"I can't wait."
—Silverspot about flying with Luna in The Lost Continent.

Silverspot is a female SilkWing who appeared in The Lost Continent. She is Luna's biological mother[1], Blue's stepmother[1], and Burnet's partner[2]. Her former mate is Admiral[2]. She is abused by her mistress, who takes her own anger out on her.

Biography Edit

The Lost ContinentEdit

It was mentioned that she and Burnet were both former assigned partners of Admiral at roughly the same time. However, he was supposedly "whisked away to another Hive once there were eggs", which is presumably a lie of Queen Wasp's to cover up the truth about flamesilks. Silverspot ended up being given the partner of her choice, Burnet, which was unheard of. Even so, they "loved each other more than they ever loved Admiral".

When Blue and Luna were leaving to get honey drops, Silverspot told her daughter to have a wonderful day. She said that she might not make it to the Cocoon for Luna's Metamorphosis, but that she would try. Luna wanted them to go flying together when she had wings, but Silverspot seemed anxious and fearful.

Silverspot ended up not making it to Luna's metamorphosis. Burnet later mentioned that she and Silverspot always suspected that Luna had flamesilk.

The Hive QueenEdit

Silverspot is briefly mentioned when Blue states that he misses his moms.

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  • A silverspot is an endangered subspecies of butterfly, also known as longwings.
  • Due to her relationship with Burnet, she is one of the seven confirmed LGBT characters in the series. Others include: Umber, Burnet, Snowfox, AnemoneSnowflake, and Sundew

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