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"The last time I saw Ostrich was yesterday before lunch. She and Arid and I took some instruments to one of the upper caves to play with the sound of rain in the background. We invited Onyx, but she doesn't really like music."
— Pronghorn to Qibli about Ostrich, Darkness of Dragons

Pronghorn is a male SandWing dragonet who was introduced in Moon Rising. He is currently attending Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Copper Winglet.


Qibli is fond of Pronghorn's energy, and in the process of choosing SandWing dragonets to attend Jade Mountain Academy, Pronghorn sent Thorn eight letters begging to be included, expressing his curiosity about the other tribes, and listing all of the things he was excited to learn about. He appears to be thoughtful.[1]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

Pronghorn appeared along with Arid and Ostrich when Moonwatcher and Qibli came to talk to Onyx about the fire that happened in the history cave earlier. When Moon read his mind, it was shown that he supported Blaze during the War of SandWing Succession, but is glad that Thorn is now the queen.

Darkness of Dragons

Qibli and Sunny ask him for the last time he saw Ostrich, and he answers that the last time he saw her was when they were playing instruments in the music cave to the sound of the rain. He comments that Onyx did not enjoy their music. When Tamarin mentions that Onyx did not return to her cave, Pronghorn asks if they could have left together, then quickly asks if Onyx could have kidnapped Ostrich.



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