"Your Majesty, the facts are clear. You gave an order. Kestrel disobeyed you and fled the kingdom. She has been living under your mountains for the last seven years, aiding and abetting the Talons of Peace, who also refuse to follow Your Majesty's orders. She deserves a long, painful execution. There is no need to drag this trial out."
—Vermilion, doing his duty as persecutor during Kestrel's trial in The Dragonet Prophecy.

Prince Vermilion is a bright red SkyWing prince and the brother of Queen Tourmaline/Queen Ruby, Hawk, two unnamed brothers and eleven unnamed sisters, who were killed off over the years in royal challenges against their now deceased mother, Ex-Queen Scarlet, as of Escaping Peril. He was the announcer of the SkyWing arena matches, and the prosecutor during trials. He is also mentioned in letters in the last pages of Winter Turning and the collector's edition of The Brightest Night, in which Smolder tells him how to care for a pet scavenger. It is likely that he's planning to get one of his own, like Smolder's pet scavenger, Flower, and Winter's former pet scavenger, Bandit.


Vermilion's scales are a vibrant cherry red[2], like the hue he was named after; he is also mentioned to have blood-red wings[3].

Personality Edit

Vermilion was shown to be a former loyal supporter to Scarlet, but he turned to Ruby and supported her when he realized that she truly was a better SkyWing queen. Vermilion also seems to have quite a lot of interests, from being an announcer in the SkyWing Arena, a prosecutor, and possibly owning a pet scavenger.


The Dragonet ProphecyEdit

Vermilion, although unnamed at the time, was the announcer for the fight between Horizon and Peril. After that, he announced the fight between Clay and Fjord. Later on, Vermilion stood as the prosecutor during Kestrel's trial. The next day, he announced the battles for his mother's hatching day. Tsunami attempted to attack him before her fight with Gill, although her chains kept her from fighting him.

The Brightest NightEdit

A letter from Smolder to Vermilion about his pet scavenger, Flower, and how to take care for one is featured at the end of the Collector's Edition. The letter explained how to protect your scavenger, as someone would eat it "by accident", to protect your belongings because it would try to make little things out of the cloth, what to feed it and to supply water daily. Smolder ends the letter wanting Vermilion to send him a picture of his when he got it, and comments on the picture Flower drew of him and her.

Winter Turning Edit

The same letter that was featured in the Collector's Edition of The Brightest Night was also at the end of Winter Turning, talking about how to raise a pet scavenger.

Escaping Peril Edit

In this book, Vermilion was shown as a loyal supporter of the new SkyWing queen, Queen Ruby. When Scarlet found him, she questioned him about what happened since she "left the Kingdom". To her outrage, Vermilion replied that Ruby used almost all of the SkyWing treasure to transform the SkyWing Arena into a hospital for dragons that were injured during the war, hiring dragons from all of the different tribes to teach and assist her healers in helping heal injured dragons. He was also accused of liking Ruby more than Scarlet, which was true, and was forced to help Peril (who was under a spell at the time) to take Prince Cliff into custody and guard him.

Family Tree Edit

Queen Carmine
Princess Sunset
Several Generations
Ex-Queen Scarlet
Three Unnamed Sisters (Deceased)
Prince Vermilion
Queen Ruby (Tourmaline)
Eleven Unnamed Daughters
Two Unnamed Sons
Prince Cliff


  • Vermilion is a brilliant red that comes from the mineral cinnabar.
  • It was revealed in The Brightest Night Collector's Edition and Winter Turning that Vermilion was considering having a scavenger as a pet like Smolder does.
  • It appears that Vermilion is a much more caring dragon than how he appeared in The Dragonet Prophecy, probably made mean by Queen Scarlet. His nicer side is shown in his appeal and interest in scavengers.
  • Vermilion was Scarlet's first known son.
  • Vermilion has 12 sisters, all deceased with the exception of Queen Ruby/Tourmaline.


References Edit

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