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"Don't you want to know why they're suddenly here? Something is happening in the sky world. Something important."
— Raven to Mole, The Dangerous Gift

Raven is a female human who appeared in The Dangerous Gift. She currently resides by the abyss on Pantala.


Raven is shown to be quite cheerful, curious, and playful, often teasing dragons.[1] She appeared caring and courageous, as she often visits the abyss to bring food to Vole even when approaching the abyss is strictly forbidden.[2]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

One of Snowfall's visions was in Raven's point of view. Raven is jumping from rock to rock on the cave ceiling, staying hidden from a green dragon that had been trying to catch her and Mole. She mocks the dragon for not being able to do so, and Mole peeks out one of the upper passages, urging her to get in. He admonishes her for putting herself into danger while she says that it is funny to provoke the dragons. Raven wonders if the dragons suddenly appearing in the caves is related to the abyss, but Mole shushes her for going against the rules. Persistent, she points out that it is behaving strangely, but Mole stays firm and tells her to leave him out of it if she plans on climbing down the pit. After she is left alone, she thinks about whatever is going on above ground and that if it is enough to scare dragons, then it could spell the end of the world for humans.

She appears again in the epilogue, going to the abyss to give Vole some food. It is said that she and Mole are the only ones who dared approach him, as he has tossed other humans into the pit before. Vole asks if she can hear the whispers, and she responds that she cannot understand what it is saying. He says that it is growing and it will soon need a dragon. She attempts to ask for details, but he remains vague, telling her to bring "the" dragon to the pit to save the village or everyone she knows will die.


"Of course not. […] I just think it's funny to watch them get all grumpy about it."
― to Mole (The Dangerous Gift, page 226)

"I think so. […] I mean, I hear something, but I don't know what it's saying. Do you?"
― to Vole (The Dangerous Gift, epilogue)

"Wait. […] What does that mean? Save the village? From what?"
― to Vole (The Dangerous Gift, epilogue)






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