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The Royal SeaWing Massacre was an event that occurred at roughly 3,011 AS at a banquet held by Queen Lagoon. A large number of SeaWings, including nine members of the royal family, were killed by Albatross, whose animus magic made him insane.


Lagoon held a banquet to negotiate with the SkyWings over territory. SeaWing villages encroached onto the SkyWing Kingdom's shores, sparking concern from the SkyWing queen, Carmine.[1] Two SkyWing guests, Princess Sunset and Eagle, attended the banquet. It wasn't long until Albatross appeared and started his murdering spree, killing any dragons that appeared in his way. The massacre ultimately ended with most of the royal family, as well as Sunset, dead, and Queen Pearl ascending to the throne at a young age.


  • The banquet started before sunset, with Sunset and Eagle arriving as guests.
  • Lagoon introduced Albatross to the SkyWings.[2] The SeaWing animus seemed rather unenthused of Lagoon's project ideas. Albatross then killed her with an animus-enchanted knife, which marked the start of the massacre.[3]
  • Albatross then targeted the SkyWings before proceeding to kill the royal SeaWings.[4] Only Eagle survived.
  • The mad animus was taken down by the combined efforts of Fathom and Indigo. Fathom successfully enchanted spears to kill his grandfather.[5]
  • Pearl became the queen since she was the only surviving heir. She promised the SkyWings tributes of gems and seafood for the next five years due to Sunset's death and to keep the massacre a secret.[6]
  • Fathom lied to Pearl about how Indigo defeated Albatross, which would eventually be recorded into Pyrrhian history.[7]

Known Victims


  • Albatross — the perpetrator of the massacre and responsible for nearly all the deaths and injuries sustained by dragons involved and killed by Fathom and Indigo's combined efforts.[8]
  • Eel — killed in a nondescript way.[9]
  • Humpback — killed in a nondescript way.[9]
  • Lagoon — the first to be killed. Throat slit by a knife held in Albatross's own claws.[3]
  • Manta — killed while trying to calm down Albatross, her own father, and save her son Fathom.[10]
  • Reef — killed trying to help his wife, Manta, calm down Albatross.[9]
  • Scallop — killed by Albatross, death not described.[9]
  • Splash — killed by her own spear while trying to stop Albatross. She tried to sneak up behind him and kill him, but he enchanted the spear to turn around and kill her instead.[11]
  • Sunset — stabbed in the throat by an enchanted knife (the same one used to kill Lagoon).
  • An unnamed SeaWing musician who died trying to fight Albatross.[9]


  • Current — managed to flee the massacre with minimal injury, swam to the Night Kingdom before landing on the beach and collapsing.[12] He was kept as a guest/hostage by Vigilance for information.[13]
  • Eagle — stabbed in the chest by a knife, survived to get word of the massacre back to the Sky Kingdom.[6] Ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Fathom — sustained a minimal injury by hiding under a boat with Indigo. Enchanted spears to kill Albatross while Indigo kept him distracted, killing him and ending the massacre.[8]
  • Indigo — nearly died before being healed by Fathom, hid under a boat with Fathom until Albatross found them, and distracted him,[8] sustaining a significant injury, while Fathom enchanted spears to kill him.
  • Pearl — cut herself and survived due to playing dead. As the only surviving princess, she was forced to ascend to the throne at five years old.[14]


  • It is unknown when the SeaWings or SkyWings told the other tribes about the massacre, but there are scrolls about the event itself in modern Pyrrhia.
  • Between the massacre and Fathom's departure, Indigo became Queen Pearl's top guard and gained the title "Indigo the Animus Slayer."[15]



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