudines characterized by a special bony or cartilaginous shell developed from their ribs and acting as a shield. "Turtle" may refer to the order as a whole or to fresh-water and sea-dwelling testudines. The order Testudines includes both extant and extinct species.
    • As commented by one of Turtle's 31 brothers, Turtle may have a rather fitting name as he is slow like a turtle, both physically and perhaps socially.
  • He is the main protagonist of Talons of Power, the ninth book in the Wings of Fire series.
    • He is the second main SeaWing protagonist in the main series (the other being Tsunami) and the fourth male protagonist in the main series (the others being Clay, Starflight, Winter, and Qibli).
    • He is the fourth animus to be a main protagonist (the others being Darkstalker, Fathom, and Arctic).
  • According to Winter, if an IceWing acted as he did, he'd be stuck in the seventh circle forever.
  • Turtle fears heights and storms.
  • It is confirmed in Escaping Peril that Turtle has animus powers when he heals Winter's burns completely, also saving his life. However, those powers were taken away by Darkstalker in Talons of Power, because he considered Turtle's powers a threat. Turtle regained his powers in Darkness of Dragons through one of Qibli's enchanted earrings.
  • Turtle was the third dragon to learn about Moonwatcher's mind-reading and precognitive powers (the others being Secretkeeper and Darkstalker).
  • Turtle is the fifth royal protagonist to lead a book, the first being Princess Tsunami, the second being Queen Glory, the third being Princess Sunny, and the fourth being Ex-Prince Winter, and finally the sixth being Queen Snowfall.
  • Turtle, earlier in his life, had wanted to be a writer and a hero. After the death of two of his sisters, however, he gave up on these goals and even once referred to himself as the 'hapless sidekick' before the events of Darkness of Dragons.
  • Tui said that Turtle was one of the hardest characters to write because she purposely made him enigmatic in Moon Rising and had completely figured him out by Talons of Power. She said he is not a typical hero, but he has the heart of one.
  • He is the first of two dragons to be on two different book covers, the second being Cricket on both The Lost Continent and The Hive Queen.
  • He was the second dragon to have enchanted his scales to be invulnerable, the first being Darkstalker.
  • He is the third dragon to have invulnerable scales (the others being Darkstalker and Jerboa).
  • Turtle is the first main protagonist to be named after a living organism, the others being Sundew and Cricket.
  • At the beginning of The Hive Queen, Turtle is revealed to have lost his animus powers for currently unknown reasons, although he first thought it was Qibli's soul spell's fault. This gets dismissed as false, however, due to him taking off the enchantment Qibli worded for him and still could not perform spells. As of now, he cannot perform animus magic.

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References Edit

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