"I did this all wrong. You're going to rule forever, aren't you, Mother? You should thank me. No one can stop you now."
—Orca's last words to her mother, Queen Coral.

Princess Orca was a female SeaWing princess and the first-born princess of Queen Coral and King Gill. Unknown to anyone, Orca was secretly an animus. She was infamous for challenging Coral for the throne at a young age, and nearly winning until she was accidentally killed by Coral. Orca was also known as a great sculptor, and she dedicated a statue to the Royal Hatchery shortly before she died. Unknown to any SeaWings, it had been enchanted to smash all the eggs in the hatchery that were female, as well as assassinate any heirs to the throne. This was due to the fact that she had expected to win and become queen. Without heirs, she could rule the throne for generations and not worry about any challengers.



Right before the challenge for the throne, Orca had enchanted a marble statue of herself she had sculpted and dedicated to the Royal Hatchery. Her mother had no idea that she was an animus dragon at the time, which allowed her sinister enchantment to escape the queen's notice. Orca then challenged Queen Coral to the throne of the SeaWings, and nearly killed Coral but ended up dying after Coral accidentally speared her with the narwhal horn she wore on the end of her tail. After her death, the enchanted statue began killing off all the female heirs in the hatchery for years, murdering the unhatched dragonets in secrecy.

The Lost Heir Edit

Orca was mentioned throughout The Lost Heir, from when the tale was a mystery to Tsunami up until it was revealed she was behind the Hatchery killings.

Family TreeEdit

Commander Shark
Queen Coral
King Gill
Princess Moray
Prince Fin
Prince Cerulean
Prince Turtle
Prince Octopus
28 Unnamed Sons
Princess Orca
Princess Tsunami
Princess Anemone
Princess Auklet



"I did this all wrong. You're going to rule forever, aren't you, Mother?... You should thank one can stop you now." - Orca's last words to her mother


  • An orca, also known as a killer whale, is the largest dolphin and a top predator in the ocean. They are very intelligent and social.
  • Orca's scale color was once unknown; however, the statue she carved of herself was of dark green marble[2] with blue sapphire eyes, which makes it likely that dark green was her scale color, and blue was possibly her eye color. It was confirmed that she is dark green with blue eyes here, rather than the common fan depiction of her being black and white.
  • It is unknown how many years have gone by since Orca's death, but the popular belief is that it's been fourteen years since.
  • it was believed Orca may have tried to use her animus powers to win because everyone was shocked when she almost killed Queen Coral. But Tui has confirmed that Orca didn’t use her animus power to win because she wanted to prove herself.
    • It was implied that Orca was driven insane because she used her animus powers too much.
    • However, this is proven in the Lost Heir Graphic Novel not to be the case because her eyes weren't soulless like Albatross's were.
  • If this fact is true, Princess Orca possibly could have made even more enchantments that were hidden prior to her challenge to Queen Coral.
  • Orca is a near anagram of Coral. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.
  • Orca may not have known that dragons themselves can be enchanted with animus magic, or she could have made herself invulnerable like Darkstalker.
  • Orca was the first (and only) dragon who is known to have challenged Queen Coral.
  • She is the only known SeaWing to have blue eyes along with green scales, as most have blue eyes and scales or green eyes and scales.



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  2. The Lost Heir, page 144


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