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"For thousands of years, it's kept all the other tribes out of the Ice Kingdom. We always thought it kept us safe. I thought it was so important, I wanted it to extend all around us, so my tribe could huddle safely in our igloos and ice palaces and no one would ever be able to get through our walls of ice. But if we'd all stayed in the Ice Kingdom, Darkstalker's plague would have killed us. We needed dragons from other tribes, working together, to recognize his magic and find a way to save us. We needed hybrids like Typhoon, who could cross the wall and were spared the plague, to bring us those earrings. We only survived because of our connections to the other kingdoms. And if the breath of evil comes here… if it lands in the Ice Kingdom first… we may need those connections again."
— Snowfall's thoughts before destroying the Great Ice Cliff, The Dangerous Gift

Snowfall is a female IceWing dragonet who was introduced in Winter Turning and is the main protagonist of The Dangerous Gift.[event 2] She is the current queen of the IceWing tribe and resides in the IceWing palace.


Snowfall is large[1] and regal,[2] with shiny[3] white scales.[4] She has dark blue eyes[event 3] and curved white wings.[5] She formerly owned a heavy metal crown, described as being too large for her head and weighs as much as a small polar bear, that was studded with diamonds and metallic spikes that looked similar to icicles.[event 4] She wears a pouch around her neck that contains a copy of Qibli's enchanted earring.[6]


According to Winter, Snowfall is "abundantly blessed with mean smugness."[7] When Winter was raised to first circle in the Circle rankings, Snowfall was fuming and gave him a glare that "should have melted all of the ice in the palace courtyard."[8] She also smirked at him afterwards, as if she did not expect his new ranking to last even a week.[9] She was described to smile outwardly, but her voice was all murderous stalactites,[10] sugary-sweet and mocking.[11] Luna describes her as "flipping terrifying" and thought that she could defeat the HiveWings by herself simply by coldly staring at them.[12]

Despite her rough exterior, Snowfall struggles with a lot of isolationist worries, anxieties and fears. She is scared, but in a powerful, reactive way; she acts out very dramatically whenever she is upset. She has gone through enormous trauma due to the IceWing plague and her mother's death, and is heavily driven by anxiety and fear. As a new queen, Snowfall was terrified of any threat to her kingdom.[event 5]

After she became queen, Snowfall was easily annoyed,[13] stressed,[14] rude,[15] cold,[3] anxious,[16] distrustful,[17] and indecisive.[18] She often felt as though being queen was similar to living inside a snowstorm that never ended. She tried her best to start each day with a list and a plan and energy to solve all of her problems, but was always buried in them before nightfall.[19] She felt overwhelmed[20] and pinned down by the responsibilities of being queen,[21] and Lynx noted that Snowfall had not smiled since the beginning of the plague.[22] She was panicked by all of the things that might go horribly wrong,[23] and often woke up feeling more tired than she had been before.[24] She became heavily insecure about her ability to rule due to the events of the Battle of Jade Mountain, when she was exposed to the thoughts of her subjects that were doubtful and worried about her authority as queen.[25] She often felt a sense of suffocating dread when reminded of the gift of order,[26] and her everyday life was full of anxiety.[27] She was insecure and easily bored.[28]

Snowfall's nights were long, and she felt a constant pressure inside her head, knowing the gift of order was always waiting for her and feeling as though her every move was being watched.[29] She believed outside dragons were inherently dangerous,[30] but still felt a twinge of guilt after sending the Pantalan refugees away from the Ice Kingdom.[31] She felt begrudgingly sympathetic towards Hazel,[32] and after the gift of vision transformed her into Atala, she began hoping that the SilkWing's family would remain safe.[33] She found it difficult to accept that she cared about the Pantalan dragons[34] or wanted to explore the Hives of Pantala.[35]

After her experiences with the gift of vision, Snowfall is still proud,[36] imperious,[37] sarcastic,[38] commanding,[39] naturally grumpy,[40] gruff,[41] irritable,[42] and impatient.[40] However, she has become more empathetic[43] and believes that other dragons were not as evil as she had once thought.[44] She became less paranoid[45] and afraid,[46] protecting her tribe with strength[47] and indomitable ferocity.[48]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Icicle wondered if Glacier would appreciate a reason to get rid of Icicle so she would not threaten her or her daughters.
Winter Turning
As Winter scanned the rankings of the IceWings in the First Circle, he noticed that Snowfall had moved to the top position on the dragonet side in front of Lynx, who was in second place. When Winter was moved to take her spot, she shot him a nasty glare. When the IceWing dragonets were dismissed, Snowfall stayed to congratulate him sarcastically and to stare at the rankings, along with Hailstorm, "as if she could reshape them with the sheer force of her eyeballs," clearly meaning that she was upset about the new rankings.
Darkness of Dragons
When Darkstalker enchanted a scroll to tell the news of the IceWings, it was revealed that Queen Glacier was dead, Snowfall had become the new queen, and that she had brought the entire IceWing army to Jade Mountain to fight the NightWings.

Snowfall, Hailstorm, and Narwhal were later shown demanding the Jade Mountain staff to tell them Darkstalker's location, while berating them for Darkstalker's escape in the first place. Winter appeared in front of them, which shocked Snowfall, who demanded to know how he was still alive. Winter exclaimed that it is not important and began helping his friends convince her not to fight the NightWings. Before she could consider, NightWing scouts with gifts of speed appeared and started attacking, throwing the discussion away and officially beginning the battle. Narwhal was killed while blocking the NightWings from her, but Snowfall kept herself relatively calm throughout the battle while launching her own attacks. She was later teleported back to the Ice Kingdom along with the other IceWings, due to Anemone's spell.

In the epilogue, it was mentioned that Snowfall wanted to close the borders and isolate the Ice Kingdom but reconsidered this after she received large amounts of letters from her tribe requesting to attend Jade Mountain Academy.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle
In the epilogue, Snowfall and Jerboa III had a meeting outside of the Great Ice Cliff. Queen Snowfall's scouts had reported back sightings of hundreds of dragons on their way to Pyrrhia. These are likely the LeafWings, some SilkWings, the two HiveWings, Cricket and Bumblebee, Turtle and Tsunami. She demanded Jerboa III to extend the Great Ice Cliff to prevent the "invaders" from taking her kingdom. Jerboa III told her that animus magic was not currently working for anyone on the continent. To prove this, Jerboa enchanted a stick to turn anything it touched green and offered it to Snowfall, who declined it. Jerboa then tapped herself and a nearby rock; nothing happened, proving that magic was not working. Snowfall became enraged and stormed off, calling Jerboa useless.
The Dangerous Gift
The book initiated with Snowfall thinking of the plague that Darkstalker sent to the IceWings. She was furious about the event and wanted to shut out her tribe from the rest of Pyrrhia. She mostly did not care about what other queens had to say and would have isolated the IceWings, but the empathy spell cast by Anemone convinced most of her subjects to try to reach out to the other Pyrrhian tribes. While she was thinking, Lynx appeared behind her to which Snowfall accused Lynx of spying on her. She conversed with Lynx about her problems, then got frustrated when Lynx tried to calm her down. Later, Snowfall led Mink into the Forbidden Treasury, where she took some of the objects in there.

Snowfall had heard about the SilkWings and LeafWings flying towards her kingdom from a scout. Lynx decided to go with her to see the mysterious dragons. At first, Snowfall thought that they were SeaWings, RainWings or NightWings, but when she met them, she found out that they were from the other continent. She went with five guards, but disguised the IceWing army with the gift of stealth. When Cricket told Snowfall about her ancestry with Clearsight, Snowfall became furious and threatened them with her army before Tsunami suggested that the Pantalans could stay at Jerboa III's hut. Snowfall agreed to this and decided to travel with the Pantalan dragons over to the Kingdom of Sand. After they arrived at Jerboa's hut, Snowfall decided to go to sleep and had a vision about Atala, although she dismissed it as a strange dream.

When she woke up, Snowfall interrogated a dragon named Lappet about the SilkWings and LeafWings. She asked Lappet about Atala and he confirmed her fears of how accurate the vision was. Snowfall later realized that it was the gift of vision giving her strange dreams. She attempted to get rid of the ring in several different ways. None of them worked, much to Snowfall's annoyance. Lynx noticed Snowfall's strange behaviour and expressed her concerns for the IceWing queen.

Later, Snowfall followed the Pantalans to Sanctuary, where she found her lost sister Crystal and realized that she had fallen in love with a MudWing named Gharial. After this encounter, she went to sleep where she had a vision about Bryony hiding in the SilkWing refugee camp. After being questioned by Lynx on the contents of her vision, she headed off to talk to Winter. While Snowfall met up with Winter, she was struck with visions from Blue and Wasp. Her strange behaviour had attracted a crowd around her, who asked her question after question about the contents of her vision. Thorn then ordered everyone to get away from the IceWing queen and offered Snowfall to fly around with her for a while.

She later had a vision of Io before all the queens were summoned for a meeting to discuss what to do with the Pantalan dragons. During the meeting, Snowfall revealed the contents of her visions, which sparked an uproar within the gathered dragons.

Soon after the meeting, Winter asked Snowfall to mind his scavenger, Pumpkin. A strange SkyWing (later revealed to be Sky) went up to Snowfall and rambled on about how much he wanted Pumpkin and tried to bargain with Snowfall about it. After he seemingly gave up and ran away, Snowfall noticed that Winter's scavenger had gone missing. Snowfall chased after Sky and managed to catch him off guard and demanded him to give Winter's scavenger back. Suddenly, a scavenger named Wren started to speak to her in Dragon and told her that Daffodil (Pumpkin) was not a pet. This startled and confused Snowfall, who fell into yet another vision. This vision was about a scavenger named Raven. She woke up and decided to introduce Wren to Winter, Qibli, Cricket and Bumblebee, where she explained the contents of her new vision.

After discussing Moon's prophecy, the queens came to an agreement that they should send a dragon from each tribe to face the othermind. Snowfall promised to Wren that the dragons would stop eating humans from then on. Snowfall then elected Lynx to be the IceWing representative on the journey to Pantala.

After Snowfall said her farewells to Winter, Crystal and the other queens, she returned back to the Ice Kingdom, where she promptly smashed the Great Ice Cliff while thinking of the bonds she made with dragons from other tribes. That night, Snowfall had a vision of Jerboa and Jerboa III and found out the cause behind animus magic's disappearance.

After Snowfall returned to her palace, she noticed that Mink was wearing her crown and was acting strangely fearful of NightWings. She realized that there must have been a spell on the crown and ordered for it to be destroyed. She then proceed to destroy the Gift of Order, while Lynx and the other IceWings clapped.

Snowfall then had a vision of herself standing in front of the Forbidden Treasury, where she met Opal and asked her if the ring was made by her. Opal confirmed this, and told Snowfall that its purpose was to set up queens who were not quite ready for the throne. Opal then gave Snowfall one final vision about Glacier, then wished her good luck before disappearing. Snowfall then reflected on how Lynx had left for Pantala, and how furious she would be if anything happened to her and the rest of the team.
The Flames of Hope
Snowfall was mentioned when Sundew was explaining that she could only make dragons she could see invisible. She was also mentioned later when Luna thought about how terrifying Snowfall was. Snowfall was later seen in Lynx's memories when they were younger and playing a fort game with Winter and Hailstorm.



After Crystal's disappearance, Snowfall was constantly paranoid about Crystal conspiring against her. When she encountered her older sister in Sanctuary, Crystal was indignant[49] and Snowfall was accusing[50] as well as disgusted[51] and disapproving towards Crystal's relationship with Gharial.[52] However, after a dream from the gift of vision, Snowfall later gave Crystal her word that she would not be harmed upon entering the Ice Kingdom,[53] and that she approved of her relationship with Gharial, making Crystal cry with happiness.[54] She spoke to Crystal kindly before returning to the Ice Kingdom.[54]


Snowfall and Glacier were not often in the same room as one another,[55] but after Glacier's death, Snowfall struggled not to cry at the mention of her mother.[56] Glacier trusted in Snowfall's ability to be a great queen,[48] and watching Snowfall filled her with hope.[47] After the gift of vision showed Snowfall how much Glacier truly trusted in her daughter, Snowfall was at peace with her mother's decision.[57]

Jerboa III

After Snowfall discovered that animus magic was not working, she considered Jerboa to be useless[20] and was furious when Jerboa seemed only annoyed rather than guilty or intimidated when Snowfall confronted her about consorting with Luna, Moonwatcher, and Qibli.[58] She is acid,[27] flat, and withering towards Snowfall,[58] and she often seems amused when Snowfall is annoyed.[59] However, after experiencing Jerboa's life through the gift of vision, she could not imagine being angry at her anymore, and thought that she might soon visit Jerboa, just to check on her, because it seemed like she needed a friend.[43]


Ivory is Snowfall's favorite general. She is respectful towards Snowfall, and during the Battle of Jade Mountain, Ivory was one of the only IceWings who thought supportively towards Snowfall. Snowfall trusts her, and is prepared to assign her to tasks that require responsibility.[60] Snowfall also thought that if it was up to her, Ivory would stay in First Circle for as long as she lives.[60]Snowfall trusted her enough to let her destroy the enchanted crown.[61]


Lynx had been Snowfall's biggest competition all throughout school and training, and Snowfall had wanted to strangle her more than a thousand times. During The Dangerous Gift, Snowfall even said she would have liked to "Drop a mountain on her." After becoming queen, Lynx treated Snowfall the way she always had, challenging Snowfall to races around the palace or arguing over points of IceWing law during class. [62] In the beginning of their friendship, Snowfall was often annoyed by how Lynx lacked the proper IceWing etiquette when addressing a queen.[63] Lynx is often sympathetic towards[64] and worried for Snowfall,[65] and helps her calm down.[23] She defends Snowfall against insults from others.[66] When Snowfall woke from her first dream from the Gift of Vision, her first thought was to turn to Lynx for company.[67] Snowfall was at first hesitant to consider Lynx a true friend,[68] but Lynx is able to read her well[69] and wants to listen to Snowfall's worries.[70] Snowfall and Lynx became argumentative[71] and angry at one another's differing viewpoints on IceWing traditions,[72] and Snowfall accusingly thought of Lynx as being judgemental.[73] She was irritated by Lynx's suggestions and interjections,[74] but Lynx sounded genuinely full of joy when realizing Snowfall was safe after she fainted,[75] and covered for Snowfall against Cricket's questions.[76] Snowfall brought Lynx as her representative during a diplomatic meeting with the other Pyrrhian queens,[77] and Snowfall was conflicted when it came time to choose the IceWing representative for the journey back to Pantala. She wanted Lynx to come back to the Ice Kingdom, to keep Snowfall sane and join her new council, and she trusts Lynx more than any other IceWing. She began crying during the farewell ceremony, but assured herself that Lynx would have to come back.[78] After Lynx admitted that she was only coming back to the Ice Kingdom before the journey to hang out with Snowfall for a couple more days, Snowfall nearly beamed or burst into tears.[79] Lynx protected her from Tundra when Snowfall destroyed the Gift of Order, and supported her decision fully, clapping immediately after Snowfall smashed the wall.[80]


Since becoming queen, Snowfall had not interacted with her younger sister that often.[81] Despite Mink's affection, she was typically opposed to snuggling.[82] However, Snowfall is kind to her[83] and put one of her wings around Mink after returning to the Ice Kingdom.[61] Mink cheered for Snowfall, along with Lynx when the queen destroyed the Gift of Order.


Upon meeting Sky, Snowfall thought of him as one of the strangest dragons she had ever met, but had to admit to herself that the mix of amusement and slight confusion he brought her was strangely comforting and much preferable to her typical overwhelming anxiety, and that she would not have minded being distracted by him again.[84] After Snowfall compared her friends to friendly turtles on the inside, Sky gave her a gigantic grin.[85] She felt very worried for him before he left for Pantala,[86] and wanted him to be able to access the Ice Kingdom anytime he needed her.[87] When she returned to the Ice Kingdom, Snowfall built a snow sculpture of a snail in his honor, and Lynx teased her for thinking about him so much.[88] Once Snowfall returned to the Ice Kingdom, she realized that Sky reminded her a lot of Mink.[83] She often finds herself enchanted by how odd and funny he is.[event 6]


Snowfall heavily distrusts[83] and dislikes Tundra.[89] Tundra is often frosty,[83] disapproving,[20] and skeptical towards Snowfall's decisions,[90] and Snowfall typically wants to be as far away from her aunt as possible.[20] She often barks at Tundra and orders her around.[20] Snowfall believed that one of the key reasons she felt happier away from the Ice Kingdom was because she had not interacted with Tundra.[33]


When they were dragonets, Winter would often argue with Snowfall or run away from her.[91] She thought that the term "friend" was a bit of a stretch to describe her and Winter's relationship,[92] but when Snowfall felt the gift of vision making her faint again, Winter helped her without argument or question or bewilderment.[93] She described him as being occasionally quite smart.[78] She also admits that a small part of her wants Winter to be happy.[94] The two seem to be on good terms now.


Snowfall respects Wren and reassures her that every dragon in Sanctuary won’t eat her and Daffodil.

Family Tree



"Well, […] That was unexpected."
― about Winter's placement at the top of the rankings (Winter Turning, page 258)

"There's not quite enough distance between our numbers for you to be giving me orders. Besides, I'm sure I won't be the only dragon who wants to ask Hailstorm about the Diamond Trial. Are you considering it, Hailstorm dear? With only twelve days until you're seven, I certainly hope so."
― to Hailstorm and Winter (Winter Turning, page 262)

"Oh, how funny, I wouldn't have thought you'd want him to, […] Have you forgotten that the Diamond Trial must also be undertaken by a defending challenger? That's whoever is currently in first place, of course. But only one dragon can survive the Trial. Dear me, that means it'll be brother against brother, won't it? Tsk, tsk. What a conundrum for poor Hailstorm."
― to Winter when he says Hailstorm should try the Diamond Trial (Winter Turning, page 263)

"Twenty IceWings died of that plague, including our queen, […] They started this. They're going to pay for it."
― to the dragonets of destiny (Darkness of Dragons, page 294)

"Maybe not, but they might be interested in killing all of us! I can think of a very big scary awful dragon who was pretty recently interested in that exact thing! So I want you to expand the Great Ice Cliff for me. I want it to go all the way around, along the entire border of the kingdom. Something has happened. But you can't go tell Queen Thorn."
― to Jerboa III (The Poison Jungle, epilogue, page 298)

"And guess what one of them saw? DRAGONS! Hundreds of dragons! Coming this way! Across the ocean! I don't know from where! But they're coming for my kingdom and I won't let them! Build me more Ice Cliff RIGHT NOW!"
― to Jerboa III (The Poison Jungle, epilogue, page 299)

"How is that possible? Why is this happening NOW, just when I found you?! I NEED THAT MAGIC!"
― to Jerboa III, on the subject of animus magic not working (The Poison Jungle, epilogue, page 301)

"Me. She chose me. I'm the next queen of the IceWings. Not Crystal. She thinks I'd be the best queen. Is she right? What if she's wrong? Now I'm the one who has to protect us from the NightWings. And I'm the one who has to find a cure for this plague before any more dragons die. Queen Snowfall."
― thoughts after Glacier chooses her as queen (The Dangerous Gift, page 35)

"I don't have time to feel better. My sister has gone into hiding, probably so she can kill me; animus magic is broken so I can't use it to fix ANYTHING; and there are hundreds of evil mystery dragons flying DIRECTLY AT OUR BORDER RIGHT THE HECK NOW. They will probably BE HERE BY TOMORROW. To do something NEFARIOUS, I don't know what, but PROBABLY INVOLVING MURDER! WHEN AM I SUPPOSED TO FIT A LEISURELY SWIM INTO ALL OF THAT, LYNX?"
― to Lynx (The Dangerous Gift, page 37-38)

"That moment — in the middle of the battle, when an animus dragon had connected all the minds of the fighting dragons, IceWings and NightWings together — that had been one of the worst moments of her life. Because threaded through the IceWings' fear, in dragon after dragon, she'd found one particular whisper: What are we going to do without Queen Glacier? How can Snowfall possibly save us from this? She's not ready. She's a smug little monster. Our new queen is a spoiled dragonet who has no idea what to do. Why would Glacier pick her? Up until then, she'd thought maybe the tribe was proud of her. Maybe they were glad she was the sister who'd been chosen; maybe they knew how fiercely she would fight for them. Maybe when Glacier chose her, it had convinced everyone she was truly a worthy queen."
― Snowfall's thoughts about Anemone's empathy spell (The Dangerous Gift, page 63-64)

"Crystal, I have made a decision. If you would like to return to the Ice Kingdom anytime, for any reason, I give you my word I will not have you killed. Wait — unless you come with an army to try and steal my throne. Then I will probably have to kill you. So I guess I mean, if you would like to return to the Ice Kingdom anytime for any not-deposing-Snowfall reason, you are welcome, and you'll be safe."
― to Crystal (The Dangerous Gift, page 249-250)

"For thousands of years, it's kept all other tribes out of the Ice Kingdom. We always thought it kept us safe. I thought it was so important, I wanted to extend it all around us, so my tribe could huddle safely in our igloos and ice palaces and no one would ever be able to get through our walls of ice. But if we'd all stayed hidden in the Ice Kingdom, Darkstalker's plague would have killed us. We needed dragons from other tribes, working together, to recognize his magic and find a way to save us. We needed hybrids like Typhoon, who could cross the wall and were spared the plague, to bring us those earrings. We only survived because of our connections to the other kingdoms. And if the breath of evil comes here… if it lands in the Ice Kingdom first… we may need those connections again."
― Snowfall's thoughts before destroying the Great Ice Cliff (The Dangerous Gift, page 257-258)

"What I mean is that if you spend all your time worrying about where you are on the list and who's higher than you and who's below you, you can't focus on what you do well, or how everybody can do something important or kind or clever, no matter where they are on the list. And maybe you start to think the dragons below you aren't as important or special as you are, which is silly."
― to Mink about the gift of order (The Dangerous Gift, page 303)

"I hope they survive. They BETTER survive or I'm going to be SO FURIOUS at them. I hope they stop Queen Wasp and the breath of evil. I hope I see Sky and Wren again … and Sundew and Cricket and all the rest of them. I hope we're doing enough to save the world."
― Snowfall's thoughts about the eleven selected representatives (The Dangerous Gift, page 313)


  • Snowfall was at first excited to inherit her crown from Glacier, but it became a source of frustration because it was cumbersome and too large for her.[event 7]
  • Out of all of the characters Tui has written, Snowfall is the least like her.[event 8]
  • Mink, Crystal, and Snowfall were the three possible heirs to the IceWing throne, but Glacier chose the next heir on her deathbed in order to avoid another succession war.[event 9]
  • Snowfall is the youngest queen in IceWing history.[95]
  • Swimming is one of Snowfall's favorite activities.[38]
  • Snowfall's very first act as queen was making sure that every IceWing in her kingdom received one of Qibli's enchanted earrings.[6]
  • Snowfall finds polar bear cubs cute.[28]



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