"Are you planning to throw a scavenger at Mother? Because I'm sure she'd appreciate a snack before she kills you."
—To Tourmaline about challenging Scarlet for the SkyWing throne in the prologue of Escaping Peril.

Queen Ruby is a female SkyWing with dark red scales, the current ruler of the SkyWings and the only living daughter of Ex-Queen Scarlet's 7 daughters. Ruby (and Tourmaline) are the only daughters of Scarlet that have been named, Ruby was said to be the "younger sister" by five years. In Escaping Peril, Ruby is revealed to actually be an animus-touched mask created by Chameleon, and is actually Princess Tourmaline. Scarlet turned Tourmaline into Ruby using Darkstalker's Talisman, which was in the possession of Chameleon, most likely because Scarlet was afraid that Tourmaline would try to overthrow her. While under the enchantment, Ruby was supposed to be unable to challenge Scarlet. However, Ruby did challenge her mother at the end of Escaping Peril. Ruby hated Peril throughout most of the book as she thought that Peril was responsible for Tourmaline's disappearance. However, at the end of Escaping Peril, she made amends and forgave Peril, granting her rights to live in the Sky Kingdom again.

Appearance Edit

Ruby has deep red scales and wings[2], a diamond-shaped head[3], and an unusually long neck and tail, often remarked on by other dragons. She has small rubies glittering from between the scales around her eyes and wears silver rings with larger rubies on them around her claws. She also owns an animus-enchanted earring, given to her by Chameleon, that turns her into Ruby.


The Lost HeirEdit

When Queen Scarlet, Ruby's mother, vanished in the confusion of Queen Glory's venom attack in the arena during the dragonets' escape, Ruby stepped up and ascended the SkyWing throne during that time. However, Scarlet never returned, so Ruby kept the throne. Many SkyWings split over her ascension, as a great deal of them believed Scarlet was still alive. Another group believed she was dead, as seen in The Lost Heir when two injured SeaWings said they heard shouts "For Ruby!" and "The queen is not dead! Long live the queen!" The Sky Kingdom was split between the sudden uprising and loyalty to Scarlet.

The Hidden KingdomEdit

Scarlet dreamvisited Glory and it was revealed that her daughter, Queen Ruby, had become the new SkyWing queen. Scarlet complained a great deal about this particular subject, saying that Ruby could never beat her in a proper duel, because of the enchantment she put on her.

The Dark SecretEdit

In the epilogue, Burn voiced her anger at Ruby to her brother, Ex-Prince Smolder, saying that Ruby wants to 'restore order in the Sky Kingdom' and 'establish the stability of her own throne' before engaging in any more battles. She also claims that Ruby is more difficult than her annoying mother, and she follows orders very poorly, if at all, which seems to annoy Burn a lot, most likely because she needs the SkyWing's numbers and strength to win the war and become the SandWing queen.  

The Brightest NightEdit

Queen Ruby did not make an appearance, but Peril mentions that the new queen had banished her from the kingdom because she was seen as a threat to her subjects. Peril freed Scarlet who later came back to challenge Ruby for the throne.

Moon RisingEdit

Though she did not make a physical appearance, one of the SkyWing students, Carnelian, frequently thinks about Ruby, who "forced" her to go to Jade Mountain Academy. She is angry with her, but also shows fierce loyalty, stating that she would kill the former Queen Scarlet herself to defend Ruby and her throne. At one point, much to Carnelian's despair, Ruby sends her a letter denying her requests to leave the school. Carnelian makes it clear she would rather be training in Ruby's army than sitting in school.

Winter Turning Edit

In the prologue, when Prince Hailstorm and Prince Winter go hunting for scavenger dens, they are encountered by a large group of SkyWings being led by one of Queen Scarlet's daughters, most likely Ruby. Later, Pyrite (aka Prince Hailstorm) explained that she joined the Talons of Peace because Queen Ruby was forcing SkyWings to swear allegiance to her. Since her enchantment forced her to be loyal to Scarlet she could not bow, causing her to leave the Sky Kingdom.

Escaping Peril Edit

In the prologue, Ruby is seen with her sister, talking about overthrowing Scarlet. Then, Tourmaline disappears, and Ruby is called to the throne room by Scarlet. While she is there, Peril burns 6 eggs (though there was a seventh that appears to have gone missing) supposed to hatch on the Brightest Night, and Scarlet makes Peril her champion, although Ruby didn't agree. Peril seemed to have no idea that what she was doing was killing dragonets. Ruby also begins to suspect Peril of killing her sister and seems to strongly dislike Peril.

The story begins with Peril waiting for Queen Ruby to retrieve the body of Carnelian. Queen Ruby shows her hate for Peril and Scarlet while talking to Clay, Sunny, and Tsunami. Worried about how Ruby would react to Peril, Clay had Peril stay hidden in a cave. Scarlet arrived throwing a severed head of what appears to have belonged to Glory but was later revealed to be an animus-touched MudWing. Ruby's guards defend the mountain as Ruby, Princess Tsunami, and more guards quickly pursue Scarlet to no avail. Ruby and the others remain discussing what to do with the MudWing head and if Scarlet has an animus helper. It is decided that Ruby will go to Queen Moorhen to give the MudWing head back and to try to find clues about where Scarlet is hiding.

Queen Ruby was warned ahead of time that her mother came back to the Sky Palace and she left the Mud Kingdom right away. At sunrise, she arrived at the palace. Seeing that her son, Prince Cliff, was being held hostage by Scarlet,  she agreed to let the guards lock her up. She knew this might happen, as she already had a special cell that was designed so she could escape. Scarlet and Ruby had the battle to determine the queen once and for all. While they were fighting, Peril realized that Ruby had an animus touched earring that made her weak and quickly destroyed it. Ruby turned into Tourmaline and was able to defeat Scarlet. Tourmaline wanted to turn back into Ruby because Cliff wanted his mother back. She told Chameleon to turn her back into Ruby, with all her memories and the knowledge intact. After turning into Ruby again, she hosts a party to celebrate. Peril was also pardoned, and therefore Ruby now allows her to go wherever she wants in the Sky Kingdom and even offered for her to live in the Sky Palace too.

Family Tree Edit

Queen Carmine
Princess Sunset
Several Generations
Ex-Queen Scarlet
Three Unnamed Sisters (Deceased)
Prince Vermilion
Queen Ruby (Tourmaline)
Eleven Unnamed Daughters
Two Unnamed Sons
Prince Cliff

Quotes Edit

"I never want to see you again." - To Peril

"Are you planning to throw a scavenger at Mother?" - To Tourmaline in the prologue of Escaping Peril

"Listen. You were only a dragonet... not much older than Cliff... and Scarlet was the only parent you ever had. Or friend, or anything. None of us tried to see you as a real dragon. I saw a weapon, and that was it. But now... I think about what would happen to Cliff if he'd been born with firescales, or if my mother had gotten her claws into him. I think a lot about how he'll turn out with me as his mother. So I don't blame you anymore." - To Peril

"She has been queen forever." - To Tourmaline in the prologue of Escaping Peril 



Ruby used to hate Peril because she thought that she killed her sister, Tourmaline. Her first act as queen was to forbid Peril from ever entering the Sky Kingdom again. But after the events of Escaping Peril, she became much kinder toward Peril and invited her to come live in the Sky Palace if she wanted to.

Princess BurnEdit

When Scarlet disappeared, Ruby refused to help Burn become queen, because she wanted first to "stabilize" her throne.

Prince CliffEdit

Ruby cares a lot about her son, Cliff. Cliff supposedly gave Ruby a "spark" that encouraged her to become queen and stand up to Scarlet, Cliff's Grandma.


  • A ruby is a precious gem usually found in riverbeds. They are usually red colored which explains Ruby's name (her scales are mostly red).
  • Ruby was a SkyWing general before she became queen.
  • Ruby had an older sister named Tourmaline, however, later it was revealed that she was Tourmaline herself.
  • Tui also said she was not like her mother since she was enchanted to be more obedient and kind.
  • Ruby has at least four older brothers, only two of which have been named. Those two are Vermilion and Hawk.
  • She was originally placed under an enchantment to not be able to challenge Scarlet, but after so long of being under the affects, she changed like a normal dragon would and became more herself.
  • Ruby turned her mother's gladiator arena into a hospital using part of the gold in the walls of the SkyWing throne room to fund it.
  • Ruby is constantly described to have a long neck and tail; especially by the dragon who she and Tourmaline called Kidney Breath (possibly Osprey).
  • After the events of Escaping Peril in which she found out that she was really Tourmaline, she made Chameleon write an enchantment using Darkstalker's scroll to make her look like Ruby again.


References Edit

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