"I mean, how am I supposed to trust you, Fathom? Whenever I look at you, I see everything he did. Won't you always be tempted to use your magic? What would stop you? What could ever stop you?"
—Queen Pearl to Fathom, Darkstalker
(Not to be confused with Pearl, the current SeaWing royal treasurer and a member of Queen Coral's Council.)

Queen Pearl was a young female SeaWing who was introduced in Darkstalker. She ascended the throne at the age of five after the Royal SeaWing Massacre, as the last remaining heir to the throne.


In Darkstalker, Pearl was described as "glittering with coils of gemstones, long twisted ropes of pearls and opals and sapphires circling her torso and ankles".


Pearl was shown to be intelligent, as she helped Indigo put on a pearl necklace correctly and played dead during the massacre.

After the massacre, she was wary of animus magic and cautious. She wanted the best for her kingdom's safety as well as Indigo, and prohibited Fathom from using his magic. Pearl believed that isolating Fathom would end the animus bloodline, but she also carried the gene. This showed that she may be narrow-minded despite her attempts to keep others safe.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

She is mentioned in the book when Moon is reading a scroll titled The Animus Histories, which explains that Pearl was Fathom's sister, the granddaughter of Albatross, and one of the few dragons who survived the massacre. It says that Pearl became queen peacefully and ruled for many years.



Pearl was the sister of Fathom and one of the dragonets chosen for animus testing, which later became the Talons of Power Ceremony. She tried to shush Indigo multiple times as they waited and was the one to point out that it was Fathom's coconut that had hit Albatross in the chest.

During The Royal SeaWing Massacre, she used the glass from the shattered aquariums to cut herself, covering herself in the blood to play dead. After Albatross was killed, she emerged from her hiding place and claimed her new role as queen of the SeaWings. Her first decree was to outlaw animus magic throughout the Kingdom. Fathom made a blood oath to her, promising never to use his magic again as long as he lived and never have dragonets, which she told him meant he had to stay away from Indigo, whom he was in love with. She then appointed Indigo to be the head of her personal guard.

About a year later Current, another survivor of the massacre, returned from being held as a "guest" of the queen of the NightWings. He reported that the NightWings had an animus and that he was using his powers. To avoid a similar tragedy from occurring in the Night Kingdom, Pearl sent Fathom (with Indigo, Wharf, and Lionfish as his guards) to the Night Kingdom, and assigned Fathom to train Darkstalker and to warn him of the price of using his magic.

It is unknown what happened to her after the events of Darkstalker (Legends). It is possible that one of Fathom's dragonets challenged her, as the current line of SeaWings is descended from Fathom.


Prince Fathom

After the massacre, Pearl's relationship with her brother was strained, as she feared that Fathom would go insane very much like Albatross, and did not trust him. Her love towards her brother was still there, however, as she accepted his oath and spared him from death.


Pearl considers Indigo a friend and wants her to have a happy life. She planned for Indigo to stay away from Fathom despite the prince's wishes.

Princess Manta

Fathom mentioned that there was a weird vibe between his sister and their mother. He suspects that Pearl could legally challenge their mother if she ascended the throne.

Family Tree

Prince Albatross
Princess Sapphire
Queen Lagoon
King Humpback
Prince Eel
Princess Manta
Prince Reef
Princess Splash
Prince Scallop
Prince Current
Queen Pearl
Prince Fathom


"You two are HOPELESS. Have you never seen a dragon wear pearls before? They can't hang this way or they'll make it impossible to swim, and besides, everyone knows a double wind around the neck is most flattering. You have to tighten the slack here and drape it like this..."
— fixing Indigo's pearl necklace for the party (Darkstalker)

"You can thank me by distracting Great-Uncle Humpback if he tries to corner me again with stories about the grand old days. 'You know, when I was a young whippersnapper, we had scavenger sashimi every afternoon. But where have they all gone, can you tell me that, eh? They can't have gotten smarter! Someone's been interfering with my scavenger supply! Some toothy little blowfishes, I'll show them."
— imitating King Humpback (Darkstalker)

"There was always a weird vibe between Pearl and Manta, which Fathom couldn't entirely figure out. Indigo said it was because the only way Pearl could become queen was if Manta first challenged Lagoon and won, and then Pearl would have to challenge her own mother."
— Fathom and Indigo's thoughts on the relationship between Pearl and her mother (Darkstalker)

"Besides, it's not fair to her. She's my friend, too, and I want her to have a happy life. Don't you? Think about it. What could she ever have with you? No dragonets, no future, nothing but constant danger. Do you want that for her? [...] I'll make her part of my honor guard, promote her up the ranks quickly. In a few years, I'll find a minor noble she can have a family with. She'll have a safe, normal life."
— to Fathom about Indigo (Darkstalker)

"Queen Vigilance is, naturally, worried about whether her animus might go all homicidally crazy, too."
— to Fathom, about Queen Vigilance's worries about Darkstalker (Darkstalker)

"That story is nonsense. Who would want an animus?"
— to Indigo's question on whether the NightWings might try to steal Fathom (Darkstalker)


  • She is one of three queens known to ascend to the throne before the age of ten, with the others being Queen Glory and Queen Snowfall.
  • In the epilogue of Winter Turning, Darkstalker claims that Anemone is Fathom's great great great great great granddaughter, despite the fact Anemone is in the royal family, and Fathom and Indigo were isolated from any ties to SeaWing royalty during the epilogue of Darkstalker.
    • This implies that something may have happened to Pearl, causing Fathom and Indigo's descendants to rejoin the royal family.


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