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"Very well, you maddening NightWing. Your story has warmed my heart, or perhaps I just need you to go away and stop sliding incriminating notes under your door. So. Midnight tomorrow. Be ready."
— Saguaro's writing to Fierceteeth, Prisoners

Saguaro is a female SandWing guard who was introduced in Prisoners. She was interested in overthrowing Thorn with Fierceteeth and Strongwings and was involved in the attempted assassination of Glory.


Saguaro has a scar over her heart.[1]


Saguaro seems to be a schemer and connected to "great secret plans."[2] She exchanged letters with Fierceteeth in the dungeon, who was trying to get Saguaro to help her overthrow Glory, and let her and Strongwings out of prison. She supported Burn during the War of SandWing Succession.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power

Fierceteeth, Strongwings, and a group of SandWings try to assassinate Glory. Darkstalker, however, saves the queen and creates a prison for her to keep them in. Saguaro is likely one of the SandWings that Darkstalker captured.



Saguaro was a major character in Prisoners. Throughout the winglet, she and Fierceteeth wrote letters to one another, in which Fierceteeth tried to convince Saguaro to free her. Saguaro was likely a spy of some sort for Vulture's Talons of Power, as it was stated in the books that Fierceteeth saw her drawing maps of the dungeon and doing more suspicious actions that she could tell the other guards about, such as talking to thin air, possibly giving reports to Vulture at scheduled times using the Obsidian Mirror. Saguaro refused to do anything about freeing Fierceteeth at first, but Fierceteeth later convinced her with letters of her backstory and plans. At the end of Prisoners, Saguaro freed Fierceteeth and Strongwings, and they escaped into the desert.


"I have no interest in discussing anything with a NightWing prisoner. Whose idea was it to let you have paper and ink?"
― to Fierceteeth (Prisoners)

"We are not friends. I don't know anything about you, other than what it says in your prisoner file.

Fierceteeth: Traitor. Kidnapper. Ringleader of assassination plot.
To be held indefinitely with fellow traitor Strongwings, on behalf of the NightWing queen.

Oh, yes, certainly sounds like a dragon anyone can trust."
― to Fierceteeth (Prisoners)

"Alright, NightWing, here's a blank scroll. Go ahead and try to convince me that you're a dragon who even deserves to live, let alone one I should waste my time on. I do enjoy being amused."
― to Fierceteeth (Prisoners)

"I see. Quite a tragic tale. What about your fellow prisoner? The accessory to your crimes? Is he a misunderstood hero as well? Is he necessary to your ambitious plans, or do you intend to leave him here to desiccate?"
― to Fierceteeth, about Strongwings (Prisoners)

"Very well, you maddening NightWing. Your story has warmed my heart, or perhaps I just need you to go away and stop sliding incriminating notes under your door. So. Midnight tomorrow. Be ready."
― to Fierceteeth (Prisoners)


  • Fierceteeth remarked that Saguaro would stand in dark corners and whisper to someone who wasn't physically there, much like Onyx did with Vulture and the Obsidian Mirror.



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