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SeaWings, also known as sea dragons or ocean dragons to humans, are a Pyrrhian tribe of dragons that currently reside in the Kingdom of the Sea. They are currently ruled by Queen Coral, and typically speak both Aquatic and Dragon.

The SeaWings were allied with Blister during the War of SandWing Succession until the bombing of the Summer Palace, which caused them to flee to the Deep Palace. In the time of Darkstalker, they had an Island Palace for diplomatic meetings and parties with dragons from other tribes, which was abandoned after the Royal SeaWing Massacre.


SeaWings are considered short in height[1] and have long, compact bodies with short legs. They have curved horns, a slender, curved snout, and two barbels on the underside of their jaw. Their tongues are usually unforked. They have webbed spines along the backs of their necks to the tips of their tails, as well as on their chests. SeaWings have webbed talons with hooked claws, as well as long, powerful tails. They have gills on the sides of their necks that allow them to breathe underwater.[2]

The royal SeaWing pattern of glowing stripes as shown on Tsunami in The Lost Heir (graphic novel)

SeaWings commonly have scale colors in the ranges of blues and greens, including indigo,[3] green-gray,[4] blue-gray,[5] and blue-green.[6] Although rare, dragons may have pink[7] or yellow-green scales and/or webbing membranes.[8] Black spiraling patterns, like those shown in Nautilus, may also be present. In the sunlight, their scales may look like glossy emeralds and sapphires.[9] SeaWings usually have eyes that are some shade of blue or green.

SeaWings have glowing stripes along their faces, bodies, and wings. Members of the royal family have glowing spiral and starburst markings on the undersides of their wings, while non-royal SeaWings have smaller starbursts and no spiral patterns.[10] They may be born with unique glow patterns as well as the traditional patterns, such as long, spiraling stripes under their eyes.[11]

SeaWing eggs are green or blue, have striped or swirl-like patterns,[12] and are kept underwater in warm hatcheries.[13]


SeaWings mainly eat raw fish and other aquatic creatures such as whales, octopi, turtles, and sea snails,[14] while lower class SeaWings eat eels, though this is stated insultingly.[15] SeaWings may also prepare soup, stew, and roasted seagull, usually for guests from other tribes.[16][17]

In the time of Darkstalker, royal SeaWings prepared coconut rice, tuna rolls, macadamia treats, and a mango-lime drink.[18] Humpback stated that many years prior, dragons in his timeline ate scavenger sashimi every afternoon.[19] Fathom mentioned that SeaWings sometimes consume sharks, though dragonets are taught to be careful of them until they are full-grown.[20]

Coral has forbidden the consumption of dolphins because she believes that they might be distantly related to dragons.[21]


SeaWings have gills, exceptional night vision, and powerful tails. They are able to breathe and see underwater and use their tails, wings, and webbed talons to swim.[22][23] Their claws are curved like fishhooks,[24] and their tails can be used to batter opponents or create huge waves.[25] SeaWings often ride currents to travel the ocean faster,[26] and they prefer to alternate swimming and flying when traveling long distances.[27]

The bioluminescent stripes on a SeaWing's body are used to converse underwater,[28] as well as to attract partners.[29] They can control when the stripes on their bodies glow, and can light up each one individually. Different combinations of stripes indicate different words in Aquatic.

Gill (dehydrated and unstable) from The Dragonet Prophecy (graphic novel), by Mike Holmes

SeaWings can be driven mad if dehydrated from water.[30] Dehydrated SeaWings appear insane and have barely any consciousness to what they do in the period.

Animus magic

Animus magic is present in the SeaWing royal bloodline.[31] There are no rules on how much magic a SeaWing can use, and animus dragons are often controlled closely by the queen of the tribe.[32][33] Animus magic was the origin of the Royal SeaWing Massacre, after which an unsuccessful attempt was made to wipe animus magic from the tribe's bloodline and make its use illegal in the Kingdom of the Sea.[34]


SeaWings are regarded as intelligent and artistic.[citation needed] They also historically used boats.[35]

Coral is a writer whose scrolls are required reading in SeaWing schools, even those that are not the best quality.[36]


SeaWings may be named after sea-related objects or wildlife, examples being Nautilus, Anemone, Orca, Shark, Snail, and Turtle. They may also have names related to shades of blue such as Cerulean and Indigo. Some share the names of gemstones, such as Sapphire. They may also have names relating to aquatic anatomies, like Fin, Gill, and Webs, or naturally-occurring oceanic phenomenons, such as Current, Tsunami, Typhoon, Riptide, and Whirlpool.

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Animus dragons

Students at Jade Mountain


  • There is a tale about an abandoned SeaWing dragonet that was raised by a pod of orcas.[37]
  • Tsunami described breathing in salt water through her gills as "sharp" and felt "like inhaling smoke."[38]
  • In the time of Darkstalker, SeaWings used toothpaste.[39]
  • Humans seem to think that SeaWings might also inhabit large rivers and lakes.[40]



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