"Or you can put up a fight. We don't mind. I like fighting shiny things."
—Rattlesnake to Winter, Darkness of Dragons

Rattlesnake is a female SandWing mentioned in Moon Rising. She is the sister of Qibli and Sirocco, the daughter of Cobra, and the granddaughter of Vulture. She wears a medallion with a vulture etching, and belongs to the Talons of Power. Her last known location was the Scorpion Den.


In Moon's vision, she was described to be huge and bulky, but she isn't as clumsy as Sirocco. She has five dragon skull tattoos on her neck and a black cape.


Rattlesnake seems to be the second-smartest of her siblings and is a more competent assassin than her brother. She is described as sinister and intimidating and seems to have a short temper. She believes that she will inherit the Talons of Power one day. She, along with Sirocco, have an internal hate for their brother Qibli.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Brightest Night

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The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

Moon had a vision about Qibli fighting Rattlesnake and Sirocco, with Vulture glowering at him as well. Qibli was shouting "Where is she?" at the sneering faces of his siblings. It is later discovered that he was referring to his mother, Cobra.

Winter Turning

Qibli commented to Ex-Prince Winter that if his brother was trapped in a SkyWing prison, he wouldn't try to save him, as per the other way around. He then said that it would be better for a dragon like that to be locked up, so they can no longer do harm to others. It is, however, unconfirmed which sibling (though probably both). Qibli later mentioned that he also had a sinister older sister, just as Winter had Princess Icicle.

Escaping Peril

Rattlesnake, alongside Sirocco, was one of the dragons who Turtle thought looked like Qibli. She was arguing with a SkyWing over dragonflame cacti prices while Turtle and Peril were in Possibility.

Talons of Power

A group of dragons, most likely including Rattlesnake and Sirocco, terrified some SandWings by setting off dragonflame cacti.

Darkness of Dragons

Rattlesnake was one of the dragons who apprehended Winter and Qibli at her old home. Later, Cobra attempted to kill Rattlesnake and Sirocco, saying that Qibli was her only dragonet (an act to gain his trust). Qibli stopped her from killing his siblings, and Winter knocked Rattlesnake unconscious, leaving her and Sirocco behind in the compound.

Family Tree



"Or you can put up a fight. We don't mind. I like fighting shiny things."
— to Qibli and Winter (Darkness of Dragons, page 75)

"Let's just say she hasn't exactly been the same since you abandoned us."
— to Qibli, about Cobra (Darkness of Dragons, page 76)

"You are such an embarrassment, That's why Grandfather thinks we're both stupid; because all he can see is you and your big empty head!"
— to Sirocco (Darkness of Dragons, 125)

"Why aren't you on patrol? Don't you know the compound is on lockdown tonight?"
— to Qibli and Ostrich (Darkness of Dragons, page 125)



Present: Queen ThornQueen Oasis
Historical: Queen Scorpion



Jade Mountain


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