—Talking about Cowrie in Darkstalker.

Clearpool was a female SeaWing dragonet with green scales[1], and the daughter of Prince Fathom and Indigo. She has only appeared in the epilogue of Darkstalker (Legends). She is named after Clearsight, but she doesn't appear to have Clearsight's calm and wise personality. She seems very loud, whiny, and curious with an extremely short temper, much like Tsunami, her descendant. She seems to be, like most brothers and sisters, in a continuous state of arguing with her brothers, Cowrie and Ripple, but is loved dearly by her parents. Fathom and Indigo believe that they should have named Cowrie after Clearsight instead.

Appearance Edit

Clearpool was described to be green.

Biography Edit

Darkstalker Edit

Clearpool is seen in the epilogue of Darkstalker (Legends), attempting (and failing) to catch fish in a nearby lake. Clearpool accidentally kicks sand at Cowrie, which causes a fight between them. Ripple joins the fight and jumps on top of them. In order to get the dragonets to calm down, Indigo offers to tell them a story. Clearpool is excited to hear a story and requests for The Kingdom of the Sea, but ends up listening to a story about villains.

Family TreeEdit

Prince Albatross
Princess Sapphire
Queen Lagoon
King Humpback
Prince Eel
Princess Manta
Prince Reef
Princess Splash
Prince Scallop
Prince Current
Queen Pearl
Prince Fathom

Quotes Edit

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH, [...] I can't GET IT! I'LL NEVER GET IT! ALL THE FISHES ARE STUPID!" - Clearpool when she can't catch a fish.

"I DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID! [...] I waited and waited and THEN POUNCEDED and it GOT AWAAAAAAAY!" - Explaining to Indigo (her mother) why she couldn't catch the fish.

"Oh, [...] Yeah, I did. OK, fish! I'ma get you now!" - Claiming she was going to catch a fish.

"I was NOT galumphing! THIS is GALUMPHING!" - To her brother, Cowrie.

"THIS BROTHER IS A KELP-FACE!" - Clearpool in a temper.

"FIBS! You were, too!" - Clearpool when Fathom says that he and Indigo were never naughty when they were dragonets.

"Or me! I'd tell you and whack you and smush you!" - Clearpool's offering to tell Cowrie if he was ever a bad guy.

"And how you WHACKED him and SMUSHED him?" - Asking about Darkstalker.

"RIPPLE IS THE SQUASHER!" - Accusing Ripple of squashing her and Cowrie.

Trivia Edit

  • Clearpool is named after Clearsight, though she is said to have a very different personality, which seems to be similar to that of Cliff.
  • Cowrie, Clearpool and Ripple had royal blood as well as Animus blood through Prince Fathom, their father.
  • Clearpool had a right to the SeaWing throne since she was the niece of Queen Pearl.
  • She would have had to challenge Queen Pearl for the throne at some point as it is stated that Fathom is the ancestor of the current SeaWing royals instead of a relative.

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References Edit

  1. Darkstalker (Legends), page 359


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