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"And guess what one of them saw? [...] DRAGONS! Hundreds of dragons! Coming this way! Across the ocean! I don't know from where! But they're coming for my kingdom and I won't let them! Build me more Ice Cliff RIGHT NOW!"
—Queen Snowfall to Jerboa II, The Poison Jungle

Queen Snowfall is a female IceWing dragonet, she was introduced in Winter Turning, later appearing in Darkness of Dragons. After Queen Glacier's death from a plague spell cast by Darkstalker, Snowfall became the new ruler of the IceWings, residing in the IceWing palace. Like her mother, Glacier, she meets with Jerboa II, an ancient SandWing animus. She will be the main protagonist of The Dangerous Gift.[1][2]


She has been described to have silvery-white scales, deep-blue eyes and tongue, and sharp white claws. She has a heavy metal crown, with diamonds and metallic spikes that look like icicles. She's rather frustrated about it being too large for her.


In Winter Turning, Snowfall was noted by Winter to be sarcastic, condescending, and smug. She becomes jealous of anyone else placed higher than her in the IceWing rankings, and was expressed to be "abundantly blessed with mean smugness," by Winter. In Darkness of Dragons, she was furious when her mother died and swore vengeance on the NightWings. This could mean that Snowfall had a good, even loving relationship with Glacier, or that she was just enraged that the NightWings had unexpectedly dealt a heavy blow to her tribe.

As a result of the plague Darkstalker sent, which killed Queen Glacier and hence started her reign, she is described by Jerboa to be paranoid and perpetually anxious, and thus hard to deal with. Due to becoming queen at such a young age, it appears that Snowfall seems to be stressed. This can be supported when Tui confirmed that Snowfall is scared but very reactive and aggressive. She has also confirmed that the young queen is highly anxious and wishes the IceWings were as isolated as possible.

When one of her scouts saw the LeafWings and the other dragons coming from Pantala, she was furious that the Great Ice Wall didn't go around the entire Ice Kingdom. Because of this, Snowfall is quite likely to be worried her tribe is being ambushed by random dragons coming from the other side of the dragon world. She is eager to bring back the "stolen" Animus Dragons to her tribe, when it was lost to NightWings, two thousand years ago.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Winter Turning
When Winter scans the rankings of the IceWings in the First Circle, he notices that Snowfall has moved to the top position on the dragonet side in front of Lynx, who was in second place. When Winter is moved to take her spot, she shoots him a nasty glare that says that she hates someone else being in first place. When the IceWing dragonets are dismissed, Snowfall stays to congratulate him sarcastically and to stare at the rankings, along with Hailstorm, "as if she could reshape them with the sheer force of her eyeballs," clearly meaning that she was upset about the new rankings.
Darkness of Dragons
When Darkstalker enchanted a scroll to tell the news of the IceWings, it was revealed that Queen Glacier is dead, Snowfall had become the new queen, and that she had brought the entire IceWing army to Jade Mountain to fight the newly super-powered NightWings.

Snowfall, Hailstorm, and Narwhal are shown demanding the Jade Mountain staff to tell them where Darkstalker is, which they didn't know. Winter shows up, and she is shocked, looking at Hailstorm as if expecting him to disappear, then demanding to know how Winter is alive. Winter exclaims that it's not important and begins helping his friends attempt to convince her not to fight the NightWings. Before she can consider, NightWing scouts with gifts of speed appear and begin attacking, throwing the discussion away and officially beginning the battle. Narwhal is killed while blocking the NightWings from her, but Snowfall keeps relatively calm throughout the battle and launches frostbreath attacks of her own. She was later teleported back to the Ice Kingdom along with the other IceWings, due to Anemone's spell.

In the epilogue, it is mentioned that Snowfall wanted to close the borders and isolate the Ice Kingdom but reconsiders this after she receives large amounts of letters from her tribe requesting to attend Jade Mountain Academy. This change in heart is not vey willing though, as evidenced in book 14.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle
In the epilogue, Snowfall and Jerboa II have a meeting outside of Great Ice Cliff. Queen Snowfall's scouts have spotted hundreds of dragons on their way to Pyrrhia. These are likely the LeafWings, some SilkWings, the two HiveWings, Cricket and Bumblebee, Turtle and Tsunami. She demands that Jerboa II extends the Great Ice Cliff to prevent the "invaders" from taking her kingdom, as she became very paranoid after the plague that killed Queen Glacier and at least twenty-three of her tribemates. Jerboa II tells her that animus magic isn't currently working for anyone on the continent. Snowfall becomes enraged and storms off, concluding the epilogue.
The Dangerous Gift
After the plague that Darkstalker sent to the IceWings, she was furious about the event and never wanted to see any other dragon tribes again. She mostly didn't care what other queens had to say and would have isolated the tribe, but the empathy spell convinced too many of her subjects to try to reach out to other tribes. More information flying in soon...



She doesn't seem to like her cousin or care that he was fighting his brother. She was also very angry when he was placed ahead of her.


Tui T. Sutherland has confirmed that in The Dangerous Gift, Lynx will help Snowfall with her anger issues.

Queen Glacier

In the books, she is never shown to have any affection towards her mother, but as shown in the epilogue of The Poison Jungle, whenever Jerboa II mentioned her late mother's name, her wings gave a little tremor.

Jerboa II

She saw Jerboa II as a way of making her tribe safer from the other dragon tribes. This is likely due to her fear of what Darkstalker did to her mother and other IceWings in the past. However, it is likely that Snowfall only tolerated Jerboa II because of her animus magic, because when the SandWing proved that she could no longer enchant things Snowfall called her 'useless'.

Family Tree

Queen Glacier
Prince Narwhal
Queen Snowfall
Prince Hailstorm
Prince Winter
Princess Icicle


"Oh, how funny, I wouldn't have thought you'd want him to, [...] Have you forgotten that the Diamond Trial must also be undertaken by a defending challenger? That's whoever is currently in first place, of course. But only one dragon can survive the Trial. Dear me, that means it'll be brother against brother, won't it? Tsk, tsk. What a conundrum for poor Hailstorm."
— to Winter when he says Hailstorm should try the Diamond Trial (Winter Turning, page 263)

"Maybe not, but they might be interested in killing all of us! [...] I can think of a very big scary awful dragon who was pretty recently interested in that exact thing! [...] So I want you to expand the Great Ice Cliff for me, [...] I want it to go all the way around, along the entire border of the kingdom. [...] Something has happened. But you can't go tell Queen Thorn."
— to Jerboa II (The Poison Jungle, epilogue)

"And guess what one of them saw? [...] DRAGONS! Hundreds of dragons! Coming this way! Across the ocean! I don't know from where! But they're coming for my kingdom and I won't let them! Build me more Ice Cliff RIGHT NOW!"
— to Jerboa II (The Poison Jungle, epilogue)

"How is that possible? [...] Why is this happening NOW, just when I found you?! I NEED THAT MAGIC!"
— to Jerboa II, on the subject of animus magic not working (The Poison Jungle, epilogue)

"If you can't do magic, [...] then what good are you? You're completely useless!"
— to Jerboa II (The Poison Jungle, epilogue)


  • Snowfall is Queen Glacier's only named daughter.
  • She has at least one unnamed sister who may try for the throne.
  • She is currently the youngest queen in Pyrrhia. In Winter Turning, she is six, and according to Tui, still is.
  • She is the fourth known queen to ascend to the throne without killing the previous queen.
  • She is also the third known dragon to become the queen of their tribe at a young age.
  • She is one of the only main POVs that are sitting queens. She is also the only protagonist to be a queen at the beginning of the book.





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