"I did this all wrong. You're going to rule forever, aren't you, Mother? You should thank me. No one can stop you now."
—Orca to Coral, recounted in The Lost Heir

Princess Orca was a young female SeaWing who was first mentioned in The Lost Heir. She was secretly an animus dragon, having enchanted a statue she sculpted to kill off possible heirs to the SeaWing throne. She was killed during a royal challenge by her mother, Queen Coral.


It was confirmed in the second graphic novel that Orca had deep green scales and sapphire-blue eyes, like her statue. Some of her scales were a light eel color, her wings were a very pale olive green and her underbelly was bleached.


Orca appeared to be power-hungry during her life, challenging Coral at a young age as well as using her magic to secure her power. She also thought highly of herself, choosing not to use her magic to win the challenge in order to prove herself.



Prior to her challenge for the throne, Orca enchanted a marble statue of herself she had sculpted and dedicated to the Royal Hatchery. Coral did not know that Orca was an animus dragon, or that the statue was enchanted to kill off the heirs to the SeaWing throne. Orca then challenged Queen Coral for the throne of the SeaWings, nearly winning. She was accidentally speared with the narwhal horn Coral was wearing on the end of her tail.

After her death, the enchanted statue began killing off all the female heirs in the hatchery for years, murdering the unhatched dragonets in secrecy. Tsunami proved that the statue was destroying the eggs when she defeated it and saved Auklet.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Lost Heir

Orca was mentioned throughout The Lost Heir, including as a part of the scroll 'The Tragedy Of Orca'. Queen Coral owned several of her carvings, even though some of her subjects disliked Orca, such as Moray. Tsunami discovered that the statue in the hatching nursery was enchanted by her to kill off possible heirs to the SeaWing throne.

The Brightest Night

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The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

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Talons of Power

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Family Tree

Queen Coral
King Gill
Princess Moray
Prince Fin
Prince Cerulean
Prince Turtle
Prince Octopus
28 Unnamed Sons
Princess Orca
Princess Tsunami
Princess Anemone
Princess Auklet
12 deceased daughters


"I did this all wrong. You're going to rule forever, aren't you, Mother?...You should thank one can stop you now."
— her last words, to Queen Coral (The Lost Heir)


  • The statue she carved of herself was of dark green marble[2] with blue sapphire eyes. It was confirmed that she is dark green with blue eyes here; in the graphic novel, however, the statue is light green.
  • Orca was the only dragon known to have challenged Queen Coral.
    • Tui has confirmed that Orca didn't use her animus power to win her challenge because she wanted to prove that she could win in a fair fight.
  • Orca's name may be a hint that her statue was the culprit for the SeaWing princess murders, as orcas are often referred to as "killer whales".



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