"We need him out of the kingdom. Or dead. Otherwise someone else will marry him and have dragonets. I haven't forgotten that we're here to solve your problem too."
—Snowflake to Snowfox about Arctic, Runaway

Snowflake was an adult female First Circle IceWing. She was in a forced engagement with Arctic set up by Diamond.


Snowflake has silvery white scales and wears a First Circle necklace[1]. In Runaway, one of her wings is permanently damaged by Arctic by redirecting Foeslayer's fire towards her, and there are blackened marks on it that come from Snowfox extinguishing the fire with her frostbreath[2]. She will likely never fly again[3].


Snowflake is at first shown to be very quiet and respectful. She is thought to be boring, uninteresting, and shallow, and was described as 'without a personality' by Arctic in Darkstalker. Arctic classified Snowflake as "pretty in that boring, glassy way Diamond liked". Diamond intended for Arctic to marry Snowflake. However, in Runaway, she is given more depth to her "personality" and mind, showing how she rages all night long at everything in her life and showing her true personality as suppressed rage. Snowflake apparently does not trust animus magic. This is ironic, as she was arranged to marry Prince Arctic prior to the events in Runaway.

Secretly, Snowflake is always angry. It frustrates her, even more, when she realizes that no one can see that she is unhappy. However, she is forced to follow strict rules that were enforced on her since she was a dragonet. Snowflake is constantly wary, as she constantly has to deal with "First Circle Traps" that often test both her body and her mind. She is not very good at defending herself in arguments and thinking of sharp, craftily-worded rebuttals. She often thinks of these comebacks too late, often at night. Princess Snowfox is the only dragon that knows what Snowflake is truly like, noting that she has "a depth of dark water below her ice".[4]




Snowflake appeared in the prologue, informing Arctic that his presence was required by his mother, Queen Diamond, in a diplomatic meeting with the NightWings. Despite the two being engaged in an arranged marriage, Arctic couldn't remember Snowflake's name, irritating her massively. After Arctic grumpily followed her to the meeting, Arctic suddenly remembered her name and the fact that they were engaged, though he kept the latter fact to himself as to not seem like an idiot. As they ventured to where the NightWing diplomats were waiting for them, Arctic asked Snowflake what gift she would give the tribe if she were an animus.

She replied that she did not know, and after Arctic demanded her to think about it, she responded by saying "Seems like kind of a waste of my time, unless you're having trouble coming up with an idea for yours." They went out to the balcony, where they met Foeslayer, who was trying to keep herself warm while watching the sunset. Arctic eventually annoyed Snowflake into leaving. 



Snowflake was one of the three PoV's in the "Winglets" Ebook, Runaway. She first appeared in the very first chapter, watching Foeslayer and Prince Arctic with slight jealousy etched all over her face.

Later on in the book, it was explained that she was chosen by Queen Diamond to be Prince Arctic's fiancee because she was very quiet, and Diamond was hoping that her quiet and submissive traits would pass on to her and Arctic's dragonets.

She and Princess Snowfox met and talked about things that they could do to help Snowflake get rid of Arctic and help Snowfox ascend to the throne. While they scheme and plan, they become close friends- and perhaps even more than that.

When Arctic was escaping with Foeslayer, Prudence, Starclaws, and Discretion, Foeslayer blasted fire at Snowfox. Arctic then used his animus powers to direct the blast towards Snowflake, who suffered severe burns to one of her wings. Luckily, Snowfox was able to put out the fire on her wing, however, despite her best efforts, Snowflake's injury will likely disable herself from flying for the rest of her life.


"You monster! I knew those dragons! How could you kill them? For a NightWing? What is wrong with you?"
— to Arctic, when he unintentionally kills a group of pursuing IceWings (Runaway)

"He's contemplating his noble reflection in the ice cubes."
— to Snowfox about Arctic (Runaway)

"We need him out of the kingdom. Or dead. Otherwise, someone else will marry him and have dragonets. I haven't forgotten that we're here to solve your problem too."
— to Snowfox about Arctic (Runaway)



Snowflake is shown to despise Arctic, and she thinks of him as an "arrogant, entitled, patronizing, obnoxious, preening, fat-headed son of a walrus she'd ever met".[5] She notes that he acted as though she were barely Seventh Circle and as though she had an obligation to entertain him when he was bored, and as though she had no brains in her head whatsoever. 

However, when she witnessed Arctic killing several IceWing guards by enchanting several spears, Snowflake's hate for him amplifies and she slashes at his snout, saying he doesn't deserve to live or be happy with Foeslayer after what he's done.[6]


Snowflake teamed with Snowfox against Arctic and Foeslayer. They are in a confirmed relationship and are extremely close to each other. Their relationship with each other is first developed when they plan to get Arctic out of the Ice Kingdom so Snowfox could challenge Queen Diamond instead of Snowflake having dragonets with Arctic. It was noted by Snowflake that Snowfox wanted to protect Snowflake with a fierceness that matched Snowflake's own desire to get Snowfox on the throne. Snowflake described her as "A dragon I would do anything for. That's something I never thought I'd see."[7]


  • Princess Snowfox would most likely have wiped out the NightWings without remorse because she blames Foeslayer for what happened to Snowflake. This may have been one of the key factors that established a mutual distrust between the two tribes.
  • Snowflake is one of two known IceWings to get a severe burn injury.
  • Snowflake is one of twelve canon LGBT+ characters in the Wings of Fire series due to her confirmed relationship with Snowfox. Others include: Snowfox, Anemone, Umber, Burnet, Sundew, SilverspotWillow, Winter, Qibli  and Violet's dads. She is also the first LGBT+ protagonist, the second being Winter, followed by Qibli and Sundew.



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