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The Scorching, as shown in The Lost Heir (graphic novel), by Mike Holmes

The Scorching was an early period in Pyrrhia when the dragons warred and took it over from the humans, the dominant life form at the time. It is currently the only known war between humans and dragons. The main series takes place 5,012 years after the Scorching.[1]


At least five thousand years ago, scavengers swarmed the continent. They were organized and advanced, being the dominant life form at the time. Webs mentions that stories before the Scorching would be best described as legends and fairy tales due to how unlikely it was for scavengers to be as advanced as once thought.[2]

Eventually, the dragons united and overthrew the scavengers. The dragons then formed tribes, and each one appointed a queen, allowing them to form complex societies. This made it hard for scavengers to kill individual dragons. After the Scorching, transformation and resettlement occurred[citation needed] as well as constant warfare.[3]


  • Dragons keep track of the date by counting the years since the Scorching, as shown when Moonwatcher mentioned that five thousand and twelve years had passed from the Scorching.[1]
  • Tui would eventually like to make a Legends book about the Scorching.[citation needed]
  • The events of the Scorching will be addressed in A Guide to the Dragon World.[event 1]


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