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"I know it was bad, but you can make up for what you've done. At least you can try. If we let you try."
— Ruby to Peril about her past, Escaping Peril

Ruby, originally Tourmaline, is an adult female SkyWing who was introduced in Escaping Peril. Ruby's personality, memories, and appearance were created and contained in an animus-touched earring, enchanted by Chameleon. After removing the earring, Tourmaline's original memories, appearance, and strength returned, but she requested that Chameleon create a second enchantment to restore her physical appearance as Ruby. She is the current queen of the SkyWings and resides in the SkyWing palace with Cliff.


Ruby has very deep, dark red scales and wings,[1] a diamond-shaped head,[2] and an unusually long neck and tail, often remarked on by other dragons. She has small rubies glittering from between the scales around her eyes, and wears silver rings with larger rubies on them around her claws. She also owned an animus-enchanted earring, given to her by Chameleon, that turns her into Ruby.

Tourmaline was described to have dark orange scales and wings,[3] as well as horns that curved inward.[4] Her snout was also described to be slightly longer than Ruby's.[4] When Peril burned the animus-enchanted earring that turned her into Ruby, she became larger, burlier, and orange, rather than staying as Ruby, which was unexpected by Peril.


Ruby retained the wish to become queen,[5] but because of the threat of Peril and the sheer strength of Scarlet, couldn't. Ruby was more obedient, loyal, and agreeable so she could stay alive.[3] After she became queen, Ruby chose to solidify her throne and restore order instead of engaging in battles.[6]

She eventually became strong enough to overcome the enchantment and challenge Scarlet.[7] Ruby chose to take her throne the right way and to stop being a coward.[8]

Tourmaline was ambitious,[9] acted like a queen, and wasn't the type to run away. She didn't want to wait for things happen; she wanted to make them happen instead, and wanted them to happen her way. Tourmaline desired to be a decent queen to the SkyWings and to get out of the war.[3]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Lost Heir
When Scarlet, Ruby's mother, vanished in the confusion of Glory's venom attack in the arena during the dragonets' escape, Ruby stepped up and ascended into the SkyWing throne during that time. However, Scarlet never returned, so Ruby kept the throne. Many SkyWings split over her ascension, as a great deal of them believed Scarlet was still alive. Another group believed she was dead, as seen when two injured SeaWings said they heard shouts "For Ruby!" and "The queen is not dead! Long live the queen!" From this, the Sky Kingdom was split between the sudden uprising and loyalty to Scarlet.
The Hidden Kingdom
The two MudWings soldiers discussed the SkyWing queen situation along with their opinion on Ruby. Later, Scarlet dreamvisited Glory and it was revealed that her daughter, Queen Ruby, had become the new SkyWing Queen. Scarlet complained a great deal about this particular subject, stating that Ruby could never beat her in a proper duel, because of the enchantment she put on her.
The Dark Secret
In the epilogue, Burn voiced her anger at Ruby to her brother, Smolder, by saying that Ruby wants to 'restore order in the Sky Kingdom' and 'establish the stability of her own throne' before engaging in any more battles. She also claims that Ruby is more difficult than her annoying mother, and she follows orders very poorly, if at all.
The Brightest Night
Peril mentioned that Ruby had banished her from the kingdom because she saw her as a threat to her subjects.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
One of the SkyWing students, Carnelian, frequently thinks about Ruby, who "forced" her to go to Jade Mountain Academy. Carnelian is angry with her but also shows fierce loyalty, stating that she would kill the former Queen Scarlet herself to defend Ruby and her throne. At one point, much to Carnelian's despair, Ruby sent her a letter denying her requests to leave the school. Carnelian made it clear she would rather be training in Ruby's army, attempting to become a general, than sitting in school.
Winter Turning
In the prologue, Ruby was seen with fourteen other SkyWing soldiers while capturing Hailstorm.

Later, Pyrite explained that she joined the Talons of Peace because Queen Ruby was forcing SkyWings to swear allegiance to her. Since her enchantment forced her to be loyal to Scarlet, she could not bow, causing her to leave the Sky Kingdom.

Ruby was also briefly mentioned when Hailstorm, Winter, and Qibli are talking to Eagle.
Escaping Peril
In the prologue, Ruby was seen with her sister, talking about overthrowing Scarlet and taking the throne. Ruby thinks about how dangerous and ambitious her sister is, unsure as to whether it would be a good idea to discuss this or not. Soon later, Tourmaline disappeared, and Ruby was called to the throne room by Scarlet. She greeted her brothers, who have varied expressions, and notes that one seems awfully friendly, possibly because she would probably get killed by Scarlet. Scarlet's ally, Princess Burn, was present, and Scarlet suggested to make a show, talking of how Burn dropped the SkyWing dragonet of destiny off a cliff. While she was there, Peril burned seven of the eight eggs that were supposed to hatch on the brightest night. Scarlet made Peril her champion, although Ruby did not agree. Peril seemed to have no idea that what she was doing was killing dragonets once Scarlet assured her that it was fine. Ruby began to suspect Peril of killing her sister, developing a strong dislike toward Peril.

Peril was waiting for Queen Ruby to retrieve the body of Carnelian. Queen Ruby showed her strong hate for Peril and Scarlet while talking to Clay, Sunny, and Tsunami. Worried about how Ruby would react to Peril, Clay had Peril stay hidden in a cave. Scarlet arrived throwing a severed head of what appears to have belonged to Glory, but was later revealed to be an animus-touched MudWing with a scrap of enchanted scroll in their ear. Ruby's guards defend the mountain as Ruby, Tsunami, and more guards quickly pursued Scarlet, but to no avail. Ruby and the others remained, discussing what to do with the MudWing head and if Scarlet had an animus helper. It was decided that Ruby will go to Queen Moorhen to give the MudWing head back and to try to find clues about where Scarlet is hiding.

Queen Ruby was warned ahead of time that her mother came back to the Sky Palace and she left the Mud Kingdom right away. At sunrise, she arrived at the palace. Seeing that her son, Cliff, was being held hostage by Scarlet, she agreed to let the guards lock her up. She knew this might happen, as she already had a special cell that was designed so she could escape. Scarlet and Ruby had the battle to determine the queen once and for all. While they were fighting, Peril realized that Ruby had an animus-touched earring that made her weak and quickly destroyed it. Ruby turned into Tourmaline and was able to defeat Scarlet. Tourmaline wanted to turn back into Ruby, because Cliff wanted his mother back. She told Chameleon to turn her back into Ruby, with all her memories and the knowledge intact. After turning into Ruby again, she hosts a party to celebrate. Peril was also pardoned by Ruby, allowing her to enter the Sky Kingdom at any time she pleased. Ruby offered Peril a home at the palace, showing her gratitude and forgiving Peril for her past actions.
Talons of Power
After Peril, Qibli, and Winter expressed that they believed Darkstalker was trustworthy, Ruby was mentioned when Peril recalled the events of Escaping Peril. She stated that she could not wait to tell Clay about what they did to Scarlet. Later, Turtle watched Clay gather the SkyWing students so that they could hear Peril's recollection of the duel between Scarlet and Ruby. The SkyWing students were relieved that Scarlet was dead and that Ruby was their queen. When a stolen dreamvisitor was found in Flame's pouch, Sunny worried that they would have to tell Queen Ruby about what he had done and that they did not have anywhere to keep Flame while they waited for Ruby to send someone for him.
Darkness of Dragons
More information flying in soon…

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Ruby is mentioned by Snowfall as one of the queens who wanted to build more relationships between their subjects. She is shown at the queen summit expressing concern about bringing her tribe to war, but then agrees to allow Sky to go as the SkyWing representative to Pantala.


Ruby was with Cliff when Leaf saw the latter and offered to help by going to get Ruby, who sighed, giving the key to Cliff. Cliff then gave the key to Leaf to free the other humans.



Ruby cares a lot about her son, Cliff, and is extremely protective of him, giving up her throne and kingdom so that he did not have to die. Cliff supposedly gave Ruby a "spark" that encouraged her to become queen and stand up to Scarlet, his grandmother.


Ruby used to hold extreme hatred over Peril because she thought that she killed her supposed sister, Tourmaline. Her first act as queen was to forbid Peril from ever entering the Sky Kingdom again. Their relationship remained strained until Peril offered herself to protect Cliff and use her firescales for the good of the kingdom, and in this case, killing Scarlet. After the events of Escaping Peril, she became much kinder and understanding toward Peril. Ruby even asked the firescales to come live in the Sky Palace if she wanted to, after realizing she never truly wanted to harm others and only did so under her mother's harsh command.


Scarlet and Ruby used to have a shaky relationship, with Scarlet referring to Ruby as her 'little mouse daughter.' Ruby tried to avoid her wrath and obeyed her, especially after knowing that Scarlet constantly had Peril by her side. This changed significantly when Glory deformed Scarlet, resulting in Ruby ascending to the throne. As of Escaping Peril, Ruby was no longer afraid of her, despite the enchantment written so that she would never be able to challenge Scarlet in a duel; Scarlet was killed by Ruby in the form of Tourmaline by the end of Escaping Peril.

Family Tree

Carmine, Sunset
Several Generations
UnknownScarlet3 Dragons
VermilionHawkRuby11 Dragons2 Dragons


"Are you planning to throw a scavenger at Mother? Because I'm sure she'd appreciate a snack before she kills you."
― to Tourmaline (Escaping Peril, prologue)

"This is definitely not me agreeing with her, […] but I think we absolutely should. Animus dragons are so dangerous — and more so the more they use their powers. According to our history, the SkyWing tribe used to kill them the moment we figured out what they were."
― about killing Animus dragons (Escaping Peril, page 36)

"It's done, […] Let's go. Cliff, I love you, little one. Don't be scared. You're still going to change the world, all right?"
― to Cliff (Escaping Peril, page 201)

"Queen Scarlet of the SkyWings, I hereby challenge you to a duel for throne and kingdom."
― to Queen Scarlet (Escaping Peril, page 223-224)

"I know it was bad, […] But you can make up for what you've done. At least you can try. If we let you try."
― to Peril (Escaping Peril, page 250)

"I have a lot of dragons who haven't recovered from the War of SandWing Succession. Or, to be honest, my mother's reign as the Super-Murdery Queen of the Mountains. I don't know if I can throw them into another conflict."
― Ruby to the Pyrrhian queens during a peace assembly about Scarlet (The Dangerous Gift, page 206)


  • Ruby served as a general before she became queen.[10]



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