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SkyWings, also known as the mountain dragons to humans, are a Pyrrhian dragon tribe living in the mountains on the 'wing' of Pyrrhia. They are currently ruled by Queen Ruby.

The SkyWings were originally allied with Burn and later the MudWings during the War of SandWing Succession. This alliance was upheld by both ex-Queen Scarlet and Queen Ruby.[1]


SkyWings have red, crimson, orange, or yellow scales. SkyWings typically have yellow, orange, or amber eyes, (unlike Peril, who has blue eyes). Their scales are "jewel-hard."[2] SkyWings have the largest wings of any tribe, and long, curved horns on their heads. Most SkyWing snouts are thin and long, with a nose-spike, and an extra horn on their jaw. SkyWing eggs are pale red, orange, or red-gold.

Most known SkyWings have stereotypically been portrayed as short-tempered, militaristic, grumpy, mean, and fond of violence, although these attributes may have been caused by Ex-Queen Scarlet's long and brutal reign. Clay noted in The Dragonet Prophecy that "the SkyWing soldiers looked underfed and they needed rest," and an unnamed MudWing in the Talons of Peace made a joke about how all SkyWings were either red and grumpy or orange and grumpy.


SkyWings are shown to eat scavengers, mountain goats, cows, pigs, sheep, birds, and rodents.[citation needed] SkyWings also grow their own crops.[3]


SkyWings are the fastest fliers of any dragon tribe due to their large wings and have the best endurance.[4] They are capable of breathing fire and are considered powerful fighters.[5] They can see farther and much better than most other tribes,[6] and have better cold resistance than most tribes (excluding IceWings).[7]

A SkyWing dragonet in a twin egg may develop a condition known as firescales. This is when a dragon has "too much fire," causing their scales to be incredibly hot to the touch, and burn almost instantly. Firescales are hotter than the average dragon's fire.[8] This may occur when one twin "sucks the fire" out of the other, leaving the non-firescales twin fireless.[9] It is unknown if a non-twin SkyWing can develop firescales. Due to the dangerous nature of this condition, SkyWings traditionally kill dragonets hatched with firescales by dropping them off of high mountains.[9]

Firescales dragons are immune to frostbreath and are often difficult to injure due to weapons melting or burning before or on contact.[10] Frostbreath causes temporary numbness to firescales dragons when they are hit.[11] In Escaping Peril, Foeslayer, now known as Hope, states that she hadn't seen firescales in a long time,[12] implying that there had been a dragon with firescales in her time.

Animus magic

SkyWings had animus magic during or prior to Darkstalker, and would kill animus dragonets due to possessing this dangerous power.[13] They have not had an animus dragon in centuries.[14]


SkyWings are regarded as grumpy and aggressive by other tribes. They seem to value entertainment a great deal, as they enjoyed gladiatorial combat in the SkyWing Arena during the war. SkyWings have orchestras who perform music during celebrations.[15] SkyWings dance, sing, and clap wings at parties.[16]

They seem to detest abnormalities, as it's mentioned that they kill animus and firescales dragonets as soon as they are discovered. SkyWings also kill dragons for having too little fire as well.

SkyWing dragonets are raised in a Wingery. The Wingery is described as a place for young dragonets to grow and play, similar to a scavenger daycare.[17] It has a place for young dragons to practice their flight. SkyWings are taught to fly early in their lives.[18]

SkyWings have a ceremonial burial system, consisting of wrapping the body in white cloth and offering it to the sky for seven days before being burned. This allows the dragon's spirit to fly free, reincarnating into a SkyWing.[19] The ceremony may have been stopped during the war.[20]


The SkyWing Arena was a gladiatorial arena where war prisoners would fight to the death for Queen Scarlet's entertainment. SkyWings, MudWings, and SandWings all attended these events as an audience and would throw gemstones to the fighters.[21][22] The prisoners were chained to tall pillars, forming a ring around the arena, with their wings clamped and wires connecting them to one another.[23]
If a dragon reached a certain number of victories, they would be set free. No prisoners were ever released in accordance with this clause, as they would be sent to fight Peril before reaching the necessary amount.[24]

Queen Ruby turned the arena into a hospital for all the dragons wounded in the War of the SandWing Succession.[25]


SkyWings can be named after mountain-dwelling creatures or birds (such as Osprey and Hawk), features of the landscape (such as Cliff and Sunset), gemstones or minerals (such as Ruby and Garnet), shades of red and orange (such as Vermilion and Scarlet), and generic fire-related words (such as Flame).
Royal SkyWings seem to tend towards gemstone and color names.

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  • SkyWings were described as "the friendly tribe" in the time of Darkstalker,[26] though this might be sarcasm.
  • SkyWings make a particular hissing noise before breathing fire. This same hissing noise can be used as a threat of anger, as shown with Kestrel, or of a respectful noise as shown by the spectators at Queen Scarlet's arena.[27]
  • Winter, when wearing the Pyrite mask, described SkyWings as "freer than any other tribe, more loyal to one another, and more independent."[28]
  • SkyWings are described to have more scars than other tribes.[citation needed]




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