"That's not true. You can be whatever you want to be. I mean, I could say, 'well, I have no barb on my tail, I guess I'm just harmless and useless and should sit in the corner covering my head whenever there's a fight.' But I don't want to be useless and I'm not going to do that, not if dragons will die."
—Sunny to Peril, The Brightest Night

Princess Sunny is a young female SandWing-NightWing hybrid, she also has a little of IceWing blood too. She is the main protagonist of The Brightest Night. She one of the dragonets of destiny and a founder of the Jade Mountain Academy, where she currently lives and works.

Despite the Dragonet Prophecy being fake, Sunny was successful in bringing the War of SandWing Succession to an end in The Brightest Night. Sunny currently does not have a significant love interest, but Tui T. Sutherland mentioned in an interview that she is planning for Sunny to become close to an unknown dragon that has already been introduced in the series, [1]


Sunny has bright golden scales, [2]and is described to look like a banana[3], golden wings[4], and grey green eyes[5]. She is the smallest of the Dragonets of Destiny[6], not half as tall as Kestrel, even on her back legs.[7] Unlike normal SandWings, her tail lacks a venomous barb and curls to an ordinary point like a NightWing's.[8] She looks very different to other SandWings, but her NightWing traits went unnoticed until information about her heritage got out.


Sunny has a bright, bubbly, hopeful, cheerful, and optimistic personality. She was described by Peril to be like a "blaze of warm sunlight" in Escaping Peril. This made her friends underestimate her while they were in the mountain. Although sometimes inconvenient for her situation, Sunny often feels compassion for dragons with evil intentions and believes that beneath every seemingly bad dragon is always a backstory or a reason. She is a firm believer in the philosophy that everything happens for a reason, and this way of thinking is the main source of her perseverance and hope. She dislikes violence and death and tries to solve most problems peacefully, if possible. Sunny is also quite empathetic and forgiving; even though Dune and Kestrel were not necessarily kind to Sunny and her friends, she sometimes cried for them after their deaths. Sunny is extremely loyal and strives to be helpful whenever and wherever she can, regardless of who it is that needs aid. Moonwatcher described Sunny's mind to be hopeful and determined. Moon also mentioned that her thoughts matched what she said and did in Moon Rising.

Sunny's personality has developed and changed throughout the Wings of Fire series, or, perhaps, just given more of an insight in The Brightest Night than in previous books, which is probably due to the fact she wanted to prove that she could do something by herself to her friends. Throughout The Dragonet Prophecy, Sunny was content with most things in her life. She had rarely complained, and only really purposefully created conflict when she was trying to help her friends. Growing up, Sunny was frustrated that the other dragonets - besides Starflight - saw her as nothing more than a cheerful, silly little sister, and not someone to be taken seriously. She believed that she truly did have good ideas, but ones that her friends would only approve of if they came from someone other than her. Sunny is intelligent and a quick thinker, but her cheerful and optimistic nature often causes other dragons to underestimate her.

In The Brightest Night, Sunny's dislike of her unintelligent and naive stigma reacting from watching her friends talk about Starflight and Sunny via watching Fierceteeth, Preyhunter, and Strongwings using the Obsidian Mirror caused her to follow them in an attempt to stop them from selling her and her friends' location to Princess Burn. After meeting her mother, Thorn, and, later, her father, Stonemover, she resolved to be like Thorn, who fixed her problems by doing something about them, instead of like Stonemover, who gave up on a happy life years ago. She returned to the rainforest and her friends with a plan to bring Princess Blaze, Princess Blister, and Princess Burn together to end the war. Since realizing that her friends did truly believe in her, and after gaining confidence in herself by being able to stop the war, Sunny has been able to mostly escape the stigma she dislikes so much. Although still kind, hopeful, and compassionate, Sunny has allowed herself to become more firm, confident, and direct.


Pre-Series Edit

A SandWing named Dune, a former Outclaw, stole Sunny's egg from Thorn after she had buried Sunny's egg in the sand near the Scorpion Den. Thorn took this as a sign of betrayal and had been searching for him for many years, hoping to capture and kill him. Thorn even put up "wanted" signs for him during the years. However, it appears that the two SandWings were once close friends, as Thorn mentioned discussing names for her egg with him. It seems that she liked the name "Sunny", since that is what Dune named her. This could mean that Dune still respected, cared about, or was even loyal to Thorn, despite taking her egg to fulfill the Dragonet Prophecy. Although, in The Brightest Night, it is revealed that Thorn had nicknamed Sunny "Beetle" while she was in her egg, and had been continuing to call her that while searching for her.


Sunny is likely the gold dragon shown unnamed playing with the other (presumed) Dragonets of Destiny in a cave, being looked in on by Wren and Sky. Wren notes that she had never seen a dragon that color before. She's shown to breath a spurt of fire on occasion on the small hearth heating up the cave; this saddens Sky, as he can't breathe fire.  Once a large red dragon, likely Kestrel, enters the cave and roars at them, she abruptly stops playing along with the other dragonets.

Sunny is later seen by Leaf in a birdcage above the table in the feast hall of the SkyWings. He notes that she looks sad and desperate, and then quickly contradicts himself, thinking dragons don't feel emotion.

While hiding in the ruins of the old city, Ivy and Leaf see Sunny exploring the area, which is also a scene in The Brightest Night. Later, Ivy accidentally uses the dreamvisitor to visit Sunny in her dreams. Ivy is unaware this is a dream, and upon seeing Sunny's dream version of Rose, Ivy realizes that Rose is still alive. She tries to ask Sunny about it, but after realizing Sunny cannot understand her and will probably realize the location of the burned city, she breaks the connection. This is a scene also shown in The Brightest Night, which leads Sunny to come back to the ruins a few days later. When she arrives, Sunny finds Ivy and Leaf and asks them for the treasure, which they give. Ivy tries to ask about news from Rose, but Sunny perceives this as Ivy wanting a ride. After riding on Sunny, Ivy watches as Sunny sorts through the treasure and realizes she is looking for something (this is the Eye of Onyx, but neither Ivy nor Leaf knows this). After Sunny gets mad, which from her perspective in The Brightest Night is because she could not find the Eye, she took the treasure and left the ruins. Ivy hopes Sunny will return it to the SandWings so they will no longer be angry at the humans. At the end of the book, Sky, Ivy, Leaf, and Wren mention that they plan to find Sunny.

She is thought to be a whole different type of dragon than any others by Ivy.

The Dragonet ProphecyEdit

Sunny was brought as an egg to the cave where the dragonets were kept by Dune, the SandWing guardian and a member of the Talons of Peace. Dune claimed he had found her egg alone and hidden in the sand, hence the line from the Dragonet Prophecy - "And hidden alone from the rival queens, the SandWing egg awaits unseen." She is said to be the last hatched, and upon hatching, she was revealed to have neither a venomous barb on her tail nor pale, sandy, yellow scales as a normal SandWing should have or the black eyes, as her eyes are a green-gray color, which is leading to the assumption she was taken from the sand earlier than the right time, but this was proven to be false upon the revelation that Sunny is a SandWing-NightWing hybrid, with her father being Stonemover, an animus Nightwing.

While under the mountain, Sunny was first seen when the dragonets were acting out the death of Queen Oasis, with her playing the role of Queen Oasis. Clay and Tsunami decide not to tell her about their plans of escape, because they thought she was "absolutely terrible at keeping secrets." During her captivity by the guardians, Kestrel, Webs, and Dune, she was the only one that never complained about them.


Sunny biting Morrowseer's tail to defend Tsunami

Later on, Morrowseer, the deliverer of the prophecy, came to the cave to evaluate them. When he attacked Tsunami, Sunny bit him on to the end of his tail to defend her. When Tsunami was chained, Sunny tried to get Dune to free her, claiming he couldn’t be this mean. When hearing of Kestrel’s plan to murder Glory, Sunny offered to fly up to the sky hole and squeeze out, but Starflight turned down the idea, stating even she couldn’t fit through it. Eventually, Clay left to save them, and Sunny aided in freeing Tsunami by breathing fire on her chains. However, due to Clay and Tsunami's actions, they were all captured by Queen Scarlet.

During their time in the Sky Kingdom, Sunny was kept separate in a cage that was hung over the feasting hall so Ex- Queen Scarlet could show Sunny off to Princess Burn, so she could take her back to her fortress as a gift. When Peril told Clay where Sunny was, Peril claimed she was just fine and was eating like a queen. She was also making friends with all the SkyWing guards, which Peril found disgusting, unnatural, and unnerving. This really shows just how nice and optimistic Sunny can be, even in tough situations.


Clay and the others freeing Sunny

Sunny was intended as a gift to Burn, because of her hobby of collecting oddities to put in her Weirdling Tower/collection. (Burn liked to stuff mutated dragons or animals and put them on display). She was subject to Clay befriending Peril, due to her isolation, and was not present during any of the fights, only to reappear after Peril burned through the bars of her cage. She was thrown off by Tsunami and Glory's trick to get Clay to apologize for what he'd said, wondering why they would do "such a nasty, ugly thing." Sunny traveled with them towards the Mud Kingdom in the search for Clay's parents, and also left with the group to find Tsunami's mother, Queen Coral.

The Lost HeirEdit

Sunny was with the other dragonets while searching for Queen Coral. She was the first to hear wingbeats of a passing SkyWing patrol and followed Starflight into the trees. When Tsunami attacked a SkyWing soldier, fearing he'd seen Sunny just before she reached her hiding place, Sunny was upset and horrified at what the SeaWing dragonet had done, and following this, she was jumpy and nervous around her. They spent the night in a cave, and the next morning when they were headed to the Summer Palace, Sunny and Clay were the only ones blindfolded. Sunny hated it because it was wet and slimy, though she didn't complain. Sunny rode on Starflight's back in the tunnel.

At the palace, she stayed with the other dragonets, excluding Tsunami. After the cave flooded and Tsunami arrived with Auklet's egg, she asked Sunny to keep it warm, which she did though she was clearly a little nervous after Starflight pointed out the assassin who had been killing off the heirs might come after her. Sunny showed that by this time she was no longer upset with Tsunami by nodding vigorously when Clay said she should stay with them in the cave, expressing delight when Tsunami asked her to keep the egg warm, and later leaning against her the way she used to.

When they first met Blister, Sunny was frowning at her. After Tsunami revealed that Kestrel was dead, Sunny was distraught and extremely upset, but happy that at least Webs was still alive. She was also unhappy about Whirlpool's death at Tsunami's animus sister, Anemone's talons in the electric eel moat.

The Hidden Kingdom Edit

Sunny traveled with the other dragonets and Webs through the muddy swamps of the Mud Kingdom to get to the Rainforest Kingdom in hopes of both finding Glory's parents, and because the RainWings also had venom, the dragonets hoped that they might have a cure for SandWing venom because Webs had gotten slashed by Blister's tail. She was the first to disappear when the RainWings shot the dragonets with sleeping darts and was found soon after by Glory and Starflight, trapped and asleep in a net with Clay, Tsunami, and Webs. Later on, she was shown to be very fond of Silver, Glory's pet sloth, though Silver was more fond of Glory than her.

When the dragonets went to the Kingdom of Sand via the NightWing animus tunnel, Sunny seemed to be right at home. After Blaze came to meet the dragonets, she remarked that she thought Sunny would be 'prettier'; Sunny asked her how to heal a SandWing's venom, and Blaze carelessly told her about the healing cactus juice, from the brightsting cactus, which was supposed to be a SandWing secret. Once the dragonets got back to the tunnel, Sunny went to retrieve a cactus arm for Webs but had trouble breaking one-off due to her size. Glory remarked that it looked like she was "trying to tango with a cactus." Sunny did not participate in Glory's rescue from the NightWings but watched the queen competition with Tsunami.

The Dark SecretEdit

Starflight thought about his love for Sunny throughout The Dark Secret, and wanted to be reunited with her instead of stuck on the NightWing Island. His wish came true when Starflight, Flame, and Fatespeaker escaped from the NightWing Island and Sunny met Fatespeaker for the first time. Fatespeaker and Sunny were really friendly with each other, making Starflight twitch with guilt surreptitiously.

Near the end, Starflight finally told her he loved her, which surprised her. She told Starflight to kick some NightWings for her and free the captive RainWings.

When the volcano was about to erupt, Morrowseer was the last one to show up at the portal to the Rainforest Kingdom and told the dragonets that the prophecy was a fraud. Sunny at first chose not to believe him, because she believed that it truly was their destiny to stop the war. When she realized he was telling the truth, she furiously ran back through the portal, crying the whole way. Starflight thought he had never seen her so upset.

At the very end of the book, Starflight thought he felt her scales pressing against his before he was hit by a sleeping dart, though he was blinded and could not see her. However, this may have been Fatespeaker because Starflight thought he could hear her voice.

The Brightest NightEdit

Sunny ran out of the portal from Morrowseer, upset the prophecy wasn't real and that her whole life was a lie. When she emerged, she watched as Clay and Starflight had arrived, and saw that Starflight had been badly burned. When the NightWings panicked, Sunny jumped forward, trying to get through, when Preyhunter, Fierceteeth, and Strongwings grabbed her and pulled her back into the foliage of the rainforest.

They planned on using Sunny for trade so they could steal the rainforest from Queen Glory. Sunny tried to stop their plans by making herself look useless, however, this plan didn't work, due to their possession of the Obsidian Mirror. While the NightWings discussed which SandWing princess to auction Sunny off to, Sunny bit Fierceteeth on the vulnerable spot on her tail, and took off through the rainforest. Thinking she could solve the problem all by herself, Sunny followed the NightWings. When they took a rest stop, Sunny was able to steal the Obsidian Mirror and also managing to creep them out by writing with dark red mud that was thick and a blood-like color: TURN BACK. YOU FLY TOWARD YOUR DEATH. When the NightWings found the message and the mirror missing, Strongwings thought that it had been left by "the Darkstalker," making this the first time he was mentioned in the series, although Fierceteeth, being skeptical, turned this idea down. Sunny then continued to follow the NightWings to the Scorpion Den.

The NightWings take many more stops during their journey, due to their lack of good health and stamina. When they finally get to the Scorpion Den, she meets Six-Claws and Queen Thorn and discovers that Thorn is her mother. However, after a short reunion, Thorn is forced to answer a call for help, and Sunny is left with Qibli and Six-Claws. When she awakes later that night, she and Six-Claws head outside of her mother's tent, only to be stopped by Addax, who threatens to kill his hostage, Ostrich, Six-Claws' daughter, if Sunny doesn't come with him to Burn. After finding out that Addax is doing this to get his imprisoned family back, Sunny agrees to go with him in exchange for Ostrich.

While imprisoned in Burn's Stronghold, she meets Prince Smolder, Burn's brother and ally, which she described to look horribly like his other sister, Blister (the dark eyes, the black diamonds on his scales, the same narrow face) who takes her to the weirdling tower for her imprisonment, In there she meets Smolder's pet scavenger, Flower, as well as Ex-Queen Scarlet. The Outclaws later rescue Sunny by risking their own lives, and Peril helps Thorn, then releases Scarlet. Thorn demands to see a stuffed NightWing, and tells Sunny she is half NightWing. Sunny then leaves her mother to go back to the rainforest.

Along the way, a storm forces her to take refuge in the caves on Jade Mountain, where she meets her father, Stonemover and ends up telling him that she is his daughter. The next morning, Sunny returns to the rainforest and is reunited with her friends. She comes up with a plan to end the war and everyone agrees to it.

After Tsunami and Sunny send a message to Blister through the Talons of Peace, she and Clay then send a message through the MudWings in their dreams to Burn. They also get word to Blaze via the dreamvisitor Sunny receives from Holler and Fluffy, the scavengers.

While Blister and Blaze are fighting, Sunny finds the Eye of Onyx, with Flower's help, located inside of Queen Oasis' skeleton’s mouth and passes it to Thorn. Enraged, Blister snatches the Eye of Onyx from Thorn, but it shocks her to death on contact, where she bursts into a pile of black dust. Sunny pronounces Thorn queen, and the main plot comes to an end.

A month later, it is stated that Starflight has learned to fly blind with the help of Tamarin and that he and Sunny had discussed their relationship back in the rainforest. Sunny had told him that she didn't love him like Fatespeaker did, which he reluctantly accepted. Then, along with the rest of the dragonets, she discusses plans for an inter-tribal school in Jade Mountain. 

Moon Rising Edit

In Moon Rising, she seemed to be the same Sunny we knew in the first arc, as well as feeling really terrible after the fire that killed Bigtail and Carnelian at Jade Mountain Academy. She was also the first of the Dragonets of Destiny to find out about Moon's powers. She is shown to have some doubts about being a teacher wondering if "anyone would take me seriously as the boss of anything."

Winter Turning Edit

Sunny does not formally appear in Winter Turning, but she is mentioned to be dreamvisiting dragons.

Escaping Peril Edit

Sunny was part of the group that welcomed Queen Ruby when she arrived to collect Carnelian's body. She defended Peril against accusations that she had, in fact, killed the young SkyWing, not the fire. After Scarlet hurled "Glory's" decapitated head at the group, Clay had to carry Sunny down from their previous perch to a rock shelf. There, Sunny sobbed so hard she didn't notice Peril landing in front of her. When they discovered the head was fake, Sunny was overjoyed. Later that night, she is mentioned to be dreamvisiting Glory so Kinkajou could be taken back to the Rainforest Kingdom from the town of Possibility.

Talons of Power Edit

Sunny is heard having a conversation with Tsunami, which is overheard by Turtle. As Turtle listens to them, he doesn't notice them walking closer to him until the last second. When they see Turtle, they are surprised to see him back at Jade Mountain, stating that they were worried about Jade Winglet. Then Turtle warns Sunny and Tsunami that Darkstalker is coming. Sunny says something briefly about Darkstalker, talking about how Fierceteeth and Strongwings said something about Darkstalker when she was following them, trying to stop them from hurting her friends. Then she goes after Mightyclaws, so he doesn't tell the school about Darkstalker.

Later, she comes out to the landing area with Clay to protect the NightWings that attacked Darkstalker. Darkstalker then points at her and says rainbows. Darkstalker also says that Sunny is related to him because her father, Stonemover, is animus and that he is also her great- uncle. So that must mean Sunny's part Icewing , too. After some talk, Sunny goes back inside. The next day, she heads up the tunnel with a squirrel for Darkstalker. Moon tells her someone is trying to kill Stonemover and she flies to this cave with the others. She feels heartbroken at her father's near-death and starts sobbing. Then, she jumps on him to pin his talon when Darkstalker frees him from the stone. After Stonemover is re-fossilized, Sunny hugs him, not caring about the blood. She is astonished when they find out Flame was the attempted killer. She asks him why he did it, and why his reason would matter. She also says they have to tell Queen Ruby what he did and that they didn't have anywhere to lock him up for the time being. When all of the drama is over, she slips away into the tunnels.

Later she is mentioned by Darkstalker to have a dream visiting Glory about his reappearance even though he asked her not to do that.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Sunny pulls Qibli from history class to help search for Ostrich and Onyx. After realizing that they have gone missing, Sunny uncharacteristically gets depressed about the school saying it was a terrible idea all along. Sunny later uses the dreamvisitor to try to find Onyx and Ostrich. After Qibli gives her one of the earrings she realizes how Darkstalker flew off with six of the students. Sunny also hesitates about giving Qibli the weather bracelets, showing that she may not fully trust him. Sunny promises to dreamvisit with Glory, about the shipment of earrings to Moon, Kinkajou, and Glory. Towards the end of the book, Sunny is shown arguing with the IceWings, saying they should try to find a peaceful solution.

Relationships Edit

Starflight Edit

Sunny is one of the only dragonets who doesn't mind Starflight's lectures, whereas the others are usually annoyed by them. In The Dark Secret, Starflight confessed his love for Sunny, but Sunny was more surprised and unsure of the way she loved him. In The Brightest Night, Sunny thought more about Starflight's feelings towards her and dealt with confusion as to her feelings towards him. She did tell Starflight she did not know if she loved him or not and that her feelings were a mess. She occasionally had jolts of jealousy whenever Fatespeaker was too close to him, this is likely because Sunny knows Starflight likes her and is perhaps a little bit overprotective or possessive of him. She has a caring and loving personality in a friendly way. However, at the end of The Brightest Night, Sunny ultimately decides that she loves Starflight as a brother, which he reluctantly accepts. She later encourages him to pursue a relationship with Fatespeaker, which he does.

Fatespeaker Edit

Towards the end of The Dark Secret, when Starflight and Fatespeaker brought Flame to the rainforest, Sunny approached the NightWing and told her she liked the bracelet-like pattern of silver scales on her foreleg. Fatespeaker responded by saying she liked the way Sunny looked, and that all the SandWings she'd met before were 'sort of pale and dusty-looking'. They became good friends the first time they met. As quoted from Glory; "As strangely adorable as you two are, I need you to either go away and discover your twin souls somewhere else, or focus on battle planning with me." Occasionally, Sunny feels a little jealous of Fatespeaker because of her affection towards Starflight, implying Sunny might have feelings towards him or is just a little overprotective or possessive of him due to Starflight having a crush on her. Sunny gets the vibe that Fatespeaker wants Starflight for herself as more than just a friend. At the end of The Brightest Night, Sunny decides she loves Starflight as a brother and encourages him to pursue Fatespeaker.

Clay Edit

Sunny has been shown to care about Clay, confiding in him often and relying on him to fix problems she can't solve on her own. Being the smallest of the group, Sunny often climbs up Clay's back to get a better view of things. Starflight claims that Sunny trusts Clay the most; however, given a choice, most of the dragonets would choose Clay over themselves in difficult situations. Sunny said at the end of The Brightest Night that she didn't think anyone deserved Clay.

Princess Tsunami Edit

Sunny is often annoyed that Tsunami thinks of her as just as a silly, naive younger sister. However, she knows that Tsunami cares about her, and looks up to her as a sister figure. Tsunami says that Sunny is like a little sister to the dragonets. In The Brightest Night, Sunny was angry with Tsunami because she thought the SeaWing didn't care that she was gone. However, Tsunami showed lots of affection when Sunny came back. Tsunami said she would go through a whole army of SkyWings for her and the dragonets, showing that she cares for every one of them, including Sunny. Sunny and Tsunami are distantly related, due to them both having royal IceWing blood.

Glory Edit

Like Tsunami, Glory mostly thinks of Sunny as a naive younger sister. However, Glory was very concerned about Sunny when she left the Rainforest Kingdom and seemed very determined to have her back. She also showed affection to Sunny (which Sunny states is very rare) when she got back from being kidnapped. Stated in The Hidden Kingdom Glory wanted to hide her instead of Webs, this may be due to the fact she despises Webs and wants to protect Sunny.

Queen Thorn Edit

Sunny seemed very attached to her mother Thorn when they met. Thorn also thinks a lot of Sunny and tries to protect her from being injured. Thorn also saves her when she was kept captive in Burn's stronghold. Sunny thought she would be a worthy queen shown when she gave her the Eye of Onyx. Sunny thinks she is the only dragonet of destiny lucky enough to know both of her parents. She keeps drawings of Thorn pinned up in her office/bedroom in Jade Mountain Academy.

Stonemover Edit

Stonemover, Sunny's father, lives under Jade Mountain and is an animus dragon. Sunny possibly might be upset about having him as a father due to her difference from a normal SandWing, though this hasn't been mentioned. When Thorn first told Sunny her father was a NightWing, she was disappointed and horrified because the other NightWings were malicious and cruel. She finds his pessimistic attitude annoying and thinks he sighs too much. But Sunny still deeply cares for her father as shown in Talons of Power when Flame attempts to murder Stonemover, (for lying about how he can't fix Flame's scar on his snout) and Sunny is shown sobbing.

Quotes Edit

"Um, right. Here I go, la la la, Queen Oasis of the SandWings. I'm so very important and, uh - royal - and stuff. I've been queen for ages and ages. No one dares challenge me for my throne! I am the strongest SandWing queen who ever lived! [...] It's probably because of all my treasure! I have so much treasure because I'm such an important queen!" Sunny acting as Queen Oasis The Dragonet Prophecy, pages 18-19

"Tsunami wants to believe Morrowseer. She's never wanted to fulfill the prophecy. She doesn't understand how important it is. Clay would be just as happy if nobody ever noticed how wonderful he is. Then he could sleep and eat and take care of us instead of fighting. Starflight would love to stop worrying about the prophecy. And Glory has enough to do here, now that she's queen. None of them will fight for our destiny. They certainly won't listen to me if I try to explain that Morrowseer must have been lying. They'll give me that look I always get, the one that says: 'Oh, silly little Sunny and her crazy dreams, isn't she cute and harmless." - Sunny The Brightest Night, pages 3-4

"As if acting happy means I don't really care about anything. As if I just need to be distracted and I'll forget about the whole point of our existence and all the dragons who are counting on us. As if my brain were the size of a blueberry, three MOONS." —Sunny' The Brightest Night, 'page 19

"Clay's heart, Tsunami's courage, Glory's determination, Starflight's loyalty. I think the wings of fire are inside all of us, inside every dragon."

"QIBLI! A gigantic all-powerful possibly evil dragon just rose out of the ground and flew away with six of my students. SIX OF MY STUDENTS." - To Qibli

"EVEN Sunny? What's that supposed to mean? I'm brave! I'm brave all the time!" - In The Hidden Kingdom

"We're dragons, not caterpillars. We can do things differently if we choose to."

"That's a big secret to have kept for so long." - Responding to Moon confessing her telepathic powers to her

"Six-Claws. I said to make the trade. My mother will understand." - To Six-Claws when Addax wanted to take her to Burn in exchange for Ostrich.

"Frog-faced blobs of camel spit?" - To Tsunami, offering an insult to call the other dragonets.

"Are you being Glory now? Queen of sarcasm?" -To Tsunami

"I know, it's alright, though; I don't mind. It's just the way I hatched." - Her confessing to Thorn.

"I think it's brilliant. I think you're brilliant. I think it's the best idea in the world." - To Starflight in The Dark Secret

"There was more to his story. There's more to everyone's story if you bother to find out what it is." - Her speculating on her kidnapper, Addax.

"That's not true. You can be whatever you want to be. I mean, I could say, well, I have no barb on my tail, I guess I'm just harmless and useless and should sit in the corner covering my head whenever there's a fight. But I don't want to be useless and I'm not going to do that, not if dragons I care about are in danger. Um, speaking of which... I could really use your help right now." - To Peril

"I'm sorry I wasn't here to take care of you." - To Starflight

"Your parents were feeling very creative." - To Six-Claws, sarcastically, about his name.

"It looks like Princess Anemone hasn't quite gotten used to living without servants yet." - To Qibli

"Dune said we should go study for an hour before bed." - To Clay in The Dragonet Prophecy

"This is a suicide mission. Suicide or genocide, those are your two outcomes. Clay, we can't let this happen." - To Clay about the planned attack on the IceWings.

"It's not optimism, it's faith. There's a reason we're here. What we do today is part of it, but there's more, too, and we have to survive to make it all happen." - To Starflight, before they rescue the RainWings from the NightWings.

"I'm just a weird-looking SandWing with a useless tail." - To Fierceteeth

"This is your fate - to accept your new queen." - To Blister

"Don't let her make you hate yourself. I can't promise you anything about Clay, but I think - I mean, if I know him at all, I can tell you the way to his heart is by helping his friends." - To Peril

Family Tree Edit

Queen Thorn
Princess Sunny


  • Like most SandWings, Sunny is a light eater and has a sharpened sense of hearing and hates swimming; she also has a sharpened sense of smell, as most NightWings do.
  • Sunny sometimes uses a fighting technique similar to acupressure, in which she stabs her harmless tail onto an opponent's spine. The technique has been described as feeling wrong and chilling and causes Sunny's enemies to stiffen immediately.
  • She is the only Dragonet of Destiny that does not have any biological siblings.
  • Thorn's pet name for her, while she was still in the egg, was Beetle, and she is one of the only known dragons to have a nickname. The others are Moonwatcher (Moon), Admiral (Ad), Snowfox (Fox), and Magnificent (Maggie).
  • Sunny was named after Sunshine, Tui T. Sutherland's dog.
  • Sunny is one of three known hybrids alive during the current arc's timeline, and one of eleven named hybrids in total, the others being Commodore, Darkstalker, Whiteout, Firefly, Jewel, Orange, Peacemaker, Tortoiseshell, and Typhoon.
  • She was technically queen of the SandWings for a short time, as she was able to hold the Eye of Onyx in The Brightest Night without being killed by it. This meant that she would have been a worthy SandWing queen, according to the Eye of Onyx.
  • Out of all the Wings of Fire characters, Tui considers Sunny to be the most like herself.
  • In an interview, Tui confirmed that there is a dragon she has previously introduced who would be perfect for Sunny; however, she said it was a matter of getting them both in the same place. However, Tui did not confirm who this dragon was.[9]
  • According to Clay in The Dragonet Prophecy, Sunny is fun to fight because “Her small size made it easy for her to dodge and slip under his defenses.”
  • Sunny is the third royal protagonist to lead a book, the first being Princess Tsunami, the second being Queen Glory, the fourth being Ex-Prince Winter, the fifth being Prince Turtle, and finally the sixth being Queen Snowfall.
  • Due to the timeline of Dragonslayer overlapping with the timeline of The Brightest Night, it is likely that Sunny will appear again due to her meeting with Fluffy and Holler (Leaf and Ivy).
  • Sunny was the first hybrid dragon introduced in the series, due to her being a NightWing-SandWing hybrid.
  • Sunny in the Graphic Novel has the head of a SandWing, but in the cover of The Brightest Night she has the head of a NightWing.



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