"What use are diamonds to me? If I want something, I don't pay for it; I take it. And right now, groveling prince, I only want two things: my throne back — and vengeance."
—Scarlet to Winter, Winter Turning

Scarlet was an adult female SkyWing introduced in The Dragonet Prophecy. Despite being challenged fourteen times for the throne, she reigned as queen for approximately twenty-nine years until she was killed by Queen Ruby in a royal challenge.


Scarlet had dark orange scales[1] and bright yellow eyes[2] that were as sharp as talons.[3] Her orange[4] wings were enormous,[5] and their top side[6] had rubies embedded around the edges.[7] A row of tiny rubies[8] and diamonds[9] were also embedded between the scales over each of her eyes.[8]

She was slightly bigger than Clay,[8] but smaller than Kestrel[10] and Dune.[11] She was usually wreathed[12] in white smoke emitting from her nostrils in a steady stream that would coil thickly around her horns.[6] She also had a deep,[13] slithering voice.[3]

While still queen, a fine coat of golden chain mail adorned her, hung with rubies and amber drops around her torso,[8] as well as a circlet made of gold and diamonds,[14] medallions around her neck, and rings on her claws.[15] Occasionally, she would also wear a diamond-studded vest with small black chain links.[16]

After being severely injured by Glory's venom and being imprisoned by Burn, all earlier ornaments were gone[15] except for the rubies above her[15] left[17] eye. The other side[15] of her shimmering orange face[18] was melted into a hideous dark mess[15] that misshaped her snout[19] and revealed a glimpse of her jawbone underneath. One eye was pulled down and out of proportion with the rest of her face.[15]

During the time after her escape from Burn, Scarlet became thin and ragged[20] but began adorning herself with jewelry again once she briefly managed to regain the SkyWing throne.[21]


Scarlet was an impetuously violent, both physically and emotionally manipulative, dragon. She was never afraid of conflict, which she demonstrated through her brutal arena, and was described by Glory to be the most dangerous dragon in Pyrrhia.[22] She was harsh and cold, yet a very cunning ruler, and was someone who was not easily defeated or outsmarted. She also believed that using fear would make her subjects carry out her orders unquestioned and unconcerned. She loved violence and bloodshed and had a thirst for vengeance.[23] She was also noted to be sarcastic, melodramatic, sadistic, and tried to make a spectacle of everything. She managed to be so menacing and ruthless that neither her daughters nor sisters defeated her in a challenge for the throne except Ruby.

She rarely trusted other dragons,[14] and Moonwatcher described her mind as loud, angry, and all over the place. Chameleon also stated that she was usually very convincing.[24]

Scarlet also had psychopathic traits, as shown as she ruthlessly killed and lived for blood, showing no compassion whatsoever when she snapped Dune's neck. She loved to use dragons as personal playthings and showed no remorse when they were brutally killed. This is demonstrated when she manipulated Peril to think all she could do was kill.

She also used other dragons' ignorance to her advantage, such as when she lied to Peril about the black rocks, poisoned her food, and didn't tell her that Kestrel was her mother. She liked showing off her wealth and wore gold chain mail studded with rubies and amber drops. She also encrusted her eyebrows, scales, and wings with gems. Her riches were displayed in her palace, including veins of solid gold that ran throughout the structure and golden walls in the throne room, which was so bright that they could give dragons a headache on a sunny day. She finds gore and death to be very "thrilling." This tendency also proved to be her worst weakness - when Clay was in the arena reluctantly fighting Peril, the "excitement" distracted her long enough for Glory to attack her with her deadly RainWing venom. She became even more bitter and vicious after being attacked by Glory and imprisoned by Burn, afterward seeing the two as the source of her problems, turning her into a very vengeful character. She even believed she was the good guy, and that her plots of revenge were justified. Although she was shown to be at least a little bit self-conscious of her disfigured and awful-looking face, as she tended to get snappy when it was brought up.

Scarlet fiercely believed she was the rightful queen of the SkyWings and swore vengeance when her daughter Ruby took the throne. She hated anyone competing with her and seemed to have no remorse for the many dragons she has killed. She also mentioned that the War of SandWing Succession gave her more prisoners and fewer challengers, which means that she was clever on how to hold her position of authority. She liked the war and wanted to keep it going for her fun.


Scarlet was one of the longest-lived SkyWing queens, surviving fourteen challenges to the throne. She was also one of the most beautiful and powerful queens in all of Pyrrhia. No one had even tried to challenge her in almost nine years prior to The Dragonet Prophecy. This was mostly due to Peril because everyone was afraid of her. In The Dragonet Prophecy, it was said that she used the arena to intimidate her challengers. Scarlet was also one of the richest queens. Her throne room almost completely plated with gold and other precious minerals. She decided to ally with Burn, perhaps because Burn offered her something in return, like the river that SkyWings and SandWings always fight over, and the MudWings in the War of SandWing Succession and began to use the war to entertain herself. Scarlet would place prisoners against each other in the SkyWing Arena, claiming that if they won enough fights, they would go free, using Peril as her champion. It also mentions that no one had ever gone free before, because they died fighting Peril, the fireborn SkyWing.

Kestrel having to abandon Peril

About eight years before, Kestrel, one of her most loyal soldiers, entered the breeding program and yielded one large egg with twin dragonets. Because one of the dragonets was born with too much fire, and the other too little, Scarlet ordered Kestrel to kill the dragonets and stay out of the program for the rest of her life, a SkyWing tradition.

Despite this, Kestrel tried to flee with them, prompting Scarlet to change the order: if Kestrel killed one of the dragonets, she would be allowed to go free with the other. Kestrel "killed" the one with too little fire, her son, with her own claws, an act that haunted her for the rest of her life. Scarlet, however, revealed she had lied and ordered her guards to take Kestrel back for trial and kill the other dragonet. Kestrel tried to flee with the dragonet with too much fire, Peril but was burned upon contact with her firescales, leaving burn scars. She was forced to flee alone, leaving her only daughter with Scarlet. For years, Kestrel feared that the hatchling had been killed by Scarlet.

Scarlet named the dragonet Peril, and, due to her invulnerability and blazing hot claws that were shown to be able to melt through metal, she trained Peril as a killer and to be the champion of the SkyWing arena. She made Peril burn most of the eggs that would be due to hatch on the brightest night. To ensure Peril's complete and utmost loyalty, she told her that Peril had killed her twin by burning him before they hatched and her mother attempted to kill her, but was thwarted by the SkyWing queen. Scarlet also told Peril she needed to eat black rocks to survive, which was a lie. When Peril got mad at Scarlet for not telling anything about her real mother and refused to eat her black rocks, Scarlet poisoned her real food without telling her what she had done to make Peril more loyal and easily controlled.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
Mushroom, a scavenger, stole treasure from Scarlet and fled. This led her to stumble across Clay and Tsunami, who had been escaping from their cave home in the mountain with the Talons of Peace. After finding the duo, Scarlet promptly eats Mushroom, before spitting him out, claiming he tasted like fish. She told them to come with her after Clay tried to explain what they had been doing in the SkyWing territory for six years. She thought they had been stealing the jewels from her. To escape, Tsunami impaled her tail into the ground with the scavenger's sword, infuriating her. This led to her following their smoke signal.

Scarlet finding the cave of the dragonets of destiny

She captured the Dragonets of destiny and Kestrel, killing Dune while Webs managed to escape through the river hole that Clay and Tsunami had used earlier to get out of the cave, her guard came up to her and asked her if she wanted them to kill webs, she declines.

Scarlet had locked Sunny in a cage hanging above her hall, imprisoned Kestrel, used Glory as living "artwork," which Glory actually seemed to enjoy, and put Clay, Tsunami, and Starflight into the SkyWing arena to fight to their deaths. She wanted to pit Starflight against Tsunami first, but Clay talked Scarlet out of it by denouncing her as "just another SeaWing," which offended Tsunami greatly. Scarlet then pitted Clay against Fjord (an IceWing). When Fjord was about to kill Clay, Tsunami distracted everyone by launching herself off of her pedestal in an attempt to save Clay, tugging all the other prisoners with her along the wire connecting them. While everyone, including Fjord, was looking at the commotion, venom splashed onto Fjord's face and eyes and almost immediately killed him. Scarlet assumed Clay had killed him and declared him the winner. She held a dramatic trial the following day when Kestrel was sentenced to death, Osprey was killed, and Peril learned who her mother truly was.

After Burn arrived, she imprisoned the three dragonets in Peril's room for causing the prisoners to sing The Dragonets are Coming. After Peril helped them escape, she betrayed them by telling the queen where they were, to keep Clay with her in the Sky Kingdom. The next day, which was Scarlet's hatching day, Tsunami was pitted against an insane, water-deprived SeaWing named Gill, later revealed to be her own father. Furthermore, Starflight and Tsunami had to fight against scavengers, after they refused to fight each other. They defeated two of the scavengers before Queen Scarlet decided to pit Starflight against a group of IceWings, a tribe that loathed NightWings. Before she could do so, Morrowseer came to Starflight's rescue and the NightWings proceeded to slaughter all the IceWing captives. This offended and angered Scarlet to a huge degree.


Burn using Scarlet as a shield against Glory's venom

Scarlet then pitted Peril against Clay, knowing Peril was using the Champion's Shield in an attempt to save her mother, Kestrel, from death, and that Clay could not be harmed by her firescales. During the battle, Scarlet told Clay to use his venom, not knowing that it was Glory who possessed that ability. Ironically, upon asking him to do so, Glory reared up, easily broke her chain, and spat a stream of venom at Burn, who pushed Scarlet in front of her as a shield. As the venom took effect, Scarlet screamed in pain. She was then presumed to have been killed during the chaos, with her daughter, Ruby, succeeding her.
The Lost Heir
Scarlet did not formally appear. However, two SeaWing soldiers claimed that they had seen a group of SkyWings arguing while on patrol, some of them claiming that Scarlet was still alive and was the rightful SkyWing queen, while others were shouting, "For Ruby!" At this point, the tribe was split into these two groups, none knowing for certain what had happened to Scarlet. It isn't revealed until the next book that Scarlet was, in fact, alive and in hiding.
The Hidden Kingdom
Scarlet used a magical artifact created by an animus dragon, called a dreamvisitor, to talk to Glory in her dreams. It is said that her face has become a "smeared mess." When Glory asks where she is, Scarlet says that she will tell her if the RainWing promised to free her. Glory refused to do so, and this caused the former queen to become angry because she believed Glory owed her for damaging her formerly good looks with her RainWing venom. She also says that she knows where the dragonets are. It is likely she was bluffing, as she never attacked them.
The Dark Secret
Scarlet does not formally appear, but she is mentioned by Burn to another dragon (her brother, Smolder), who has kidnapped her and is holding her prisoner in her stronghold because she "is in no condition to fight Ruby for the throne." However, it is believed that Burn has been lying and wants to stuff her, which wouldn't be such a big surprise.
The Brightest Night
Scarlet was found by Sunny in Burn's stronghold as Smolder led her past, revealing Burn and her forces had taken her away after Glory attacked her. She tried terrifying Sunny at night, but a scavenger named Flower (a pet of Smolder's) made her feel better. Scarlet was held in Burn's weirdling collection and destroyed as much of it as she could in her frustration. She destroyed a stuffed NightWing, which Smolder mentions would make Burn furious. She later escaped with assistance from Peril during an Outclaw siege on Burn's stronghold. Sunny could see Scarlet and Peril's wings flying off, away from the fight. Before her rescue, she appeared in Peril's dreams. After the attack, she vanished again.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Over the course of Moon Rising, Scarlet used a dreamvisitor to appear in the dreams of Princess Icicle, a student at the Jade Mountain Academy and an heiress to the IceWing throne. Peril was also thought to be Scarlet by Starflight. It was revealed that Scarlet was keeping Icicle and Winter's brother, Hailstorm, prisoner. Scarlet made a bargain with Icicle, telling her that if she killed the dragonets of destiny she would release her brother. At the end of the book, after failing to kill Starflight, Icicle presumably fled to the Rainforest Kingdom to assassinate Glory. In the epilogue, Scarlet is seen at her hideout with Chameleon (In his NightWing form) trying to get information on Icicle's assassination attempt with the dreamvisitor. She dreamvisits Peril and discovers that Icicle did not succeed in killing the dragonets and becomes frustrated. Scarlet then contemplates killing the dragonets herself, perhaps from a distance. Now annoyed, she shouts at Chameleon for making a tapping noise with an object and asks him to show her what it is. The object is, of course, Darkstalker's scroll.
Winter Turning
Scarlet is first seen in the seventh Wings Of Fire book in the prologue. After Hailstorm was captured by a group of SkyWing soldiers, he is brought to Scarlet. She puts a necklace around his neck and everything goes black. This is how he became Pyrite.

Scarlet is then mentioned when Icicle fails to kill the dragonets of destiny. After Icicle escaped Jade Mountain and was hiding out at the Volcano where the Night Kingdom was, Icicle refuses to sleep because she knows if she does Scarlet will dreamvisit her and she will lose the deal she had with Scarlet to get Hailstorm back. Whenever she got tired, she let the small rivers of lava wake her with the burning pains. She was put to sleep by RainWing sleeping darts and taken back to the Rain Kingdom.

Afterward, she is seen dreamvisiting Winter when he and the rest of the winglet go and try to find her secret base. She tells him that she knows he isn't really going to kill Glory and threatens to kill his brother in agonizingly painful ways as punishment. In a desperate attempt to get away from Scarlet, Winter rips off his pouch carrying the skyfire to yell for help in his mind for Moonwatcher, and Scarlet disappears along with the dream when Moon shakes him awake.

She is later heard yelling at Chameleon, in the form of Shapeshifter, who offers to go grab Pyrite so Scarlet can kill the one who was inside the SkyWing mask, which was Winter's brother, Hailstorm.
Escaping Peril
Scarlet is first seen in the prologue of Escaping Peril. She orders Ruby, Vermilion, Hawk, an unknown dragon nicknamed "Kidney breath" (possibly Osprey), and more unknown SkyWings of importance into her throne room. There, she reveals to the dragons that she has secretly kept the dragonet with too much fire, now named Peril, alive in the hopes of creating her into a weapon. Scarlet then demonstrates Peril's power by making her burn all but one of the surviving eggs set to hatch on the Brightest Night. This act scares all of the dragons and makes them realize and fear how powerful Scarlet has become as she has made the most dangerous creature imaginable: Peril.

At the beginning of the book, Ruby visits Jade Mountain to collect the body of Carnelian and negotiate about the arresting of Sora and Umber with Clay. While there, Scarlet is spotted flying towards the group by a SkyWing guard. Ruby sees too and speaks Scarlet's name which causes Peril, who was eavesdropping on the scene with Turtle, prompting her to have a flashback back to when she last saw Scarlet. The flashback is set the night after Peril rescues Scarlet from Burn's stronghold and they are hiding in the wastelands that make up the border of the Ice Kingdom and the Kingdom of Sand. Scarlet wants Peril to kill Ruby for her, but Peril refuses, saying that she wasn't a dragon killing dragon anymore and that Clay says that she could be whoever she wants to be. Scarlet gets mad at Peril mentioning Clay and says that she will not be happy if Peril doesn't kill Ruby. Peril tells Scarlet that she will not kill the SkyWing Queen and that that is her final answer. The next morning, Scarlet ditches Peril and disappears.

When Peril comes back to her senses, she sees Ruby and her guards getting ready to attack Scarlet. Peril flees her hiding spot and flies outside of the Academy to go and protect Clay from harm. Before she reaches Scarlet though, Scarlet stops, screams at the SkyWings, saying how they are all traitors and disloyal to their tribe, and hurls an object at the group before fleeing back to where she came from. The object Scarlet throws ends up being Queen Glory's severed head. While the guards and Tsunami chase after her, Turtle removes a slip of paper from the head and discovers that it wasn't actually Glory and that the paper was enchanted to make a MudWing's head look like hers. Ever since the incident, Peril decides that it is her responsibility to go find her old guardian and kill her for the safety of Clay and everybody else Scarlet intends on harming. Turtle decides to join her on the search for the old Queen.

After accidentally harming Winter in Possibility and fleeing from Qibli, Moon, and Turtle, Peril runs into her long lost father, Chameleon. Chameleon (in his SkyWing shape, Soar) introduces himself and takes Peril to Scarlet. Peril is surprised to the Ex-Queen is there and realizes that Chameleon betrayed her. Scarlet realizes that Chameleon didn't tell her about his shapeshifting and she says to him "So you still haven't told her. I love it." Scarlet then leaps on Chameleon making Peril think that Scarlet is trying to kill her father. She almost tries to go and help him but stops, wanting to know what her father didn't tell her about. But Scarlet was not attacking Chameleon but instead trying to rip off his pouch containing his different dragon shapes. Chameleon transforms into his old, lime green RainWing self. Scarlet shows to her how he used magic to create his SkyWing self and that he enchanted a necklace made of thick metal for her that can take away Peril's firescales forever. Chameleon offers the necklace to Peril and Peril takes it and puts it on. Suddenly, she loses her firescales, as well as losing her memories of Clay and becoming completely and forever loyal to Scarlet as part of the spell's secret side effects. Peril becomes happy and agrees to kill Ruby and get back Scarlet's throne.

They go to the Sky Kingdom to get back her throne and start by kidnapping Ruby's son, Prince Cliff, from the palace wingery. Because of Peril, nobody wants to attack Scarlet because they believe that Peril would kill them because they don't know that she lost her firescales. Scarlet, Chameleon, Peril, and Cliff settle down in Scarlet's old throne room and wait for Ruby to arrive. Scarlet orders Vermilion to come to her and she scolds her son for not following any of the orders she asked while she dreamvisited him in her Weirdling tower cell, such as bringing an army back to rescue her or try to secretly assassinate Ruby. She assures to Vermilion that he will be punished.

Ruby arrives early the next day with a squadron of SkyWings. Her plans to defeat Scarlet were foiled, for Scarlet was holding Ruby's beloved son, Prince Cliff hostage, and would make Peril kill him if she took another step. Ruby surrenders to her and is imprisoned. Scarlet orders Peril and Chameleon to watch Cliff on the highest tower in the palace. After Cliff escapes and reunites with his mother, Scarlet appears and tells Peril to burn them. She refuses, finally realizing she is done with Scarlet and her games, and Peril takes off her necklace and regains her old self. Ruby, then, officially challenges Scarlet to a fight for the throne. Ruby was beaten down by Scarlet and was losing the fight until Peril learns by Chameleon that Ruby was Tourmaline all along, and when she destroys Ruby's earring, Ruby transforms into the long lost SkyWing princess. Scarlet says she made up Ruby because Tourmaline was becoming too dangerous. Tourmaline then finishes the duel by snapping Scarlet's neck and shouting "For the SkyWings!", ending Scarlet's life and her reign as queen of the SkyWings.
Talons of Power
Darkstalker stated that he guessed that part of Moon's prophecy was about Scarlet, adding that was "chock-full of darkness." Peril later said that she was going to tell Clay what she and Ruby had done to Scarlet, and Turtle later saw Clay and Peril gathering the SkyWing students to tell that about the duel, and when they all came back, all of them looked relieved to know that Ruby was safely their queen. When Qibli asked Peril how her meeting was with Clay, she stated that he'd been pleased to hear about Scarlet. Later, when Turtle was thinking about how he wished Peril could come with him to the rainforest, he reflected on how he'd been able to think of their previous adventure after Scarlet as Peril's quest, and not his, so nobody expected much from him. When Turtle uses his enchanted coral to find Glory, he realizes he should've used it to help find Peril. When Turtle got Anemone to heal Kinkajou, he told Kinkajou that she had stopped Scarlet (and saved Hailstorm). He then explained everything that happened, including what had happened with Peril and Scarlet. When Kinkajou stated to Moon that Darkstalker was evil, Moon said that he wasn't — not like Scarlet was. Turtle later thought again about his and Peril's adventure together, including setting out to stop Scarlet, remembering how it had felt a lot safer than what he was doing now. In Chapter 17, Darkstalker asked Moon which tribe was the wealthiest, and she said that the SkyWings might have a lot of treasure because of Scarlet.
Darkness of Dragons
Though not making a formal appearance, it is revealed that Scarlet was married and that several guests at her wedding were mysteriously assassinated (most likely by Cobra).


Queen Scarlet is shown among the other SkyWings chasing down the scavenger who stole her treasure. She touches down and ambushes the scavengers Leaf, Rowan, Cranberry, and Thyme. She presumably orders her dragons to seize them and shoots down the ravine after the thief.

She is later seen in the feast hall by Leaf, at the head of the table. When music is heard from outside (presumably from the dragon prisoners), she slams her first angrily on the table, and she and Burn go outside to deal with it, along with a few guards.

While Leaf is escaping, he notices Scarlet stumbling in her throne room alone, leaning over her throne and breathing heavily, trying to deal with the pain of Glory's venom attack. She then collapses into unconsciousness, and Leaf thinks about trying to kill her but Burn and four other SandWings come into the throne room, and Burn orders the four to take her away.


More information flying in soon …



Scarlet was like an adoptive mother to Peril, since she took her in when she was very little and let her grow up in the SkyWing palace. She manipulated her to become her champion and made her so that she didn't feel any guilt when she killed. When Clay came along, Scarlet tried to make her stay away from him so she wouldn't try to escape. She also tricked her into eating the black rocks. In Escaping Peril, she had Chameleon enchant Peril to be loyal to her. Scarlet tricked the firescales in every way. It backfired eventually when Peril broke free from the spell.


Upon discovering Chameleon disguising as Soar, Scarlet offered him to work as her spy in exchange for treasure. Their relationship was mutual due to the offer, as Chameleon was greedy for treasure and was willing to work for such. She trusted Chameleon with multiple spying missions, such as using a Cirrus mask to infiltrate the Talons of Peace.


Scarlet does not see her son as a threat because he cannot inherit the throne. As such, she seems to be on good terms with him, letting him announce arena battles as well as argue for persecution.


As a dragonet of destiny, Scarlet toyed with him during his imprisonment. She is aware of his friendship with Peril and focused on destroying it. As with the other dragonets of Destiny, she wanted him dead.


Scarlet initially saw Glory as a useless and lazy RainWing, turning her into a piece of art. After getting injured by her venom, Scarlet loathes the RainWing for ruining her looks. She wants Glory dead more than the other Dragonets of Destiny, as hinted when Icicle goes for her to make up for her failed murders. Scarlet says that Glory gave her a sickening feeling, which she wouldn't call fear.


Scarlet allied with Burn for the War of SandWing Succession and found the war a useful source for fighters in her arena. Later, after being wounded by Glory, Burn locked her up in her stronghold, and this changed the relationship between them drastically.


Ruby is Scarlet's daughter, making her eligible for taking the throne. She was formerly Tourmaline, whom Scarlet enchanted to be a softer, more obedient dragon in order to maintain her power. Despite wanting to keep the throne, Scarlet kept her alive in order to have at least one live heir, though they did not have a strong relationship. She was ultimately killed by her daughter during the challenge.

Family Tree

Carmine, Sunset
Several Generations
3 Dragons
11 Dragons
2 Dragons


"Now really, this is getting insulting. You're in my territory. Apparently you're living under my mountain. I am only the most important dragon for hundreds of miles. How dare you not recognize me?"
― to the dragonets of destiny (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 110)

"— dragonets of destiny, yes, very thrilling. I understand you've been underground for the last six years, so perhaps you haven't heard: not everyone wants the war to end."
― to the dragonets of destiny (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 149)

"Oh, that's my new toy. Pretty, isn't she? I bet I'm the only queen with my very own RainWing."
― to Burn, about Glory (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 216)

"You think Burn is what you have to worry about right now. She's not. I am. I'll be free soon … free … and I'll be coming for all my enemies … think about that while you try to fall asleep … what I'm going to do to your friends when I get my claws on them … how messy and thrilling it's going to be …"
― to Sunny (The Brightest Night, page 113)

"Oh, you mean me? Is that your clever plan? Find the most deadly queen in Pyrrhia, kill her, and take back your brother? Even if you could kill me, you would never find your lost IceWing. Never. The prison I've got him in is far too clever for that."
― to Winter, about Hailstorm (Winter Turning, page 170)

"What use are diamonds to me? If I want something, I don't pay for it; I take it. And right now, groveling prince, I only want two things: my throne back - and vengeance."
― to Winter (Winter Turning, page 171)

"So you're his only hope. Or at least, you were. It's all over now, though. I can see that you're far too useless to kill anyone for me. My only remaining pleasure is watching your face as I tell you your brother will be dead by morning."
― to Winter, about executing Hailstorm (Winter Turning, page 172)

"Does it look like I have the most fabulously dangerous new toy? Because that's exactly what this is."
― to Ruby, about Peril (Escaping Peril, prologue)

"Oh, really? You think you've changed so much? I know you. You like killing dragons. You've always liked it. It's one of the things I can stand about you-none of the simpering, moaning guilt another dragon might have. You were born to burn your enemies. And mine. Mostly mine."
― to Peril (Escaping Peril, page 22)

"I destroy anyone who opposes me! I will have my vengeance and I will get my throne back! This is just one of the dragons I'll kill—and you'll all be next!"
― to Ruby's soldiers (Escaping Peril, page 27)

"You can't do that. Not until I have the throne back. No one can know that you're powerless now — I need the threat of you, which should be as effective as the actual fire of you, after the last seven years. Once we've secured the throne and I've killed Ruby, then you can be as dippy and cuddly and stupid as you want."
― to Peril (Escaping Peril, page 168)

"Get back. Do you hear me? I'm your queen, remember? You are my champion. You do what I tell you to do."
― to Peril (Escaping Peril, page 223)

"When you win? How thrillingly hilarious. After all the challengers I've killed, you think you stand any chance at all? My mousy daughter who can barely speak in a room with more than two other dragons in it."
― to Ruby (Escaping Peril, page 224)


  • Tui admitted before that one of her favorite words was "thrilling," just like Ex-Queen Scarlet.[25]
  • In Scarlet's character profile, the word written in big letters at the top is "VAIN." Tui determined that vanity would be Scarlet's defining characteristic while searching for traits that are unusual to find in a villain.[26]




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