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"Riptide is letting me build a den for them in Sanctuary. Actually, that's how Riptide got the name for the town — I mentioned wanting to build a scavenger sanctuary, and he liked the word so much he decided to fly with it. I'm hoping to get about six or seven scavengers to live in there so I can watch what they do."
Winter to Kinkajou about Sanctuary, Darkness of Dragons

Sanctuary is a town located in the Sky Kingdom. It is currently occupied and being constructed by the Talons of Peace, and it is also occupied by several hybrids and humans.


Sanctuary is built along a cold[1] stream trickling downhill from a lake[2] in the foothills of the Claws of the Clouds Mountains beside a very small, cold lake.[3] Each home looks completely different from the next, and Sanctuary's architecture includes a mound of clay with a hole in the roof, a rough cabin made of logs and leaves, and two structures by the lake that are half-submerged in water.[2] It is surrounded by bushes[4] and trees[5] that smell like damp leaves and pine needles.[6] There is a huge boulder half-covered in poison ivy within the forest,[7] and a smooth, cold,[8] tall, flat boulder in the shade of the trees.[9] The air smells like scavengers, pine trees, and distant snow.[10]

Halfway up one of the surrounding mountain peaks, there is a pebbly cave. Sanctuary is punctuated by sounds of incessant chatter,[11] leaves rustling,[12] wind whipping around the snowcaps of the mountains, but the cave is very quiet.[13]

Not far from the lake's edge, in an area cleared of trees, there is an odd corner:[14] a space surrounded by a very tall fence, which is composed of tree trunks lashed together.[15] Inside, there is a dragon-made pool of water and a pile of leaves and pine needles with a small leaf canopy covering it.[16]

It is full of scuttling noises.[17]



The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Darkness of Dragons

In the epilogue, Winter was seen observing scavengers after leaving Jade Mountain Academy, but Kinkajou scared them off. She offered to help Winter find them, as her RainWing scales would likely come in handy. He talked about how he was trying to built a sanctuary for scavengers, and Riptide got the idea for the name of the town when Winter suggested this.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

Sanctuary appeared as the site where Snowfall and other queens of Pyrrhia discuss Pantala's existence. It is also where Crystal decided to stay after Glacier died so she can reunite with her love interest, Gharial. Many LeafWings, SilkWings, and Bumblebee reside there.


  • Several IceWings were interested in moving to Sanctuary.[3]
  • Anemone donated half of her treasure to help build Sanctuary.[3]