"What does this slippery IceWing want now?"
—Queen Vigilance's thoughts about Arctic, Darkstalker

Queen Vigilance was an adult female NightWing, and queen of the tribe during the time of Darkstalker. She first appeared in Darkstalker. She had three unnamed heirs and several sons. She is presumed to have escaped to the NightWing Island with Listener after Clearsight's warning.


She was described to have "darting, ink-black eyes" which were "very suspecting." In addition to that, she also had diamonds embedded under her wings and wore an obsidian crown. 

She was also described as very imposing, as none of her daughters had challenged her in the past years. If they did, she most likely killed them.


Queen Vigilance is shown to be very paranoid, and often kills dragons long before they ever become a significant threat to her tribe. However, she seems to be very trusting of seers (such as Clearsight and Allknowing), and it is even stated that it wouldn't be hard for a seer to manipulate her. She also is known to be very ambitious, and sometimes even greedy. She also may be hard to please, as Clearsight mentioned on her first day of school that she would evaluate all her potential seers and she would not be pleased. However, her seers do not seem to be great compared to Clearsight, so that sentiment is understandable. Vigilance often uses her power as queen to hold threats over seers, forcing them to tell her possible death scenes. It is stated that she has a public prison, were she puts prisoners on display. She seems to care about her job as queen and like the power, as seen when she tells her dragonet to let her rule for a certain amount of years. She also evidently holds some contempt or hatred for IceWings, as shown by some of Clearsight's visions of genocide. Queen Vigilance also isn't comfortable around obvious hybrids (she didn't invite Whiteout to her party for the SeaWings). 


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

She is mentioned in the scroll The Animus Histories as the NightWing Queen Darkstalker planned to overthrow.

Talons of Power

When Darkstalker shows Moonwatcher and Kinkajou around the Lost City of Night, they have a look at Queen Vigilances caves. Darkstalker mentions that he is surprised the Queen was able to take a lot of the treasure with her when she fled.

Darkness of Dragons

A self created illusion of Clearsight mentions to Darkstalker that he can't be King since Queen Vigilance rules the NightWings.



In Darkstalker, Vigilance is the queen of the NightWings. When Arctic tells her that his son, Darkstalker, is an animus, she brings Fathom to the Night Kingdom to help Darkstalker learn to be more careful with his powers. She also hires Clearsight to predict the future for her tribe.



Queen Vigilance is briefly mentioned when Foeslayer thinks about the magic bracelets the IceWings possess, and how she sent four members to their kindom so that they would reveal that they have four magic bracelets, not three, as they claim.

Family Tree

Queen Vigilance
Several Sons and Daughters
Several Generations
Queen Battlewinner
Ex-Princess Greatness


"Ah, [...] Seers. Always so illuminating. You may speak."

"Yes, [...] Very poetic. But I don't recall anything about an underwater attack focused on North Beach in the next month."

"You work for me now. Move into the palace tonight."
— to Clearsight (Darkstalker)

"Call a war council meeting. [...] I want everything you know about this attack written out by morning."

"Hmm, [...] And of all my death scenes, which comes the soonest?"
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