"I think I'm a good queen. And I guess if I'm ever not, it should be comforting that there's a way for me to find out. It would be nice if I could bargain with it, though. Like, hey, Eye of Onyx, instead of blowing me up, could you just send me a note that's like, 'Time to stop being queen, crazyclaws,' and then can I happily retire? If I had an animus of my own, I'd probably get them working on that."
—Queen Thorn's thoughts on being queen and The Eye of Onyx in Darkness of Dragons

Queen Thorn is an adult female SandWing and was the leader of the Outclaws before becoming queen of the SandWing tribe by being handed The Eye of Onyx by her daughter, Sunny. She wears a moonstone pendant on a copper chain that was given to her by a NightWing animus named Stonemover, who was also her former mate and Sunny's father. She also regularly wears the Eye of Onyx, which declared her as the true SandWing queen. As her first act as queen, she imprisoned the NightWings who took Sunny as a hostage, keeping them in an underground prison that is beneath her arena, where festivals and battles for the throne are held. Thorn has been described as having one of the most "colorful vocabularies" of any dragon, for example: "That frog-faced blob of camel spit!".

Appearance Edit

Queen Thorn has pale yellow scales, brown speckles along her wings and back and was described as being small and wiry. When she lived in the Scorpion Den, she wore a moonstone pendant given to her by Stonemover, which was said in The Brightest Night to be an odd gemstone to have in the desert. She also wears a solitary gold band around her arm, which has tiny flying dragons engraved into its surface. Along with those two, she started wearing the Eye of Onyx after she became the SandWing Queen. When Sunny first saw Thorn, she had thought her to be "barely 20 years old."

Biography Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Before the events of The Dragonet Prophecy, Thorn met a male NightWing named Stonemover while he was out in the desert. After they met, she kept coming back to meet him, and eventually, their relationship grew; as a result, he confided in her and told her what he was working on: he admitted that he was an animus dragon and that he was building a tunnel to help his tribe. Eventually, the two fell in love. Only two dragons, (Armadillo and Six-Claws), knew Thorn's secret. Stonemover and Thorn had one egg, but Thorn did not tell him that she was with egg, as Stonemover had become cold and distant over time; Thorn had wanted to wait until he apologized to tell him. However, shortly before she laid her egg, Stonemover mysteriously vanished, with no good-bye or traces of his disappearance. That was when a NightWing by the name of Morrowseer had seen her near the tunnels, and told her that Stonemover was never coming back and that it was her fault.

In an attempt to keep her relationship with Stonemover a secret, she buried her egg out in the desert, and gave one of her friends, a SandWing named Dune, the job of protecting and checking on her egg. He also helped come up with names for her dragonet, one being Sunny. Thorn's pet name for Sunny's egg, however, was Beetle. She also posted several Wanted signs around the Scorpion Den, along with promises of a reward. The Wanted posters featured Morrowseer (she wanted him dead or alive, as she suspected that he had done something to her egg), Stonemover (she wanted him alive, as she missed him and wanted her dragonet's father to return) and of Dune, (she wanted him dead or alive, as he stole her egg for The Dragonet Prophecy.)

Thorn later formed The Outclaws to bring order and protection to the Scorpion Den, and as leader of the Outclaws, she continued to look for her missing dragonet, Stonemover, Dune, and Morrowseer, but with no luck.

The Brightest Night Edit

Thorn was first seen when Fierceteeth, Strongwings, and Preyhunter arrived at the Scorpion Den with information on the whereabouts of the Dragonets of Destiny, followed by Sunny. Thorn ignored what they had to say about the dragonets, and instead asked if they'd seen Dune, Morrowseer, or Stonemover. When Preyhunter claimed that Morrowseer was dead, Thorn then said that they were a lying bag of bones and killed him with a quick stab of her tail after Preyhunter lashed out with his claws. Afterward, she inquired about Morrowseer again.

Sunny then stepped forward and confirmed that Morrowseer was dead. Thorn asked about Stonemover, then dismissed Fierceteeth and Strongwings, but kept Sunny inside and bring her into a back room. Another dragonet named Qibli followed her in protectively. Thorn then found out and informed Sunny that she was her mother, and planned a welcome party for her. However, before anything else could happen, reports of a dragonbite viper near an orphanage arrived and she has to leave. After a short nap, Sunny was kidnapped by Addax and brought to Burn's Stronghold. The "viper" was merely a distraction for Addax to kidnap Sunny.

Thorn led The Outclaws in an assault on the stronghold and managed to get inside with the help of Peril. She had Prince Smolder bring her to see the stuffed NightWing in Princess Burn’s collection, which, to her relief, wasn't Stonemover. Afterward, Smolder brought them to the library filled with intercepted notes and letters, claiming that one of them was for Thorn. When another SandWing came by and said that Burn might be coming back, Smolder locked Thorn and Sunny inside to await Burn's return; he was not taking any chances to be killed. Luckily, Sunny was able to burn through the doors without setting fire to the surrounding papers and they escaped, reuniting with the rest of the Outclaws and promptly retreating to the Scorpion Den.

Later, Thorn was one of the SandWings presents when Burn, Princess Blister, Princess Blaze, and the dragon tribes met at Burn's stronghold. After Burn was killed by a dragonbite viper, she helped hold down Clay when he was bitten by the same snake and also helped dig up the skeleton of Queen Oasis, at Flower's instruction. Sunny discovered the precious treasure, the Eye of Onyx, in the jaws of Queen Oasis' skeleton, and was faced with a choice between Blister and Blaze. She gave it to Thorn instead, and Thorn whispered to her that it's all very strange and that she hoped that Sunny would be around to help.

One month later, Thorn made her way with the dragonets to Jade Mountain to visit Stonemover. Their meeting was described by Sunny as "awkward."

Moon RisingEdit

Qibli briefly mentioned Thorn a few times, consulting to himself, "What would Thorn think?" and, "What would Thorn do?" He was also extremely loyal to her when Onyx questioned Thorn's right to the throne, defending her place.

Winter Turning Edit

Qibli formally introduced himself as Queen Thorn's adviser when the Jade Winglet was in the Rainforest at Queen Glory's Pavilion

Later in Possibility, Qibli commented on Mayfly's garden and wanted to tell Thorn about the glass structure there.

Escaping Peril Edit

While arguing over Darkstalker's Scroll, Qibli said that Queen Thorn should be given the scroll.

Talons of Power Edit

She was mentioned in the epilogue when three oases were bombed. Dragons growled about why their queen wasn't protecting them.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

She was mentioned by Vulture when he was speaking to Qibli, attempting to get his grandson on his side. He claimed that Thorn only cared about herself and wasn't helping the attacks, which Qibli objects to.

Later, Qibli went to Thorn's stronghold. He gave her one of the copies of Qibli's earring, explaining its use against Darkstalker's magic once she put it on. He also explained everything about Darkstalker becoming king, and Typhoon mentioned the IceWing Plague. The group figured out Darkstalker's enchantment on the IceWings, and Thorn had Qibli creating earrings for all of the IceWings, then the SandWings. When Vulture and Onyx tried to seize power she captured Onyx and prepared to fight an arena battle against her, which was interrupted by a sandstorm created by Qibli. After the sandstorm, she ventured into the dungeons to look for Onyx and Smolder. After the two got a hold of them, Six-Claws and Ostrich found their way in and Thorn ordered them to get a doctor for the injured Onyx. Before Qibli and Winter left for the Night Kingdom, the three used the Obsidian Mirror to check on Queen Glacier and Darkstalker.

Family Tree Edit

Queen Thorn
Princess Sunny


"NightWings. Well, well, well. We haven't had any of you visit our fine city in about seven years." - To Preyhunter, Strongwings, and Fierceteeth when they come to the Scorpion den.

"It's not my favorite part of the role, but if you want to lead dragons, you have to show them your claws sometimes, Beetle." - To Sunny about killing Preyhunter

"Ssssay that again." - To Preyhunter

"Frog-faced blob of camel spit!" - An insult Thorn used

"He didn't find you. He stole you. He knew where I'd hidden you for your own safety, and he betrayed me." - To Sunny about Dune taking her egg.

"So fight me. I'm not afraid of you. I can win this throne in battle, if that's how you want to do it. Or are you only willing to fight weak and cowering dragons?" - To Blister about fighting for the throne.

"Sunny. You're my daughter." - After meeting Sunny

"Teeth of the viper, I cannot believe all my enemies have died before I could rip their heads off myself. Qibli, give me those drawings." - After learning Dune and Morrowseer were both dead.

"Yes, Sunny. It's because you're half NightWing." - About Sunny's odd appearance

"Pompous worm-faced snob-head camel turd." - To Sunny about Morrowseer

"I'm right here, snails-for-brains!" - To Six-Claws

"Fourth moons and fireballs." - After Sunny gives the Eye of Onyx to Thorn.

"Blood-red eggs and fireballs! I'm going to flay that dragon alive!" - About Smolder when he locks her and Sunny in the library.

"Oh no! Moonlickers! Six-Claws, you idiot!" - When she sees Six-Claws trying to get back inside Burn's stronghold to rescue her.

"Act smart, stay alive, stick together but don't be an idiot. Those are our basic rules." - About the Outclaws when she and Sunny are escaping Burn's Stronghold.

"I am the queen, you camel-chewing, snore-a-minute son of a toad." - Thorn showing Smolder her most elegant language.

"Hmmm. I feel the same. Have I been turned into a frog and just can't tell?" - After she puts on one of the earrings that were enchanted to protect the wearer from Darkstalker.

"Because the Eye of Onyx will kill anyone unworthy who tries to steal it and the throne. And it hasn't killed me yet." - To Vulture

"I think I am a good queen. And I guess if I'm ever not, it should be comforting that there's a way for me to find out. It would be nice if I could bargain with it, though. Like, hey, Eye of Onyx, instead of blowing me up, could you just send me a note that's like, Time to stop being queen, crazyclaws, and then I could happily retire? If I had an animus of my own, I'd probably get them working on that." - About being queen/The Eye of Onyx

"See, that just doesn't sound like a good idea." - About letting Prickle go free

"Yes. Well, unless you screw up and bury it all in sand first. No more storms, Qibli." - To Qibli, about the sandstorm he had conjured using Anemone's magic bracelets.

Trivia Edit

  • A thorn is a stiff, sharp-pointed, straight or curved woody projection on the stem or another part of a plant.
  • Thorn is not from the original line of SandWing royalty, though not even the three SandWing sisters or Queen Oasis are.
  • According to Sunny, there was something about Thorn that made you want to follow her wherever she goes.
  • Thorn has Outclaws guarding the oasis because, "In the desert, she who controls the water, controls everything."
  • Qibli considers himself her adopted son.
  • Thorn's nickname for Sunny for when she was an egg was Beetle, as stated by her in The Brightest Night.
  • Sunny told Thorn to have some more eggs so that she would have heirs to her kingdom. In Darkness of Dragons, she shows interest in Smolder, and it appears that the relationship is mutual. If she has eggs with Smolder, her heirs will be in line for the throne regardless and she will be part of the lineage.
  • Thorn was betrayed by Dune, disappointing her when he died because she didn't get to kill him.
  • It was mentioned in Moon Rising that Queen Thorn takes swordleaf root for her headaches.
  • Though she is described as having a "colorful vocabulary", Thorn never actually swears in the series.
  • Queen Thorn is one of the nine dragons in the series to have freckle-like scales, some of which include LynxMorpho, Palm, Prickle, Katydid, Sandfly, Qibli, and Lady Scarab.
  • Though unlikely, Thorn may possibly be part of the original Royal SandWing lineage since Oasis and her family was not from the original royal SandWing line.

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