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"I don't care what you don't want to do! I am not going to let your dragons die. You may have been apart from us for fifty years, but you're still my tribe. If we don't work together now, we don't stand a chance."
— Sequoia to Belladonna, The Poison Jungle

Sequoia is an adult female LeafWing who was introduced in The Poison Jungle. Prior to the Tree Wars, she ruled as the queen of the LeafWings, but later fled to the Poison Jungle with her tribe to avoid extinction. Her tribe diverged into two groups, with Sequoia continuing to lead those known as the SapWings. She currently resides in the Poison Jungle and is under the control of the othermind.


Sequoia is depicted as dark green in a mural within the Mosaic Garden.[1] Her tail is scarred with claw marks and drags behind her, and she is missing one ear and half of one of her horns.[2] She is enormous and long-necked.[2]


Sequoia once had an angry personality,[3] though this may likely have been caused by many of her subjects' deaths. After the Tree Wars, she became a more calm and tranquil dragon, which was presumably the reason she stayed with the SapWings. She uses a counting-to-ten strategy to control her temper, especially during meetings with Belladonna.[4] She has a royal aura surrounding her.[5]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
While visiting the Mosaic Garden with Luna, Blue and his half-sister came across the Salvation Wall, which is a giant mural depicting the end of the Tree Wars. Blue noticed a dark green LeafWing who was supposed to resemble Queen Sequoia, and he wondered why she refused to accept Queen Wasp's rule as Ex-Queen Monarch did. Blue attempted to imagine himself as Sequoia, leading her tribe into a single-outcome war. Later, when reading the Book of Clearsight, Sundew says that Queen Sequoia would only agree to Queen Wasp's demands if she saw it written in Clearsight's handwriting.
The Poison Jungle
Queen Sequoia is revealed to be alive. She rules the SapWings and when Sundew and Willow are first reunited, she finds them and takes them both back to the SapWing village. There, she learns about the PoisonWings and their plan to burn down the hives. While they are in the Poison Jungle, Queen Sequoia tells the PoisonWings and the SapWings about the "Legend of the Hive," where groups of mind-controlled insects and animals attack the first dragons on Pantala. She explains that the plant Queen Wasp used to mind-control the HiveWings is the breath of evil. She sends Sundew, Willow, Mandrake, Cricket, Bumblebee, and Nettle on a mission to find Hawthorn, who supposedly was sent to research the breath of evil because he might have found a cure.

When Sundew, Willow, Mandrake, Cricket, Bumblebee, and Nettle reach Hawthorn, they discover that Queen Sequoia did not object to Hawthorn's plan of mind-controlling Queen Wasp. Sundew then decides to be mad at Queen Sequoia after Queen Wasp has been defeated.

After they returned from the quest, Sequoia aided in the preparations to defend the Poison Jungle from invading HiveWing forces.

At the end, when Sundew and the rest of the dragons of Pantala who were not mind-controlled by the othermind left for Pyrrhia with the aid of a map hidden in the Book of Clearsight, Queen Sequoia is mind-controlled by the othermind and does not come with Sundew and the others.
The Dangerous Gift
Sequoia was mentioned by Swordtail when he remembers how the breath of evil infected the LeafWings. Later, when Snowfall asks Hazel about what happens to the earlier queen, Sequoia is mentioned to be possibly still alive. She was also mentioned by Blue that Wasp wanted her dead but the othermind did not let Wasp.



Sequoia and Belladonna often get into fights, as they lead contradicting organizations. In the end, however, Belladonna convinced Sequoia to join her in the battle against the HiveWings.


Sequoia seemed to love her great-granddaughter very much, treating her like her own daughter by fussing over her and worrying about her. This is because Hazel is the only known heir to the LeafWing throne.


― to Hazel (The Poison Jungle, page 107)

"I don't care what you don't want to do! I am not going to let your dragons die, […] You may have been apart from us for fifty years, but you're still my tribe. If we don't work together now, we don't stand a chance."
― to Belladonna (The Poison Jungle, page 129-130)

"I know Wasp. She strikes back the moment she's struck. I estimate we have a day, maybe two, while they put out the fire, tend to their wounded, and relocate their eggs and dragonets. Then perhaps a day to gather her horde and travel here ― more likely less. If they're not on the border of the Poison Jungle by tonight, they will be by tomorrow morning."
― about Queen Wasp (The Poison Jungle, page 136)

"No, […] I won't be able to think clearly with you there. I need to know you're safe here, and that the rest of the tribe is safe, too, because you'll be in charge of them. If Wasp gets past us, you'll need to decide what to do … fight her, or run."
― to Hazel (The Poison Jungle, page 149)





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