Skyfire is a type of stone that made up the Orb in the Sky, more commonly known as "the comet", or "the fourth moon" seen in The Brightest Night. It could be a rock of space and is a bit like an onyx stone, and is described to be a "scorched-looking black with flecks of silver and otherworldly metals". When a dragon holds a piece of it, their minds and thoughts will be shielded from being read by telepathic NightWings. For example, both Moonwatcher and Darkstalker failed to read both Turtle's and Onyx's minds since they carried a piece of the rock; instead, they were only able to hear a low humming noise. If the skyfire rock is held in a mind-reading NightWing's talons, he or she cannot hear any others' thoughts, whether or not the mind they are trying to read is already shielded by a piece.

Onyx claimed that she had found her piece when it fell out of the sky, burning a hole through her mother's head, killing her. Onyx called it skyfire and kept the piece that killed her mother in an amulet worn around her neck. Turtle found a large piece that crashed into the ocean when he was swimming with some of his brothers. A few smaller pieces had broken off, and he had a jeweler make a golden armband to place them in, and he wore it regularly, which is why Moon was unable to read his mind throughout Moon Rising. Near the end of Moon Rising, Moonwatcher asked Turtle to take some pieces of the skyfire off of his bracelet, and she then gave the rocks to Qibli and Kinkajou as a gift so that she couldn't read their minds, and so they could keep their thoughts private from her.

At the beginning of Winter Turning, Moon told Turtle to give Winter one of the rocks, though Winter was doubtful that it would actually do anything against her mind-reading.

In the second part of Escaping Peril, Moon explains that part of the reason she told Peril about her powers was that there was no way to give her skyfire, as it would most likely burn on Peril's firescales.

In Talons of Power, Anemone and Turtle both cast spells on Kinkajou's skyfire; a spell to heal her injuries, a spell to protect her from Darkstalker, and a spell to make Kinkajou love Turtle as much as he loved her.

At the end of Talons of Power, Turtle gives Anemone the fourth piece of skyfire on his armband to protect her from Darkstalker's telepathy.


  • The rock "Skyfire" is most likely referring to a meteorite known as Tektite.
  • Skyfire is also the name of a video gaming team, which, coincidentally, has an emblem representing a dragon.
  • The rock itself is skyfire, but the comet is referred to as "the Orb in the Sky", or simply "The Orb" or "the comet".
  • The rock appears to have an "evil sense" as described by Moonwatcher.

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