"That's because I have had excellent training at the side of the most wonderful queen in Pyrrhian history."
—Moray, to Queen Coral in The Lost Heir.

Princess Moray is a female SeaWing. She adores Queen Coral, but detests Tsunami, Anemone, and Auklet due to the fact that they might one day challenge and kill her queen in order to take the throne of The Kingdom of the Sea. It was mentioned that she has a fake looking smile, which was one of the reasons Tsunami thought she was killing the heirs. Tsunami thought it was odd she could smile for so long. It is also said that she often throws disgusted looks towards Anemone, and even the statue of Orca in the royal hatchery.

Appearance Edit

Moray is described to have gray-green scales and small, unsettling, bone-pale eyes that closely resemble those of her father, Commander Shark[1].

Biography Edit

The Lost Heir Edit

Princess Moray seems to adore Queen Coral so much that she is willing to do almost anything for her, although Anemone believes that she is faking her admiration, making her and Tsunami suspect that Moray is murdering Queen Coral's heirs (whom she hates, on the grounds that they might one day kill her queen). However, this theory was proved incorrect.

Moray serves in the SeaWing Council as a publisher, spreading Queen Coral's writing around the continent. Moray is also Shark's daughter, thus making the dragonets she detested (Princess Tsunami, Anemone, Orca, and Auklet) her cousins.

Moray is seen when reporting a dead SkyWing on a nearby island. She joins the patrol to check on it.

When Tsunami is attacked by Whirlpool, she doesn't know it was him and suspects it was Moray, thinking of how much the SeaWing hates Coral's heirs.

Talons of Power Edit

In Turtle's flashback to the Animus test, Moray is one of the dragons among Queen Coral to watch the test. She is also the first one to notice Anemone is a animus when she uses her powers on a coconut.

Family TreeEdit

Commander Shark
Queen Coral
King Gill
Princess Moray
Prince Fin
Prince Cerulean
Prince Turtle
Prince Octopus
28 Unnamed Sons
Princess Orca
Princess Tsunami
Princess Anemone
Princess Auklet


  • The name "Moray" is derived from the Moray eel.
  • Because of Albatross being part IceWing, Moray is of IceWing decent.
  • Moray appears to look and act a lot like her father, Shark, who is also Queen Coral's brother.
  • If Orca's Statue killed all of Coral's heirs, Moray might have had to take the throne after the Queen's death.
  • Moray was an heir as well, so she should have been a target. Although there's a possibility that she didn't hatch in the Royal Hatchery.
  • However, perhaps Orca didn't specifically tell the enchanted statue of herself to kill all possible heirs to the throne, sparing Moray of any danger.
    • Or Moray is older than Orca, so she'd hatched before Orca enchanted the statue.
  • In Talons of Power, it was said that she was old enough to be a member of the council. This disproves the common theory that she is a child.


References Edit

  1. The Lost Heir, page 93


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