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The SapWings are a coalition of LeafWings who believe in peace for all of Pantala. Their opinions contradict those of the PoisonWings, who want to bring revenge on the HiveWings and SilkWings. The SapWings are led by the original queen of the LeafWings, Sequoia.


All SapWings are biologically LeafWings. The SapWings name themselves after trees, as the LeafWings did before the Tree Wars.[1] The SapWings believe that they are the true LeafWings[2] and that the PoisonWings are a rebellious, out of control group. They also aim to lie low until Queen Wasp dies.[1]

The SapWings and the PoisonWings used to be united under Queen Sequoia as LeafWings until Queen Sequoia gave the order to retreat during the Tree Wars. One of her most trusted generals wanted to keep fighting, so they broke off from the tribe with the other disagreeing LeafWings, forming their own tribe: the PoisonWings.[3]

Contact between the two LeafWings tribes is forbidden by the PoisonWings, although the two leaders of the tribes occasionally meet in secret to discuss things.[1] 


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

The SapWings were formally introduced in the book.



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