"Everything you have will be mine when I'm queen, you know. Even stupid beach trash like this."
—Sapphire to Albatross right before he discovers his animus powers

Princess Sapphire was the sister of Prince Albatross and Queen Lagoon. She lost all of her claws in Prince Albatross' first animus enchantment, because she and Queen Lagoon were teasing him. She is confirmed to be mad, and Albatross stated that she "swims like a feeble old duck."

Biography Edit

Pre-series Edit

When Princess Sapphire was young, she and her sister, Queen Lagoon, teased Prince Albatross on a beach when he was playing with a shell, pretending it was a dragon's mouth. Princess Sapphire tried to take the shell away, ridiculing him all the while about how when she's queen she'll own everything on the beach, but Prince Albatross then spoke to the shell. "Bite her! Bite all her claws off!" he demanded, and the shell followed Albatross' orders. Albatross didn't know that he was an animus at the time. Albatross mentioned that it took days for the blood to wash away on the beach. This was the first time Prince Albatross had used his animus powers. Ever since Princess Sapphire's claws had been bitten off by the shell, she had been unable to hunt or battle, and lived away from the palaces. Albatross says she went slightly insane because of the incident. She lives alone on an island, tended to by quite well-paid servants. Queen Lagoon occasionally visits her, but Albatross has not seen her since he tore her claws out. Albatross assumed that Sapphire would never want to see him again after what he did to her.

Darkstalker (Legends) Edit

When Prince Albatross is giving Fathom lessons on animus magic, he mentions his first experience using animus magic. Later, after the massacre, Fathom mentions that Sapphire would be the only royalty family member left to rule the Kingdom of the Sea, if Queen Pearl had not been found alive.

Family TreeEdit

Prince Albatross
Princess Sapphire
Queen Lagoon
King Humpback
Prince Eel
Princess Manta
Prince Reef
Princess Splash
Prince Scallop
Prince Current
Queen Pearl
Prince Fathom

Trivia Edit

  • A sapphire is a type of gem that is usually blue but can be pink, purple, black, yellow or green. It is a specimen of corundum, with rubies and padparadschas also being species.
  • Sapphire is the second known dragon with no claws, the first being the MudWing in Burn's weirdling room; however, she was unnaturally declawed.
  • Although Sapphire is mentioned, there is no dialogue between her and any other dragon other than Albatross' retelling.

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