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"They're already infected. As soon as they hatch, Wasp will be able to see through their eyes, and then she'll find us. You can't bring them along, or you doom everyone else."
— Scarab to Jewel about unhatched HiveWing dragonets, The Dangerous Gift

Scarab is an elderly female HiveWing royal who was introduced in The Lost Continent. She formerly served as the Minister of Education and is currently considered a fugitive in Pantala.


Scarab has lemon-yellow scales, black stripes on her wings, and ruby scales freckling her nose and tail.[1] She has black eyes with flickers of dark red in their depths[2] and wears a pair of spectacles.[1] She is grouchy and majestic.[3]


Although she often makes snappy remarks on Cricket's numerous questions,[4] Scarab demonstrates great respect for all dragons; Blue thinks she is fiercely not awful.[5] She seems to take an interest in painting.[6] She is intent[7] and blunt, and is not accustomed to gentleness.[8]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
Scarab first appeared when Blue and Luna entered a candy store called The Sugar Dream and was unable to make up her mind as to what to purchase. When Weevil entered the store and began bullying the two SilkWings, Lady Scarab ended it, requesting that Weevil help her with a box of nectar vials. When the storekeeper continued to be rude to Blue and Luna, she insisted that he help them. When Chafer challenged her, she started using her special HiveWing power, referred to as "super stink powers" by Luna, and the storekeeper quickly placed their order and shuffled them out. On the way out, Scarab advised Blue and Luna to "choose an establishment friendlier to SilkWings next time." Later, Cricket mentioned that Scarab had the only telescope in Cicada Hive, and wouldn't lend it to anybody. Blue asked Cricket if she knew Scarab, and Cricket asked him the same question skeptically. Blue explained the scene in Sugar Dream to her and Cricket agreed with him that that sounded like her: "fiercely not awful." Blue wondered if Cricket had a special connection with Scarab, although he did not inquire further.
The Hive Queen
Scarab appeared wearing a hood when Cricket spotted her and Katydid sneaking into Cadelle's house. Katydid went inside and Scarab kept watch outside. After Katydid and Cricket had a conversation, Katydid left and was scolded by Scarab, who was irritated about the fact Katydid took so long.

Scarab refused to open her door when Wasp, who was controlling a HiveWing soldier at the time, demanded to enter the mansion to get Katydid, believing her to be "the traitor [she's] looking for" (Cricket). Wasp attempted to threaten her, but Scarab threw the door open, furious, then angrily told Wasp that Katydid was innocent and that she should have left her alone, and said that Katydid had not done Wasp any harm. Cricket realized that Wasp is unable to control Scarab. Scarab continued to resist until Katydid appeared at the door to hand herself over to Wasp, but Wasp said that she was familiar, but not the dragon she was looking for. Wasp guessed that Katydid was in some way related to her "missing friend." Wasp took over Katydid as well and left as Scarab retreated furiously back into her mansion.

Cricket knocked on a side door of the mansion, and Scarab eventually let the younger HiveWing into her home. Scarab demanded to know if Cricket had the Book, to which Cricket replied that her friend had it and asked Scarab what she knew about the Book. Scarab admitted she didn't know much about it and had wanted to get ahold of it for years, and asked Cricket if Wasp's slow and horrible death was in there. Cricket said no; that the power of the Book was a lie and there were no more predictions in it. Scarab mused that there wasn't a HiveWing queen succession line in the Book either. She asked Cricket why she wasn't hiding "in some distant corner of the continent." Cricket didn't answer this and instead told Scarab that she had questions, and asked why Wasp couldn't control either of the two, but Lady Scarab said she didn't know. Cricket asked how she doesn't know, but Scarab said that "nobody knows why Wasp can do what she does" and that "no other dragon has ever done it before."

Cricket doubted that there was no other dragon in history with the ability and asked Scarab if she was sure, and Scarab replied by saying she was sure, adding that she had history books about centuries ago and that while she has traced back the family trees as far out as she could, she did not find a HiveWing that was able to control others' minds. She stated that it certainly did not come from Clearsight's multiple husbands and revealed that HiveWings are related to SilkWings due to the generations following Clearsight's dragonets marrying dragons from an extinct tribe long ago; they were officially split into two tribes merely about 500 years ago. Cricket asked if any of Clearsight's children inherited the power to see the future, but Scarab said there were none, according to the historical records. Cricket asked again why the mind control didn't work on her and on Scarab and asked if there was anything the two of them had in common and if there was anyone else free of it. Scarab replied by saying that Wasp's sisters and Jewel were free of it, though Wasp had threatened the latter with the mind-control a few times. Cricket then asked if she knew anything about a home for old dragons in Tsetse Hive and if they were kept there because Wasp was unable to control them. Scarab said she didn't know anything about that and mentioned that all of her friends "went funny" before dying like the dragon Cricket saw being surrounded by HiveWings when she was two years old. Cricket suggested that Wasp's power was still getting stronger, but Scarab brushed it off, saying that HiveWing powers "don't wander in fifty years later." Cricket asked why it didn't work on the two yet again and suggested that maybe she was half SilkWing. Scarab denied it and said that Cricket is a pure HiveWing and that her true mother is Katydid.

Cricket then asked how Katydid kept this a secret, and Scarab replied by saying that Katydid eventually crept her egg into the Cicada Hive Nest and Cadelle reluctantly agreed to pretend that the egg was hers, hinting that she had helped with the compromise and the official records. Cricket asked if Scarab knew her father, to which she replied that Wasp forbade his marriage to Katydid and took him away before he knew Cricket existed, and currently works for Wasp. Cricket realized that the reason why Scarab had no servants was so no one she cared about could get hurt by the queen.

Scarab appeared with Jewel in the cells. Jewel attempted to talk to Cricket, with Scarab scolding Cricket for losing her best paintbrush and Jewel chiming in angrily every other sentence. Scarab was annoyed when Cricket agreed to sneak into the Jewel Hive Nest to spy on the queen.
The Dangerous Gift
Scarab was briefly seen in a vision by Snowfall. She, Cinnabar, Tau, and Jewel discussed evacuating the SilkWings and she suggested not bringing the HiveWing eggs with them. Wasp said that Scarab had disappeared with the rest of the SilkWings in Jewel Hive. Wasp also threatened about Jewel and Scarab saying that she should of killed them a long time ago.



Scarab first comes up in a conversation between Blue and Cricket. She turns out to be deeply woven into Cricket's history. In The Hive Queen, it is revealed that Scarab helped cover for Cricket's egg. Scarab often scolds Cricket, but it is unlikely that she actually hates her. In The Hive Queen, she tells Cricket useful information, discussing the HiveWing bloodline and reasons why they both were immune to Wasp's mind control.


Scarab said that Cochineal was a much better liar than she was, which was likely why she was chosen by their mother. According to Scarab, Cochineal's daughters and Jewel could not be mind-controlled by Wasp as they were hatched around the same time as Wasp.


While Scarab is Jewel's mother, Jewel tends to find her annoying and unpredictable. Scarab often makes remarks about Jewel's attitude and how she runs her Hive and the care of her dragonets. In a mere conversation between them and Cricket, Scarab's biting comments about her daughter and Cricket irritated Jewel to the point of losing her composure several times. However, Scarab seems to truly care about Jewel and gives her advice no matter what.


Scarab describes him as brilliant, able to make excellent coffee, and full of exciting ideas.[9]


Wasp and Lady Scarab have an intense mutual dislike for each other. Wasp threatened to kill Scarab in The Hive Queen. Wasp is also shown to have done terrible things to Malachite and Katydid just to spite her.

Family Tree

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"Choose an establishment friendlier to SilkWings next time."
― to Luna and Blue about The Sugar Dream (The Lost Continent, page 26)

"A young friend of mine. She's asleep, like a sensible dragon, so take your goons and shut up and go away."
― to Wasp when asked about Katydid, who she is hiding in her mansion (The Hive Queen, page 171)

"Ha. Doing your own dirty work? Doesn't sound like you, Wasp."
― to Wasp (The Hive Queen, page 173)

"Not enough. I've wanted to get my claws on it for years. I assume you read it. What happens next? Say the words 'Wasp dies slowly and horribly' and I'll make you my heir."
― to Cricket (The Hive Queen, page 180)

"Maybe they weren't called SilkWings back then. ShimmerWings or Flibbertigibbets or something in the old language. I don't know. But Clearsight married one, and then another one when the first one died, and had an alarming number of dragonets with each one, and then their dragonets and their dragonets' dragonets kept going, marrying Ye Olde SilkWings or what have you, until there was enough of them to be considered their own tribe. HiveWings. Stupid menacing name, if you ask me. It was only about five hundred years ago that we officially split into two separate tribes, you know. My charming great-great-grandmother was the queen who ordered no more mingling of the bloodlines. She was a nightmare."
― to Cricket about Clearsight and the BeetleWings (The Hive Queen, page 182-183)

"Not according to the records. But then, if I were Clearsight, I'd tell my kids to keep that information to themselves. If you know the future, but no one else knows you know the future, you've got an advantage, see? HA! Maybe I am related to my family after all."
― to Cricket (The Hive Queen, page 184)

"She parades him past me whenever she can, always with those hateful white eyes. I don't know if he ever gets to be himself. I haven't seen him with his own eyes since the day she took him over and summoned him to Wasp Hive."
― to Cricket about Malachite being controlled (The Hive Queen, page 193)

"Not on your life. Those brats are very loud and I will not be tricked into dragonet-sitting. Stop distracting me and get on with interrogating this nitwit."
― to Jewel about dragonets (The Hive Queen, page 221)

"Well, this is a fine mess. NOW who's going to take down my dreadful niece? Certainly would be nice if I had a daughter willing to fight for the throne that should actually be ours."
― to Jewel and Tau about Wasp (The Dangerous Gift, page 121)

"They're already infected. As soon as they hatch, Wasp will be able to see through their eyes, and then she'll find us. You can't bring them along, or you doom everyone else."
― to Jewel about unhatched HiveWing dragonets (The Dangerous Gift, page 122)


  • Scarab owns the only telescope in Cicada Hive and does not lend it to anybody.[5]
  • Though she never bothered correcting the stories, Scarab was rumored to be be older than the Hives, and was "so powerful she could knock over a tree by breathing on it. They said she boiled SilkWings in their cocoons and ate them."[10]



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