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"Crow and Gorge found out that Mushroom is on his way to steal treasure. […] We have to follow him and come back with treasure for them, or they're going to sacrifice Grove."
— Rowan about the dragonmancers to Cranberry and Thyme, Dragonslayer

Rowan is an adult female human who was introduced in Dragonslayer. She is Wren and Leaf's oldest sister, and helped Leaf become a dragonmancer apprentice.


Rowan was described to have dark brown eyes.[1]


Rowan was a distant figure to her siblings, often going fishing with Grove. After Wren got 'sacrificed,' Rowan was more sympathetic to Leaf and took him under her wing. She can be strict with training and she had a great love for treasure. She was slightly greedy as she tricked Leaf into becoming a dragonslayer even though the actual enemies were the dragonmancers. However, she feels guilty for tricking her brother as after Rowan and Leaf escape with their teammates, she confesses that Wren's "death" was orchestrated by the dragonmancers.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy

Rowan, along with Cranberry, Cardinal, and Arbutus were the scavengers who fought Tsunami and Starflight in the SkyWing Arena. She was one of the two female scavengers to survive the fight.

The Dark Secret

Starflight thought about the two scavengers in the arena. In his nightmares, they would stare at him with dragonlike eyes. He would feel pity towards them as they were in the same situation as him.



Rowan appeared when Leaf was arguing with his parents about where Wren went, occasionally breaking into the conversation. Eventually, she told him about the Dragonslayer, who she heard about from her friend Grove. Leaf got excited and wanted to become a dragonslayer to avenge Wren, but their parents forbid them from doing so. After school, Rowan secretly taught Leaf what she knew about dragonslaying, as long as Leaf kept it secret. Eventually, she was captured by the SkyWings along with Leaf while trying to catch Mushroom. She along with Cranberry, Cardinal, and Arbutus fought in the arena. Rowan and Cranberry were the only ones to survive, Cranberry mentioning how great Rowan was in the arena. After she reunited with Leaf, she confessed the truth about Wren's death, revealing to him that she was sacrificed by the dragonmancers.

She later appeared when Wren was revealing the dragonmancers' secrets to Talisman. Leaf unlocked the jail, releasing Rowan and Grove. After leaving Talisman, she apologized to Wren for telling their parents about the books. Rowan, alongside Grove, Cranberry and Thyme decide to build a town with the stolen SkyWing treasure at Leaf's suggestion.



Cranberry is mentioned to be Rowan's best friend, and are very close. The two fought in the SkyWing Arena together and are said to often spend their time together.


Grove is one of Rowan's close friends. Rowan prefers to be off with him over her younger siblings and was determined to save Grove from being sacrificed by the dragonmancers.


Before the events of Dragonslayer, Rowan was distant from her younger brother. After Wren was 'sacrificed,' she shows more sympathy towards him. She decides to train Leaf so she could use his help to steal treasure, though she thought that she was giving him a way to fight back by training him. Rowan feels guilty for lying to him.

Family Tree



"I think Leaf should know about the Dragonslayer, that's all."
― to her parents (Dragonslayer, page 32)

"Well, if you're really going to slay a dragon one day, you'll probably need to practice a little, first."
― to Leaf (Dragonslayer, page 67)

"Rule number one, […] Don't shout like a maniac and warn the dragon you're about to attack. I mean, seriously."
― to Leaf (Dragonslayer, page 67)

"You wouldn't have to be, […] Get in there, put your head down and pretend, and learn everything they know — like what happened to most of their apprentices, and how their visions work, and why they have forbidden anyone to go try to steal treasure? And then tell me everything, and we'll use their knowledge to go kill all the dragons!"
― to Leaf (Dragonslayer, page 67)

"I tried, actually, […] Last year. They said I failed the tests. But I have a theory it's not about the test scores — it's about who they trust."
― to Leaf (Dragonslayer, page 67)

"I'm going to train you to be a great warrior, […] but only if you promise not to tell Mother and Father. As far as they know, we're studying for our dragonmancer exams."
― to Leaf (Dragonslayer, page 68)

"But that's not all you'd learn, […] You could find out all their secrets!"
― to Leaf (Dragonslayer, page 73)


  • Rowan is skilled in battle training.[2]


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