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RainWings, also known as rainforest dragons to humans, are a Pyrrhian dragon tribe living in the Rainforest Kingdom. The RainWings are a very peaceful tribe and were not involved in the War of SandWing Succession. They are currently ruled by Queen Glory.


RainWings are based on chameleons.[event 1] They are long and graceful, with ruffs behind their ears, curved horns, and prehensile tails that are used primarily for climbing trees and hanging in the rainforest they inhabit, like birds of paradise. When afraid, insulted, or angry, RainWings flare their ruffs as a sign of aggression or hostility.[1]

RainWings have small, round scales that can change color. Most RainWings prefer vivid, bright colors. They can control the color of their scales, though they often have a hard time stopping strong emotions from showing through. Most RainWings have a 'default' color scheme that they set their scales to when they are not showing emotions. RainWings' eyes can change color, and they may not be able to camouflage when they are afraid or in pain.[2] RainWings are able to blend into their surroundings at will otherwise.

RainWings are able to uncannily mimic the appearance of other tribes with their scales.[3] RainWing dragonets develop their color-shifting scales while they are still in their eggs, which are pale, smooth, transparent, white.[4] In the graphic novels, however, RainWing eggs are shown as opaque and rainbow-colored.[5]

Colors to Moods

RainWing Colors to Moods

  • Black: angry, hatred[6]
  • Blue-gray: sad, despaired, dismal[7]
  • Blue: curious[8]
  • Dark blue: resigned, mournful,[9] dismayed,[10] thoughtful[11]
  • Dark gray: sorrowful[12]
  • Dark green: distressed[7]
  • Dark purple: guilty,[13] wary[14]
  • Dark red: furious[15]
  • Emerald: displeased,[16] surprised[17]
  • Gold: happy, excited, jubilant[18]
  • Green: worried, panicked,[19] nervous[20]
  • Indigo: proud[21]
  • Lavender: delighted[22]
  • Light blue: worried[23]
  • Orange-purple: confused, puzzled[24]
  • Orange: irritated,[25] frustrated,[26] annoyed
  • Pale green: scared, terrified[27]
  • Pale orange: indignant,[28] disgusted[29]
  • Pink: joyful, happy, loving,[15] embarrassed[30]
  • Red: angry[31]
  • White: in pain, sick,[32] fearful,[33] shocked[34]
  • Yellow: amused,[35] relieved,[36] excited[37]


A mango from The Hidden Kingdom (graphic novel) by Mike Holmes

RainWings are generally inclined to vegetarianism, but some will eat monkeys and other rainforest animals if they feel like catching them.[38] Jambu stated that eating sloths could cause indigestion, indicating that the RainWing stomach may not be suited for meat.[39] Fruit and various rainforest plants are the main part of their diets. Sunlight may act as a partial food source for RainWings.[17] RainWings are known to eat less than the other dragon tribes since when they nap in the sun, Glory described it like the sun gave her more energy than any food could give her.[40]


RainWings have a long, prehensile tail great for swinging through the rainforest, long fangs and color-changing scales. Some RainWings are able to mimic bird calls.[41]

They are capable of absorbing sunlight, which gives them energy and causes their scales to become brighter. They have a dedicated time to sleep in the sun, known as "suntime" when the sun is at its highest, and RainWings who do not sleep in the sun may have duller or unchangeable scales.[42][43] Sunlight is also vital to the development of other RainWing abilities, such as venom, and to their good mood.[44][17]

RainWing scales change color by bending light.[event 2] When at ease, RainWing scales may reflect their emotions. They can also manipulate their scales to be any color they wish,[45] though strong emotions may break through a chosen scale color.[42] RainWings can also use their scales for camouflage, reflecting their surroundings and making them effectively invisible to most dragons. Other RainWings may be able to spot a disguised dragon; this is a skill they develop young, during games of hide-and-seek.[46] RainWings can change the color of their eyes and are able to manipulate a fine level of detail onto their scales.[event 3][47] RainWings who are born blind always show their emotions on their scales, and cannot manually change them. When relaxed, their scales will automatically camouflage to their surroundings,[48] and the ability can be improved with practice.[49]

Grandeur shooting her venom

RainWings have long front fangs and a jaw that can unhinge to shoot corrosive venom. This venom only affects organic material, such as animals and plants, while inorganic materials, such as rock and metal, are not affected.[50] It can be deadly if it reaches a dragon's bloodstream or eyes.[50] If a dragon survives a venom attack, it will leave warped, scarred scales or skin.[51] RainWing venom is neutralized by contact with the venom of a blood relative.[52] Dragonet venom is weaker than adult venom.[53] RainWing venom is black and will dry into glossy droplets (reminiscent of obsidian) after some time exposed to air.[54]

RainWings cannot see as far or as well as IceWings or SkyWings, but they can see more clearly in the dark, for at night they have no light.[55] They are not long-distance fliers or accustomed to deprivation, as they usually swing and hop from branch to branch in a rainforest perpetually full of food.[56]


RainWings live an idyllic lifestyle, with easy access to food and shelter, and no involvement in conflicts. They are mostly ignored by other tribes,[citation needed] and are viewed and stereotyped by the other tribes as ignorant,[57] lazy, unintelligent, and weak.[58][59] Snowfall described their typical lifestyle as sleeping and eating papayas.[60]

RainWings have a unique, peaceful royal challenge, in accordance with their pacifistic beliefs. Before Queen Glory's royal challenge, queens take turns being queen one month at a time,[61] and the position was given to any female dragon who wanted it.[62] The dragons with "shiny names" were more likely to want the position.[63]

A RainWing blowgun, from Scholastic HomeBase

RainWings have blowguns with sleeping darts, coated in tree-frog poison.[64] These darts are used as a form of protection, to knock out strange dragons wandering into the forest, and for games as well.[64][65] RainWings use flowers for decoration the way the other tribes used jewels and precious stones.[66]

RainWings keep sloths as pets, often when a sloth chooses a dragon by climbing on them during suntime.[39] A dragon may own many sloths.[67]

RainWings perform a venom test before having eggs, ensuring that they are not blood relatives.[68] This prevents inbreeding in the tribe, as formal families do not exist.[69] RainWings engage in communal raising of dragonets, with everyone pitching in to help.[52] RainWing dragonets are trained to aim their venom, glide through trees without getting snagged by the foliage, and gather fruit.[70][52][31] They are not taught to read or write, but some may train as medics, as RainWings have multiple healers in their village. These healers keep their scales calming shades of blue and white.[71] An adult RainWing with no role or assignment will always get the last choice for sun-time spots and only leftovers for food.[72]

Under the rule of Queen Glory, RainWings have begun to sort eggs and may begin to form family units.[citation needed] Previously, they would not count or track their eggs, dragonets would be raised by the tribe, everyone pitching in a bit to help.[73] They have dragons keeping watch in the Rainforest for danger, both RainWings and NightWings.[74][75] They are also beginning to read and write, and are attempting to grow a moon globe tree (from the Ice Kingdom) for light.[76]

In the time of Darkstalker, RainWings were a more threatening tribe.[77][78] They had merchants selling both fruits and potions to the other tribes.[79][80] They could also read and write at some point before the events of the series.[81] It is unknown how they lost this knowledge.


RainWings may be named after rainforest plants and animals (such as Kinkajou, Tamarin, Jambu, and Orchid), fruits (such as Mango, Pineapple, and Coconut), trees (such as Mangrove), and positive adjectives (such as Exquisite, Handsome, and Dazzling). It is also stated by Kinkajou that, "RainWings with shiny names are the ones that are more likely to want to be queen. Fruit Bat is an exception."[63]

RainWings have a list of names that they cycle through; when they reach the end of the list, they return to the beginning, meaning that many RainWings have had the same names throughout history.[63]

Click here for a list of known RainWings.

Students at Jade Mountain


  • RainWings have accents different from any other tribe, since they have been isolated from most tribes. They are given an Australian accent in the audiobooks, though Tui does not consider it canon.[event 4] Glory does not have this accent, due to being raised outside of the tribe.
  • RainWings and LeafWings are related, and some RainWings have traveled to Pantala in the past.[event 5]
  • Some RainWings can perfectly imitate bird calls, such as toucans.[41]
  • Many RainWings do not have the ability to count correctly, especially younger RainWings.[82]
  • RainWings eggs were described to be "pale" and "white" in The Hidden Kingdom.[4] However, they are opaque and rainbow in the graphic novels.[5]
  • RainWings cycle through a list of names every time a new egg hatches.[63]
  • The base RainWing scale color is a lime green like Chameleon's scales.[citation needed]
  • Tui may do a winglet or other book on the history of RainWings.[citation needed]
  • Humans call them "rainforest dragons," referring to them in A Wingwatcher's guide to the Dragons of Pyrrhia as probably the deadliest, stealthiest and the ones to watch out for the most.[83]



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