The SeaWing Council is an organization in which high ranking SeaWings, each in a separate area of expertise, work on matters (as deemed by the current Queen) essential to the smooth function of the Kingdom and report to the queen. The council had a level halfway up the Summer Palace, on the sixth floor[1]. Food is served during morning meetings, but it must not be eaten until the queen gives permission (and only Royalty or Council Members are aloud to eat at this table), a mistake made by Princess Tsunami, since she didn't know about this until she was afterward informed. Tsunami claims to hate the council, saying that it is stupid, and that when she becomes queen she will dispose of it as soon as possible.

Description Edit

The council is described to have twelve dragon-sized stone pools[1] for each council member, each labeled with tiny emeralds the size of roe[1]. They are arranged in a circle, with small channels running from one to the next and crisscrossing in the center [1] The queen's pool was described to be next to the defense pool and the communication pool, and the dragonet care pool was two pools down from the queen's. The queen asks each council member to report status on their topic.

Council Members Edit

  • Dragonet Care: Tortoise †, Abalone † and Snapper †. This position was seen as a bad one to have since none of them knew about Orca's statue to protect the eggs correctly.
  • Aquaculture (the cultivation of underwater plants): Lagoon
  • War: Piranha
  • Defense: Shark
  • Communication: Moray
  • Magic & Publishing: Whirlpool (deceased)
  • Queen: Queen Coral
  • Treasury: Pearl
  • Justice: Unknown
  • Medicine: Unknown dragon with a small build
  • Secrets and Spies: Unknown, a male SeaWing with blue scales
  • Hunting: Unknown

There is also a pool for the King, although there is not one currently. The deceased king, King Gill, used to occupy this pool.


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Present: Queen Coral
Historical: Queen LagoonQueen Pearl





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Other Dragons

Present: AbaloneFlounderHerringHerring's BrotherKelpLagoonNautilusPearlPiranhaRiptideSnapperSquidTempestTortoiseUrchinWebsWhirlpool
Historical: DropletIndigoLionfishWharf




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