Queen Snowfall's Palace is located on the far northern edge of the northern peninsula of Pyrrhia, known as the Ice Kingdom. As the name suggests, Queen Snowfall resides here and carries out orders to the tribe from inside. It is located at the "head" of the continent, as stated in Winter Turning.


Being part of the Ice Kingdom, it is confirmed to be constructed entirely of animus-touched ice, which does not shatter or melt. It is so far north that any dragon other than an IceWing would quickly freeze to death; therefore the IceWing queen does not have to worry about intruders from the other dragon tribes, even if they did get past the Great Ice Wall (an animus-touched wall that impales any dragon from another tribe that flies over it with ice shards. Visitors can cross it with three animus touched bracelets -- the gift of diplomacy). It is said by Glory that Queen Glacier has a dungeon in her palace, yet this has not yet been confirmed and/or proven. Glory also stated that if she and the other dragonets were captured and trapped inside, they would be dead by the end of the day from sheer cold. The palace itself is an animus gift from long ago, the Gift of Splendor before the IceWings lost their supposed last animus, Prince Arctic. It was created by two animus IceWing twins of unknown names. The walls inside mimic the weather outside due to the Gift of Elegance. Blaze (and Foeslayer and the other NightWings diplomats in Darkstalker (Legends)) had been to the Palace before, but she had to have a heavy camel-fur coat on for the whole time.

Tui states that the palace on the cover of Winter Turning is not Queen Snowfall's Palace, it is one of the smaller ones in the Ice Kingdom. It appears to be created out of tall, pointed spires of ice. The front gates are carved into the shape of giant dragon wings and studded with crystals. The walls of the palace are animus-touched, and will never melt, crack, or be harmed by any attack. They are translucent to the point where the stars can be seen through them. Small, glowing, glass snowflakes encased inside of the walls drift downward, matching the weather outside, the Gift of Elegance. Its towers and spires soar miles into the air. The vast entrance hall spirals down to a three-arched opening that leads to the central courtyard, and in this courtyard lies the Moon Globe Tree and the wall of rankings (the Gifts of Light and of Order) which are two of the most important animus gifts in the Ice Kingdom. The Moon Globe Tree was carved and enchanted by Frostbite, but the creator of the Gift of Order is currently unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • It used to be called Queen Glacier's Palace when Queen Glacier was the queen.
  • In Darkstalker (Legends), it was called Queen Diamond's Palace.
  • In Winter Turning, Winter mentions that one of the collapsed towers on the NightWing island looked eerily similar to the flight towers in the palace.
  • The highest ranked IceWings live here.

Book Appearances Edit

Winter Turning Edit

Winter and Hailstorm arrived at the palace after Winter found his brother. They passed near a guard ranked in the fifth Circle (see Circle Rankings for more information). Events such as Tundra thanking Winter for bringing Hailstorm home take place here. However, it makes little other appearances.



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