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"We won't let that happen. You'll never have to marry him. I swear by the eggs that hatched the world."
— Snowfox to Snowflake about Arctic, Runaway

Snowfox, referred to as Fox by Snowflake, was an adult female IceWing who was introduced in Darkstalker. She was the niece of Queen Diamond and the only remaining heir to the IceWing throne within her era. She was in a relationship with Snowflake and resided in the IceWing palace.


Snowfox had white scales and dark blue eyes, with tiny gems embedded between each of her teeth. Her wings were pure white and were patterned with a scattering of blue-gray scales that looked like rippling shadows. She wore a chain hung with one silver loop, indicative of her status as a first circle IceWing. She moved like a confident predator, with a voice that slithered like seals worming across a patch of ice.[1]


Snowfox was ruthless and cunning,[2] and was determined to eliminate the entire NightWing tribe.[3] She was a conniving dragon, noted to be always plotting something. She seemed bold and assertive, as she approached Snowflake almost immediately. She was shown to be manipulative as well, as she was initially willing to trick Snowflake into helping her take the IceWing throne.

She was also very intelligent, scheming with Snowflake to get rid of Arctic and ascend to the throne. She was cruel and brutal, having been intent on orchestrating a NightWing genocide — Clearsight noted that she saw many possible futures where she succeeded in this endeavor.




Clearsight mentioned Snowfox after checking all possible paths in the future where Darkstalker killed Diamond. She predicted that the NightWings would most likely face a genocide of their entire tribe if Queen Diamond was killed and Snowfox, Diamond's niece, became queen of the IceWings. Clearsight advised Darkstalker not to kill Diamond until Snowfox had her first dragonet, who would then be able to ascend the IceWing throne.



Snowfox was first shown approaching Snowflake and talking to her, asking her to call her "Fox" rather than "Snowfox." She told Snowflake that she had a few ideas if she was interested, and they started to scheme together.

Later on, they believed that Diamond knew about Arctic's plan to meet Foeslayer, and they thought that their plan was ruined. Snowfox promised Snowflake that she wouldn't have to marry him, and they started to try and figure out a way to get Prince Arctic out of the Ice Kingdom.

Snowfox hinted to Arctic that Diamond planned to kill the visiting NightWings in order to make Arctic believe that Foeslayer was in danger, which would then prompt him to run away with her.

It was then implied that Snowfox slipped a RainWing sleeping potion to Diamond, which kept her asleep throughout Arctic and Foeslayer's escape from the Ice Kingdom.

Snowfox was with Snowflake when Arctic accidentally ordered spears to kill the IceWings chasing them. Snowflake chased after him, yelling and calling him a monster and claiming that he didn't deserve life or happiness. However, Foeslayer blasted fire towards her, which Arctic caught in his claws and shot down at Snowflake.

Snowfox put out the fire on Snowflake's wing with her frostbreath before swearing vengeance on the NightWings due to her lover's injury and her fellow IceWings' deaths. In Darkstalker, Clearsight had a vision depicting Snowfox leading a NightWing genocide. This was the prime display of her open hatred of the entire NightWing tribe.



Like her aunt, Snowfox hated Foeslayer with a passion. Her hatred of the NightWing was only fueled when Snowflake was injured by Foeslayer's fire. She swore to kill all NightWings due to this event.


Snowflake was Snowfox's partner.[event 1] Unlike other dragons, Snowfox understood how she felt underneath her exterior. Due to this understanding, the two got along well and also schemed together to stop Arctic from marrying Snowflake. Snowfox was outraged when she was wounded in Arctic and Foeslayer's escape. Snowfox swore to protect her.

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"Snowfox and Snowflake — we're either destined to be great friends or terrible enemies, aren't we?"
― to Snowflake upon meeting her (Runaway)

"Silvery moons. You have a depth of dark water below your ice, don't you?"
― after hearing Snowflake's sarcastic comment about Prince Arctic (Runaway)

"Isn't it wonderful to meet a dragon who's a kindred spirit?"
― to Snowflake (Runaway)

"We won't let that happen. You'll never have to marry him. I swear by the eggs that hatched the world."
― telling Snowflake that she won't have to marry Arctic (Runaway)

"Yours first. Yours is more urgent. I can deal with the dragonets later if I have to."
― telling Snowflake that getting rid of Arctic was a more important priority than ascending to the throne (Runaway)

"I'll kill every last NightWing when I get the chance! You'll wake up one day with my claws in your eyes! I'm going to wipe out your whole tribe and leave you until last so you'll know their deaths are all your fault!"
― to Foeslayer (Runaway)



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