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The RainWing village is a collection of homes and buildings within the Rainforest Kingdom. It is home to most of the RainWing tribe, and sits next to the NightWing village.


The village consisted of treehouses, fruits, platforms, hammocks, and trees.[citation needed] The roofs of the houses are made of leaves, making it harder to see the houses from the top. RainWings are usually found standing on the trees.[1]

The treehouses are connected by vine walkways.[citation needed] The village has three hatcheries, with each hatchery holding a third of the village's eggs. Each hatchery has a tightly woven floor and is shaped like a large green egg. The RainWings mix their eggs and raise them as a village, making it hard to find out whether one is related to another, unless they do a venom test.[citation needed] Queen Glory promises to make sure that RainWings know who their kin are.[citation needed]

There is a large treehouse that houses the queen.[citation needed] There is also a Royal Garden of which Tamarin, one of the gardeners, takes care of.[citation needed] The queen sleeps in a royal treehouse that is surrounded by eerie, glow-in-the-dark moths and pale night orchids.[2]

Many platforms and hammocks are between trees for the RainWings' sun-time.[citation needed] The healer's hut, which is close to the sunning platforms, is described to have red berries growing on the balcony, with skylights shining through its leafy roofs. Their houses are made in the trees with leaves as windows and the trees as a natural wall.[citation needed]

At the center of the village is a structure called the Arboretum, which resembles a peaceful version of the SkyWing arena.[citation needed] The Arboretum has a huge platform made from woven branches, which is surrounded by more treehouses, some of which have been set up as fruit stands.[citation needed] Historically, the Arboretum was used as a meeting place for the RainWings,[citation needed] while in modern day, it is where many public events take place, such as the RainWing Royal Challenge.[citation needed]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom

The RainWing village was first introduced when Jambu and Liana took Glory and the other dragonets of destiny into the place. It is the setting of the majority of the book.

The Dark Secret

Starflight returned to the RainWing village after escaping the NightWing island. The other NightWings moved in by the end of the book, but were given a village of their own sometime later in the story.

The Brightest Night

Sunny was kidnapped from the RainWing village shortly after the events of The Dark Secret. She returned to tell the other dragonets of destiny of her plans to end the war.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Winter Turning

The Jade Winglet visited the RainWing village in search of Icicle.

Talons of Power

Darkstalker advanced into the rainforest to gain more NightWing supporters, but some of the NightWings decided to stay instead.



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