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"But she couldn't stay in the Stronghold anymore. She's not sure she'll ever be able to set her talons in the desert again — at least, not until Queen Scorpion is dead. Which won't be for a long time, thanks to those healing and longevity spells Jerboa was forced to make for her. I said no when it mattered, though, she reminds herself. I saved the SkyWings. And probably even more dragons after that. Queen Scorpion wouldn't have stopped. She would always want more: more land, more power, more of Jerboa's magic."
— Jerboa's thoughts, The Dangerous Gift

Scorpion was an adult female SandWing who ruled as queen over the Kingdom of Sand during the time of Darkstalker. She died of a heart attack induced by Jerboa after ruling for approximately sixty years.


Scorpion was greedy, always wanting more land, more power, and more of Jerboa's magic.[1] She loved treasure, and may have disrespected her alliances,[2] as she was mad with power.[3]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

Jerboa noted she could not be in the desert until Scorpion was dead and described Scorpion's greedy and possessive nature. As Jerboa thought about enchanting an animal egg, Jerboa realized she had to wait for Scorpion's death and later thought about Scorpion's unexpected heart attack. Boa compared Snowfall to Scorpion, fearing that Snowfall may end up on the same path.



It was noted that she allowed the NightWings and IceWings to fight in the Kingdom of Sand as long as they avoided SandWing settlements and gave her treasure as payment. She was one of Pyrrhia's ancient queens alongside Anaconda, Carmine, Crane, Diamond, Lagoon, Pearl, and Vigilance.



Scorpion was possessive of Jerboa, keeping her away from other dragons.[4] She made Jerboa enchant her with longevity and healing,[1] but was ultimately killed by the animus with an induced heart attack.[3]


  • Scorpion may have tried to wipe out the SkyWings using Jerboa's magic.[1]


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