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Colored map of Pyrrhia, by Mike Schley

Pyrrhia, also known as the Distant Kingdoms by the dragons of Pantala, is the sole setting of the Wings of Fire series during the first ten books, as well as the main setting of the Legends and Winglets books. Pyrrhia is a large continent with highly varied geographical regions, listed as the Ice Kingdom, the Kingdom of Sand, the Sky Kingdom, the Mud Kingdom, the Rainforest Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Sea, and the Night Kingdom. There is also the Old Night Kingdom, also known as the lost city of night, located on a peninsula southwest of the Kingdom of Sand. During the time of Darkstalker, this peninsula used to be larger, forming the "claw" of Pyrrhia. The scavengers who inhabit Pyrrhia live in human settlements.


A large mountain range runs roughly down the center of the entire continent named the Claws of the Clouds Mountains. This is part of the SkyWings' territory and separates the eastern and western halves of Pyrrhia, and is presumably also responsible for the drastic weather differences on the continent. The largest mountain in the range used to be Agate Mountain; now it is Jade Mountain.

The Ice Kingdom is dominated by the tundra's ice lands, snow shelves, and glaciers. Due to the sub-zero temperatures, no dragons other than IceWings can live there, unless visitors wear the gift of diplomacy, an IceWing gift that allows the wearer perfect body temperature.

The Kingdom of Sand is made of rolling dunes and cacti. The heat and lack of humidity are almost unbearable to dragons other than SandWings, except RainWings, who enjoy the sunlight.

The Mud Kingdom is populated with swamplands, reeds, and tends to be very humid. Along the Mud Kingdoms' northern border is the Diamond Spray River, which meets up with the ocean at the Diamond Spray Delta.

The Rainforest Kingdom is comprised of an endless tangle of vines and trees. Every tribe other than the RainWings and NightWings find the jungle plants and insects annoying and difficult to navigate through.

At the extreme east of the continent where chains of islands form the dragon's tail is the Kingdom of the Sea, also known as the Bay of a Thousand Scales.

Pyrrhia appears to be placed in two hemispheres, as rainforests form solely near the equator of a planet where the climate is warm and humid, with the Ice Kingdom and the northern Sky Kingdom being in the colder northern hemisphere.

There are three rivers with known names: the Diamond Spray River, the Great Five-Tail River, and the Winding Tail River.

Two thousand years ago, the old Night Kingdom existed on the Talon Peninsula. The final queen, Queen Vigilance, abandoned it due to urging from Clearsight and Listener. Over time, it became significantly smaller due to Darkstalker's magic.[event 1]

Notable Features


Ice Kingdom

Kingdom of Sand

Kingdom of the Sea

Lost city of night

Mud Kingdom

NightWing island

Rainforest Kingdom

Sky Kingdom


Agate Mountain

Claws of the Clouds Mountains

Darkstalker's Teeth

Diamond Spray Delta

Diamond Spray River

Great Five-Tail River

Jade Mountain

Winding Tail River

Dragon settlements



Human settlements

Indestructible City

Ruins of Valor

The ruins of Valor, also known as the scavenger ruins to dragons, are the remains of the old village of Valor, found on the border of the Kingdom of Sand and Jade Mountain.

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor is supposedly a generic scavenger den, and was destroyed by Blister.

Scavenger Temple

The scavenger temple is a hidden temple with two missing walls located in the forest near Valor.





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  • Pyrrhia has several animal rights movements,[1] including:
    • The Camels' Rights Movement
    • Iguanas are Dragons, Too
    • Save the Scavengers
    • World Walrus Fund
  • NightWings have calculated that Pyrrhia covers a third of the world.[2]
  • Scavengers refer to the continent as Pyrrhia the same way dragons do.[3]
  • Although Pyrrhians mostly use scrolls, books do exist on the continent and are an available form of reading.[4]



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