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"Apparently I'm a weird thing, because no one else is this color, and SkyWings are supposed to have fire."
— Sky to Wren about his scale color, Dragonslayer

Sky is an adult male SkyWing who was introduced in Dragonslayer. He was hatched with an inability to breathe fire and is much smaller and weaker than normal SkyWings. He is the son of Chameleon and Kestrel, and the twin brother of Peril.


Sky is skinny,[1] with pale orange scales[1] the color of the palest sunset over the mountains.[2] His enormous, baby-seal[3] eyes are a pale, washed out,[4] watery blue, like a frosted-over puddle.[5] Snowfall described his grin as sweet-as-baby-hedgehogs grin.[4]


Sky often smiles with huge, ridiculous grins.[6] He speaks and behaves very oddly, and is adoring, rapturously delighted,[7] smiley,[8] kind,[9] relaxed, innocent,[10] adorable,[3] dreamy,[11] and hopeful.[4] He laughs often.[12] He is goofy, kind, and gentle in nature, as well as giggly and excitable. Despite his normally soft nature, he can become jealous and even angry, especially when those he loves are in danger. He loves all animals, especially small creatures with shells, such as snails, hermit crabs, and baby turtles, becoming protective and/or excited when he sees them. He is a vegetarian, most likely because of his love for animals. When he was still a baby, he cried for an animal that Wren had killed. He used to stare at snails for ages, until Wren dragged him away. He is also somewhat insecure about his inability to breathe fire. Wren describes him as smart and perfect. Snowfall said that he reminds her of Mink,[13] most likely referring to his innocence. Tsunami once described Sky as "the least SkyWingish SkyWing ever.”[14] Wren mentioned that battles scared him deeply and that he was "not that kind of dragon".[15]


Kestrel and her newly-hatched twin dragonets were met by Queen Scarlet at the Diamond Spray River. Scarlet offered Kestrel forgiveness for her former disobedience if she killed one of her dragonets. Kestrel was believed to have killed Sky, the dragonet with too little fire, but it is probable that Kestrel hoped Sky would survive the river, considering she went searching for him shortly after his "death." Before Kestrel could reunite with him, however, Sky was rescued from a tangle of bushes downriver by Wren, after the dragonmancers attempted sacrifice. Wren was unaware of Kestrel and Sky's kinship, and as Sky appeared to be afraid of Kestrel as they watched her search, it can be assumed that he believed his mother had real intentions to kill him.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
More than seven years after being separated from her kin, Peril realized the truth about Kestrel being her mother and about the supposed death of her twin brother during Kestrel's trial. Peril rejected Kestrel for Sky's supposed death at her talons, claiming "I may not want you dead, but I don't want to know you." When Clay asked Peril to save Sunny for them, Peril jealously asked why Sunny was so important to Clay and his friends. Clay told her that Sunny was like a sister to them all, and asked if Peril would try to save her brother if he was here and alive. Peril thought for a moment and agreed that she would try to help. This shows that Peril and her brother might have been friends if they meet in the future, or that Peril may feel a connection to her brother despite never knowing him.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Escaping Peril
Sky is mentioned in the prologue, when Ruby recalls that she heard gossip of an egg hatching twins. He is later mentioned indirectly by Chameleon, while he is talking about how Soar and Kestrel's dragonets would be full-blooded SkyWings instead of hybrids.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Sky appeared when he and Wren helped rescue Daffodil from the scavenger enclosure in Sanctuary, with him distracting the IceWing queen. After Snowfall confronted them, Wren revealed to her that she can speak Dragon, much to the queen's shock. Sky teased Wren by saying that she is his pet, much to her irritation, and laughed when he found out that Daffodil was named Pumpkin.

After Snowfall fainted, having another vision, Sky introduced himself and the other humans. After Snowfall mentioned that she wanted to show the humans to the others, Sky convinced the initially reluctant Wren to meet them, saying that it would help establish dragon and human communication. He teased her again by asking if they have any cute hats and Wren agreed to come back with Snowfall.

The group returned to the enclosure where the other dragons were waiting. Wren told the other dragon present that she can speak Dragon, surprising them, and Wren complemented her speaking the language well. After Snowfall told the others about the abyss, Qibli suggested bringing Wren and Sky with them to communicate with the humans in Pantala. Wren initially refused, saying that Sky is not much of a fighter and expresses concern that he will be taken over by the breath of evil.

Sky was shown to not be paying too much attention to the conversation, focusing on a chipmunk nearby, and jokes about Leaf having bad breath. After Wren declared that she wanted to keep Sky away from any danger, he reassured her by saying that he would just do the talking. Snowfall convinced Wren to come with them by saying that her and the other queens will pass an edict forbidding dragons from hunting and eating humans in exchange for her help, a plan that Sky strongly agreed to.

Later on, as a ceremony is being held for the Pantala stealth team, Snowfall watched Sky. He was visibly excited to go with them and his new valiant and heroic purpose. Snowfall worries about him heading into danger.

After Snowfall destroyed the gift of order and talked with Opal, Lynx was mentioned to be flying with the other representatives to Pantala, with Sky among them.
The Flames of Hope
Sky was first seen searching for a dolphin underwater at the beach near Jerboa III's hut with Wren and Pineapple. He then left with the Representatives with Pyrrhia for Pantala. A few days after leaving Pyrrhia, Sky and the rest of the Representatives were ambushed by Wasp's dragons - Earwig, a few HiveWings, and an unknown SilkWing - on an island. Wren hid with Sky on the island's forests, as Wren stated later that Sky isn't a fighter and that fights scare him. When the Representatives split up after Moonwatcher, Qibli, Pineapple, and Tsunami were captured by Wasp, Sky was part of Luna, Wren, Bullfrog, and Cricket's team in finding the Abyss where the breath of evil grew. More information flying in soon…


Sky was found by Wren and rescued by her from a tangle of thorny bushes.

Afterward, Sky and Wren spotted Kestrel looking for Sky. Since Sky panicked at the sight of the older dragon, Wren concluded that Kestrel was a threat to both of them, so they hid from her. After Kestrel left, Wren and Sky fled towards the Claws of the Clouds Mountains, where they began to live in hiding.

A year later, Wren and Sky stumbled on a hole in the top of a mountain where they spotted the dragonets of destiny in a cave below. Sky lamented on his inability to breathe fire before being interrupted by Kestrel and Webs. Sky panicked at the sight of Kestrel, and they left the hole. Some time later, Sky traveled to a dragon city with Wren, likely the city of Possibility. He was captured by General Sandstorm as a gift for Burn's weirdling tower, and was taken to the SandWing stronghold. Wren followed them with the help of Deathbringer, and freed Sky from his chains with a key obtained by Rose.

Soon after, while Wren was riding Sky, Cereus appeared, unknowingly carrying Leaf on her back. Leaf and Wren were happily reunited, but Leaf ultimately decided to go back to Burn's stronghold. Wren had trouble talking to Cereus, as she cooed about how adorable Wren was and how she wanted to "snuggle her and put little hats on her." Sky had to explain to Cereus about Leaf riding back on her. Sky continued to tease Wren about how she would look better in a little hat, to which Wren responded that she would make a hat that Sky would not be able to resist.

Wren used Sky to intimidate the citizens of Valor and to expose Heath, who falsely took credit for killing Oasis. Ivy claimed that he was a sand dragon looking to avenge his queen, which successfully scared Heath into confessing his lies.

Wren also returned to Talisman alongside Sky, using him to terrify the dragonmancers as well as exposing their greed.



Kestrel was Sky's mother. He was afraid of her, shown when Wren rescued him from the river and she flew over them, roaring. Sky believed that his mother wanted to kill him, shivering greatly whenever he saw her. When he spied on the dragonets of destiny with Wren, he trembled at the sight of Kestrel yelling at the dragonets.


Sky and Pineapple became great friends during their travels to Pantala and were both on the stealth team together. Sky wanted to rescue Pineapple and the other members of their team, when they got captured by the HiveWings.


When he met Snowfall, she thought he was one of the weirdest dragons ever, although he probably took no notice. When Snowfall compared her friends to friendly turtles on the inside, Sky gave her a gigantic grin.[16] Unknowingly, Snowfall felt worried for him,[17] and wanted him to be able to access her Kingdom whenever he needed her.[18] Sky never knew that Snowfall built him a small snail shaped sculpture.[19] Snowfall will miss him and get sappy and sentimental about him.[20]


Sky was found by Wren after he survived what they thought was Kestrel's attempt to kill him. She hid him and decided to spend her outcast life with a dragon instead of the humans of Talisman, who ruthlessly threw her out.

Initially, Wren was a mother figure to him, raising him and teaching him her language. As they grow up, Sky considers Wren an equal and teaches her some Dragon as well, and they have developed a "hybrid language" between them. The two often rely on each other and since they grew up alone; they travel together on every journey, never separate for more than a day, and always worry over each other. On multiple occasions, Wren frets over Sky and reaches out in great lengths to save him. The bond between them is extremely powerful, to the point where Sky agrees to help Wren even on occasions like establishing peace between dragons and humans, starting from weakening the Dragonslayer and dragonmancers' rules over their cities. Sky is often disapproving of how much Wren yells and he makes jokes about her temper.[21] Sky considers Wren to be family.[22] They traveled to Pantala together as representatives of the SkyWings and Humans respectively, to stop the Queen Wasp and the othermind.

Family Tree



"Happy us."
― to Wren (Dragonslayer, page 59)

"More dangerous alone, […] Sad Sky, very very very sad Sky."
― to Wren (Dragonslayer, page 104)

"SO CUTE […] I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove it. Wren! Look at its little head. Look at its little feet! It is the sweetest, best little animal in the whole history of the universe."
― to Wren, about a baby turtle (Dragonslayer, page 152)

"You could RIDE on me! […] And I could FLY over the swamps!"
― to Wren, about flying (Dragonslayer, page 153)

"Isn't it exciting? […] Maybe they have dragon books! I don't know how to read Dragon. But maybe we could figure it out together."
― to Wren (Dragonslayer, page 211)

"Wren, I'm sure no one will even talk to me […] Because my face strikes terror in the hearts of dragons everywhere!"
― to Wren (Dragonslayer, page 213)

"No, you have the most lovely face […] You're the cutest, best pet any dragon could ever have."
― to Wren (Dragonslayer, page 213)

"What if I give him a different pet? A better pet! How about a SNAIL?! Snails are AMAZING! Have you SEEN them? Or a TURTLE! I could give him a turtle! Awwww, don't you love turtles? With their little flippery flippers! And their sweet little shells! And their tiny heads HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR TINY HEADS? They look like they're smiling! Little tiny turtle smiles! Wouldn't he love a turtle?"
― to Snowfall about bargaining for Daffodil with Winter (The Dangerous Gift, page 217-218)

"She thinks I'm adorable."
― to Wren about Snowfall (The Dangerous Gift, page 219)

"No one! Sorry! Nothing! Never mind, I am not needing the scavenger after all, everything great, nice to meet you, bye forever!"
― to Snowfall (The Dangerous Gift, page 219)

"No! [...] Wren, you came to save me in the Kingdom of Sand even when it was dangerous! That’s what we do for friends! And I finally have dragon friends! Dragon friends who need saving!"
― to Wren about saving their friends (The Flames of Hope, page 60)

"Wren [...] If the abyss can do that to humans, you can’t go there. I won’t let you turn into a scary hair monster."
― to Wren (The Flames of Hope, page 139)


  • Sky is a vegetarian, and is possibly the only SkyWing vegetarian.[23]
  • In Tui's annotation of The Dragonet Prophecy, she mentioned that in her first draft, Peril and Sky were in the prophecy, as well as an IceWing, but eventually decided that eight dragonets were too much.[event 1] She also said in this annotation that she would have named Sky 'Ember.'[event 2]
  • Sky's favorite animals are snails.[24] He also enjoys baby turtles. [25]
  • Sky would be confused if someone told him that they had a crush on him, as he is oblivious to that concept.[event 3]
  • It is possible that Sky is transgender due to being an identical sibling to Peril. When asked about it Tui acknowledged the possibility, but said she would need more time to properly address it. However, it is very rare but not impossible for identical twins to be one male and one female. They could just simply be fraternal twins.
  • Sky loves tiny hats.



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