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"Because of exactly that tone of voice, Stone. Why would I want to go back to the people who spent my whole life telling me what to do and who to be and what not to do and what was wrong with me? Dad had a husband all picked out for me — someone who could finally 'calm me down,' in his own words. Someone who could trap me in a boring life in a boring little village — everything I didn't want."
— Rose to Stone, Dragonslayer

Rose, referred to as Flower by Smolder, is an adult female human who is kept as a pet by Smolder. She is one of the three scavengers who were there when Queen Oasis was killed, triggering the War of SandWing Succession. She showed Sunny where the Eye of Onyx was buried during the events of The Brightest Night, ultimately leading to the end of the war.


Rose has dark brown[1] curls[2] running down like a mane onto her shoulders,[3] and thoughtful dark[4] brown eyes.[5] She wears a square of white fabric tied around herself and a pouch of the same material[3] and is about as tall as a full-grown dragon's head.[6]


Rose is curious, inventive and enjoys making art, such as clothing. She is talented, shown in how she self-taught herself to be an excellent artist. She is compassionate, feeding many of the native animals and keeping Sunny company, and also fearless, having no trouble living with and near dragons. She appears to be tough and physically strong since Smolder almost named her "Stabby." In Dragonslayer, she was shown to be mischievous, energetic, and lively, a free spirit that her village cannot keep caged. Her demand to be freed and uncontrolled is the reason she refused to leave Smolder despite all the dangers in the Kingdom of Sand.[7] She is also very clever, demonstrated when she found the Eye of Onyx.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
Rose is indirectly mentioned throughout the book to be one of the humans who killed Oasis.
The Lost Heir
More information flying in soon…
The Hidden Kingdom
More information flying in soon…
The Dark Secret
More information flying in soon…
The Brightest Night
Smolder mentioned that Burn had wanted to kill Rose and mount her head on a spike, but Blister argued that doing so would only be a reminder of the queen's humiliating death. Blaze thought that Rose was cute and they should breed her for more scavenger pets. Smolder wanted to keep her as his pet and the other two brothers of the princesses thought that Smolder should be allowed to get something he wanted since Oasis was no longer around, so he was allowed to keep her as his pet instead. She was around sixteen at the time of her capture.

Smolder claimed that he had wanted to call her Stabby at first because of her ferocity with the sword she had been carrying, which had been taken away from her. However, Rose had found a tapestry with roses on it and kept pointing to it, suggesting that her actual name had something to do with flowers. Smolder misunderstood what Rose's name was, so he started calling her Flower. Rose often drew, which helped Smolder guess what she needed, and taught her to come when he rang a bell and called her name. Rose attempts to communicate with Smolder.

Rose insisted on staying with Sunny when she was held prisoner by Burn. Rose normally didn't trust other dragons, but she felt safe around Sunny. Rose also drew a picture of Sunny using a piece of charcoal.

When Blister was fighting Blaze during the royal SandWing gathering, Rose begins to dig where Queen Oasis was buried. At first Sunny, Tsunami, and Glory were puzzled by this but eventually helped until half of Oasis' bones were uncovered. Rose had Sunny open the queen's jawbones and two sacks of treasure fell out. In one of the sacks, was the Eye of Onyx, which helped Sunny pick the new SandWing queen, Thorn.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Sunny very briefly indirectly mentioned that Smolder took care of her when Winter finds Bandit.
Winter Turning
Rose does not actually appear in the events of the story but is mentioned in the letter from Smolder to Vermilion concerning pet scavengers in the back of the book (which also appears in the special edition of The Brightest Night). Smolder also encloses an illustration of them that was supposedly drawn by her.
Darkness of Dragons
Rose is seen with Smolder when Qibli and Winter go to the Kingdom of Sand to warn Thorn of Darkstalker and to prevent any of the SandWings and IceWings from falling under his spells. She appears again with Smolder and Onyx when they take shelter inside the underground prisons of the stronghold. Later, she is mentioned in Winter's thoughts about Sanctuary and how Qibli would visit him and bring Rose along with him so Winter may study scavengers more closely.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Horrified, Winter realized that Smolder had a pet human for years and they had to free her. Wren said that they met and Rose was happy.


Rose appeared in the prologue, helping her brothers Stone and Heath steal treasure from Queen Oasis. She returned to the stronghold once more to retrieve more treasure, and the trio began to return to the village until they were discovered by Queen Oasis. She told Heath that there was a sword in one of the bags, and the trio fought Oasis. Rose, in particular, threw a bag of treasure at Oasis and barely avoided her fire, but then she twisted her ankle and was half-buried in a sand dune. This left Stone and Heath to return to their village without Rose, unable to find her.

Later in the story, Ivy, Violet and Daffodil tried to use Rose's name when trying to guess the password to Heath's treasure chest. However, the code ultimately turned out to be "Mine."

When Wren reached the SandWing stronghold, Rose appeared again, helping Wren find the pellets that she was planning on using to poison General Sandstorm. Later, when Wren needed the keys to Sky's shackles, she tells her that Prince Smolder had copies of each key in the Stronghold. Rose then attempted to talk to Smolder, and managed to get the key for Wren.

Shortly afterward when Ivy, Leaf, and Stone came to rescue Rose, she responded that she prefers staying in the Stronghold over going back to Valor. Rose then mentioned that she had seen Wren, and pointing out that Sweetface liked scavengers and was likely to carry Leaf to Wren.

Near the end of the book, she was mentioned by Ivy and Stone, who discussed why she did not want to return to Valor.


Rose was found hiding in a sand dune by Smolder, shortly after Queen Oasis's death.

Family Tree



"I'm Rose, […] Are you here to steal treasure? Because, speaking from experience, I can't say I'd recommend it. Also, that's not treasure, that's mouse poison."
― to Wren (Dragonslayer, page 327)

"Oh, I'm helping you anyway, […] Sorry, I shouldn't have made it sound optional. Did I mention the part where I haven't talked to a human in years? I'm kind of overexcited about the idea of a real conversation. Plus, check it out, there's one over here. […] See? Helping!"
― to Wren (Dragonslayer, page 374)

"Not really. […] I mean, it's all a matter of perspective, right? They might think they're holding me prisoner, but I kind of like it here. I like my dragon. He's pretty adorable."
― to Wren (Dragonslayer, page 375)

"I think she thought you were me. She's driven me out of her kitchen more than once, and I think she's also yelled at Smolder about keeping me away from her food. She thinks I'm a mouse, basically, who's going to leave holes in all her cheese. I mean, fair, I do actually do that, sometimes. Anyway, so she saw you, thought you were me, brought you over here to yell at Smolder, and then discovered that I was already here. Which meant she'd picked up a wild human, which apparently gave her quite a fright."
― to Stone (Dragonslayer, page 436)

"Not really, […] I only know a few phrases, and apparently my pronunciation is 'abominable.' Also, I'm pretty sure Smolder thinks I'm just an adorable mimic. He keeps laughing at everything I try to say! So I think I told him to get me some dried apricots, but we'll see what he actually comes back with. Who are you, by the way?"
― to Ivy (Dragonslayer, page 437-438)

"Seriously? Heath had kids? Who was silly enough to marry him?"
― to Stone (Dragonslayer, page 438)

"I don't, actually, […] Because of exactly that tone of voice, Stone. Why would I want to go back to the people who spent my whole life telling me what to do and who to be and what not to do and what was wrong with me? Dad had a husband all picked out for me — someone who could finally 'calm me down,' in his own words. Someone who could trap me in a boring life in a boring little village — everything I didn't want."
― to Stone (Dragonslayer, page 439)

"Yes! […] Life in a dragon palace, Stone! It's never ever boring here. Who else can say they've lived with dragons?"
― to Stone (Dragonslayer, page 439)

"You can tell him I'm alive, but I'm not coming back. Whatever's going on with him, it's not about me, kid. Heath never listened to reason and he was always losing his temper over little things. Me being there won't change him. I'm not going back into a situation where he's the new boss of me, same as Dad, the old boss of me."
― to Ivy (Dragonslayer, page 440)


  • In Smolder's letter to Vermilion, it says that Rose has a pet desert mouse that Smolder originally gave her to eat, but she took it as a pet.
  • Rose has mentioned that she figured out a few Dragon words before meeting Wren.[8]


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