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"We'll be more cautious in the future. We'll find a dragon we can truly trust and respect, and then we'll have a reason to be loyal. I believe that dragon exists. You'll see."
— Six-Claws to Dune and Kindle, Deserter

Six-Claws is an adult male SandWing and the main protagonist of Deserter. Formerly a high-ranking general and commander in Burn's army during the War of SandWing Succession and a member of the Outclaws, he is currently in a relationship with Kindle and is the father of Ostrich. He currently resides in the SandWing stronghold as Thorn's most trusted general.


Six-Claws has light yellowish-brown scales[1] and large wings.[2] His side is marked with old scars, and he has six claws on each foreleg instead of the usual five due to his polydactyly.[3] He speaks in a rumble[4] and is strong and fast.[5] His wingbeats are powerful and steady.[6]


Six-Claws is calm,[7] brave,[8] honest,[9] sensible,[10] smart, effective.[11] He likes to be useful and productive[12] and dislikes sitting still for long stretches of time.[13] He is not the kind of dragon to pass a problem onto someone else.[13] He is incredibly loyal,[12] and was forcefully[14] devoted to Queen Oasis before her death, once stating entirely truthfully that he would prefer to be doing whatever the queen needed him to do.[9] He is passionate about serving others and being the most useful dragon he can possibly be.[9] Even while he was disgusted by Burn’s cruelty, he continued to fight and do as he was ordered because loyalty runs so deep in his blood.[15] When he finally deserted Burn's forces, he felt low, abandoning dragons who counted on him, but he could not bear to help Burn rise to power any longer.[16] He is willing to risk his own life for the sake of others, especially for dragonets.[5] During the War of SandWing Succession, he often had sleepless nights in which he blamed himself for saving Blaze's life and, by extension, elongating the war.[7] He had a remarkably happy childhood, and quite enjoyed growing up in the SandWing stronghold.[17] When he was young, he disliked it when other dragons commented on his extra claws.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Brightest Night
Six-Claws escorted Sunny when she came to the Scorpion Den and brought her before Thorn. He laughed when Sunny said, "oh, your parents were feeling creative." Sunny considered the possibility that he might be her father, because of his six claws and her lack of SandWing tail barb, but then she supposed that she was only desperate to discover who her parents were.

Once Thorn left to deal with a fire, Addax approached Six-Claws with his daughter, Ostrich, and forced him to choose between saving his daughter or following orders. Sunny willingly went with Addax to spare Six-Claws the choice and told him to lie to her mother about why she left. The next day, Addax allowed Ostrich to return to her father.

Once Ostrich was returned, Six-Claws told Thorn about Sunny's abduction and participated in the Outclaws assault on Burn's stronghold. Near the end of the battle, he refused to retreat with the rest of the Outclaws until he was sure Thorn and Sunny escaped. At Burn's stronghold, he and Qibli were seen bowing to Queen Thorn.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
After the fire in the history cave, Moon heard Sunny think about a six-clawed dragon to take home some dragonets at Jade Mountain Academy. Later, after Icicle almost rips off Qibli's earring, he winces and thinks that Six-Claws thought it was idiotic to get the earring.
Winter Turning
Six-Claws was indirectly mentioned when Onyx went through one of her possible options to become queen of SandWings. Onyx's plan involved Ostrich, as she was loyal to Thorn and was connected to Six-Claws, who was one of Thorn's most trusted generals.
Darkness of Dragons
Six-Claws was mostly mentioned by name throughout the book. He appeared when Queen Thorn's stronghold was damaged by Qibli, who sent a sandstorm on it with the weather bracelets. Afterward, Six-Claws and his daughter Ostrich helped distribute Qibli's earrings amongst the tribe, trying to find survivors still outside from the sandstorm, and escort Onyx from the stronghold. Six-Claws returned afterward in the epilogue, helping repair the damaged parts of the stronghold. He told Queen Thorn that Qibli had been working hard.


While Wren was inside Burn's stronghold, Six-Claws was fighting SandWings outside.


Fierceteeth threatened to tell on Saguaro about her unknown plan to Six-Claws, who was loyal to Thorn. Six-Claws was one of Thorn's most trusted guards.
Six-Claws, a general for Princess Burn at the time, was the next dragon Deathbringer was assigned to kill. However, Deathbringer decided he would not kill him but instead convinced him to leave Burn's side of the war.
Six-Claws was a five-year-old dragonet who grew up in the SandWing palace. He and his family were loyal subjects of Queen Oasis, and he once remarked to his parents that no one would want to kill her because she was the best queen ever. He then soon began to realise that Oasis' daughters were a threat to his queen.

Later, when he was seven years old, Smolder came to Six-Claws, asking if he could deal with his sisters Blister and Burn, who had seemed to be plotting something suspicious. Six-Claws quickly figured out that it must have involved Blaze, who they soon realized was missing from the palace.

Six-Claws did not find the princess at first but met a four-year-old SandWing named Dune, who advised him on where to find Blaze — in the royal treasury, because of Blaze's jewelry obsession. However, before the two dragons checked the treasury, they saw Blaze out in the middle of the desert, where there was an approaching sandstorm. Six-Claws told Dune to get help and flew out into the sandstorm to rescue her. He told Blaze to come back to the palace, and she refused, saying that she needed to find her crown, which Six-Claws believed was a false story made by her sisters to get her killed.

Six-Claws flew her back into the palace, rescuing her from certain death. Char thanked Six-Claws for saving his daughter while simultaneously scolding Blaze for her rude comment directed towards Six-Claws' claws. Char offered Six-Claws and Dune to join the army. They accepted and stayed in the army, which was where they remained for a while.

Six-Claws and Dune, along with Scald and Singe, were attempting to comfort Smolder after the disappearance of his girlfriend, Palm. They heard chaos and roaring outside, and when they could not find the killer of Oasis, Blister and Blaze eventually fled the palace in search of allies, hence starting the war. Six-Claws sided with Burn because his mother did, and Dune followed his lead.

After around twelve years, Six-Claws and his troops were shown returning from a battle on the search for Blaze. They met up with Burn, who told Six-Claws that he needed to move all his troops into the Mud Kingdom. An argument ensued, as Six-Claws believed that her plan was impractical. Though unnamed, Deathbringer appeared in the shadows of a tent and told him to abandon his position as general, as his prescence was simply fuelling Burn's cruelty and desire for war.

In response to Six-Claws' hesitance to go with her plan, Burn ripped through one of Dune's already damaged wings, disabling him. Six-Claws abandoned his position as general and escaped to the Scorpion Den along with Dune and Kindle, who formerly worked as a nurse and later became the mother to their daughter Ostrich.



Six-Claws never particularly liked Burn, but continued to follow her as he believed she would be a better queen than Blister or Blaze.[18] Also because his mother choose to side with Burn. He stayed loyal to Burn because loyalty ran deep in his blood and he had no other options.[15] It got harder to support Burn as the war continued, especially after Burn murdered Singe for "annoying her". He found it hard to describe any good qualities she had.[15] Before she died, Burn wanted Six-Claws' talons to put on display in the Weirdling Tower if he ever died in battle, which he was severely uncomfortable with.[19] Their relationship reached a boiling point after he argued against her orders, in which he realized it was unsafe for him to stay. He escaped alongside Kindle and a badly-injured Dune to the Scorpion Den and The Outclaws.


Six-Claws and Dune worked together to save Princess Blaze from a horrible sandstorm. After Six-Claws aided Dune is his recruitment to the SandWing army, Dune grinned at him as if Six-Claws were his new best friend.[20] They remained friends for several years, and were paired together for everything, by everyone. Six-Claws smiled at and encouraged Dune.[21] Dune stayed by Six-Claws' side all throughout the War of SandWing Succession,[15] and when Dune was injured, Six-Claws carried him back to their campsite and reassured his friend.[22] Burn used Six-Claws' care for Dune against him, despite Six-Claws' efforts to defend him,[23] and Dune's safety was one of the main reasons for Six-Claws deserting Burn's army.[16]


Six-Claws always liked Kindle's calmness and efficiency. She trusts him.[24] When Six-Claws was fleeing with Dune, Kindle helped him and also escaped herself. They became romantic partners, and had Ostrich together.


Six-Claws' mother taught him how to keep watch, fight, and defend his queen at any cost.[17] She was affectionate[12] towards him and wrapped a wing around his shoulders during one conversation.[14] He agreed to become a soldier in the SandWing army partly because he thought that Ostrich would approve.[8] He named his daughter after her.


Six-Claws is affectionate and protective towards his daughter, and regards her as very clever.[4]


Six-Claws' father taught him how to make camel shish kebab and date soufflé.[17]


He is respectful of Sunny and treated her like a family member upon meeting her. Sunny once thought that Six-Claws might be her father and Ostrich might be her half-sister.


Six-Claws is very loyal to Thorn and is one of the few dragons Thorn trusts.[25]

Family Tree

KindleSix-Claws2 Dragons


"Because you never leave dragonets in danger."
― to Dune (Deserter)

"We've only been looking for a few weeks."
― to Burn, about Blaze (Deserter)

"We'll be more cautious in the future, […] We'll find a dragon we can truly trust and respect, and then we'll have a reason to be loyal. I believe that dragon exists. You'll see."
― to Dune and Kindle (Deserter)

"You're to come before the Outclaws as well. Thorn wants to know why you're following those scumdwellers."
― to Sunny about Fierceteeth, Preyhunter, and Strongwings (The Brightest Night, page 53)

"In the desert, she who controls the water, controls everything."
― to Sunny (The Brightest Night, page 60)

"We didn't find the viper yet, but we've contained the fire, for the most part. And nobody was bitten, so far. So we're either very lucky or quite unlucky if there really is a viper out there. Thanks for asking."
― to Sunny (The Brightest Night, page 81)

"I take orders from Thorn and no one else."
― to Addax (The Brightest Night, page 82)

"Ostrich, […] Don't be scared. I won't let them hurt you."
― to Ostrich (The Brightest Night, page 82)

"Back into her army? Why would you want that? You could be safe here. The war never comes to the Scorpion Den."
― to Addax, about Burn's army (The Brightest Night, page 83)


  • Six-Claws has polydactylism, which is a congenital physical anomaly in which an individual has more fingers/toes than normal.
  • He had learned to fly earlier than the other dragonets who hatched in his year.[17]
  • Six-Claws stated that after he told another dragon his name, they would automatically look down at his talons to see if he actually had six claws on each talon.[26]




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