SilkWings were the first confirmed dragon tribe out of the three that currently live on Pantala. The other two tribes are HiveWings and LeafWings. They have colorful wings like a butterfly and can produce silk. Some SilkWings have a special power called flamesilk, which is a type of silk valuable to the hives, especially for making torches and other useful items. The last SilkWing queen was Queen Monarch, and the tribe is currently ruled by Queen Wasp of the HiveWings. They are descended from BeetleWings.


SilkWings have been segregated by the HiveWings ever since Queen Wasp took over their tribe. Under Wasp's rule, SilkWings are second class citizens and servants who have very few rights compared to HiveWings. Examples of a regular SilkWing's occupation would include: construction workers, like Swordtail, hive drones (servants) like Silverspot, web workers, like Burnet, and other low-ranked jobs, like stall owners or weavers. It's been mentioned that the most naughty SilkWings are typically assigned construction work given that it is considered very unpleasant.


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SilkWing Wing study by Jose1106

SilkWings have two pairs of wings, one pair smaller than the other, with membranes that have rounded edges. While Pyrrhian dragons have bat-like wings, SilkWings have insect-like wings, which can be compared to butterfly or moth wings in design and shape, as well as appearing to be translucent. Their wings also can have spots and other patterns. The bigger pair of wings appears to have four or five digits that the membrane is stretched between. Their smaller pair of wings are attached slightly below the larger pair and have two or three digits. According to Tui on the Wings of Fire Forums, SilkWings' wings are just as strong as any dragon's wings[1] rather than weak like an insect's. SilkWings appear to have gem-like scales and have small spines running down their back, to the tip of their tails. Their scales appear to be somewhat iridescent, similar to NightWing scales. They have long and slim bodies, similar to RainWings. Their horns are curved, almost RainWing-like in shape, but much longer and thinner. There is also a set of antennae on the brow, just above the eyes. The ridge above their eyes runs over their horns, giving SilkWings a plated appearance.

SilkWings can be any color except black, such as olive green, aquamarine, lavender, indigo, amber, orange, dark purple, grey, and red. Most SilkWings seem to have iridescent scales. The wing membranes appear to be different colors too, as well as certain segments between the digits being a different color than the rest of the wing. Tui has said that the SilkWings could be named after different species of butterflies, and this has since been confirmed. SilkWings also seem to have differently-shaped wings, usually similar to their namesake's wings.


SilkWings that have undergone a Metamorphosis, which occurs at the age of six years, can fly and produce silk from glands on the insides of their wrists. They can also use their antennae to sense vibrations in the air and, like the HiveWings, can predict the weather. A select few SilkWings can create a special type of silk known as "flamesilk." These SilkWings are referred to as "flamesilks," and can shoot various types of fiery silk from their wrists. One type emits a bright light and can burn through objects, which is used in the Hives to create glass and as a light source. Other types, as mentioned by Admiral, include sticky silk as well as solid silk, which is used for building the webs that they sleep on. It has been mentioned by Cricket that if one parent is a flamesilk, their offspring have a 50% chance of having flamesilk as well.

Flamesilks are also unable to be burned by flamesilk, although it is not known if they are immune to all fire or just flamesilk. Furthermore, they do not gain this immunity until after metamorphosis. In The Hive Queen, Blue gave Cricket some special flamesilk for warmth that did not burn her scales. Luna, Admiral, Blue, and nine other SilkWings have this ability. Their names are Danaid, Fritillary, Xenica, Pierid, Festoon, Clubtail, Whitespeck, and Heliconian.


SilkWings are usually named after different species of butterfly and moth, although a few have been named after species of dragonfly. They have also been known to be named after colors, like Blue.

Known SilkWings


  • Burn was said to have a white, wingless dragon, which was claimed to be a SandWing-IceWing hybrid, although there is a chance it could be a SilkWing dragonet.
  • Modern SilkWings seem to live in what they call a "cell," which mirrors how actual bees live in hives. This is most likely because the SilkWings live under the HiveWings' rule.
  • SilkWings do not have a voice in the Hives' government system.
  • SilkWings are the second tribe known to be vegetarian, with the first being the RainWings. Part of their diet includes yams, okra, and honey drops[2] (as a treat).
  • SilkWings are the only dragons native to Pantala that can produce "fire" (in the form of flamesilk).


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